Saturday, August 29, 2009

Happy 3month Befday Darlink Mia

Yeay..yesterday 29/Aug/09 My darlink Mia turn 3month beautiful baby girl dah besar..
This Mek senyum dah pandai mengiring kiri kanan..dah pandai ketawa kuat..dah pandai borak..dah pandai buat mini sit up tau..angkat kepala nak bangun..tapi tak pandai tiarap lagi..mb not yet..slowly lil need to rush..

On Friday we went to buka puasa at Equtorial Hotel..much better than Marriot..coz ada my yummilicious moist choc cake..heheh..makan tak hingat sampai perut buncit..

Saturday pula i went to tapau Ayam Penyet..terpengaruh dgn blogger yang dok describe kesedapan ayam penyet tu..for me the taste of ayam penyet ni biasa je..more or less like ayam goreng berempah..except for the sambal la..pedass gilos..

Today we will go back to my parents in law for buka puasa..mesti makan tak hingat lagi ni..isk..mcm mana nak kurus ni..i still have 5 more kilo to lose...

Daddy and Mia at Equtorial hotel..this time dia tak behave sgt pula..mb sbb less lampu to attract her..mb that place quite she a bit cranky to stay in her pram..
Piccas below pula mommy favourite i love this shower time with my darlink mia..Mia pun mmg suka gila hot shower ni...tak pernah sekali pun menangis..

After shower..then nenen..then apa lagi..Zzzzzzzz la...
Ok la nak packing barang bawak balik rumah in law..

Friday, August 28, 2009

Online shopping for raya..

H1N1 didnt stop mommy to buy dress for my darlink Mia...wink wink..
online pun boleh..just ask them the dress size..shoulder and lentgh..and walllaaa...bergaya baby ku with her new dress..

Thanks to Mommy Sara for the dress..i purchased 4 pcs so she gave me free postage tau..wink wink..nanti return customer leh dapat discount lagi k..i confirm the payment yesterday and today parcel pun sampai..

mommy open the parcel dgn rakusnya..and without prewash the dress i put it on baby..heheh.punyalah tak sabar melihat mia with the dress..and hasilnya piccas below la..sampai the last dress dia nangis..hahah..rimas agaknya..
so njoy the pose ya mommies

Dress 1: Mothercare Rainbow Dress (6-9m)

Dress 2 :Secret Garden White cotton lace dress (12-18m)
Suit her body but the dress is too long for her..nama pun size 12-18m bila pakai dah nampak cam long dress..but still cute
Dress 3: Obaibi Pink shirt dress (12-18m)..
siyes kalau for 12-18m pakai..mb jadi tshirt je la..but for Mia still cam dress lagi kan

4. Ladybug Rompers Dress (6-9m)
I really heart this rompers..cute gila..

see Mia's butt got big lady bug...suka suka..

Dress 5: Purple Mothercare Dress (6-9m)
This one didnt come from Mommy Sara..from others online stores..
beli lama dah..tapi tak pakai lagi..ingatkan besar..bila sarungkan dah macam muat2..cepatnye anak ku membesar
Acceli i got a few dress for Mia to pose..tapi dia dah nangis so i guess its time for me to stop from being her fashion designer and her personal photograper..
Its time for her upah la...its susu time..heheh
i did bought quite a lot of Mia's dress from online my advice to you mommies dont believe the stated size like 3-6m..6-9m..asked them the dress size and then u measure ur baby..
Mia just 3month..but she now can fit to even 12-18m size already..

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Mariott,Mia and Sony

Last Wedenesday went to buka puasa at Mariott...And iam so frustrated about the food there.. Lauk2 for rice was less..i can say they already reduced the foods compare to last year..the prawn is not fresh..the salads pun mcm tak menyelerakan nafsu makan.. Sushi pun mcm takde ummpphh je..tacos was good la.. and tak sempat nak try their spagetti/pasta.. the most frastrated is the dessert..sedih tau..takde moist choc cake pun..huhuhu.. yang ado cheese cake yang lembik2 tu je..ekekek..sungguh tak minat saya nak try..

Baby Mia is like an angel that day..behave and such a good girl..pandang kiri..pandang kanan..pandang atas..mb bcoz of the light kut..banyak lampu2 yang attracted her attention la..not even once shes cried..and to our suprised shes even can sleep by herself on her pram...hehehe..sian anak mommy kan..jakun tgk lampu byk sgt..sampai penat pastu tido sendiri..hehehe...

Yesterday i went to Sony for student industrial training visit...(saya balik ke tempat asal)..ekeke..9 GMI student having their practical there..sungguh seronok..meeting my old friends..and sony is same old same old..i still know all the ceruk2 in no need tour guide ok...hehehe..chit chatting with by geng bus sekolah..

but on 3.30pm i received sms from Mia's nurserry telling me that her milk already finished..ya allah banyak nya minum anak dara saya itu sekarag..i sent her on 12pm..with 3 bottles of 3.30pm already finished?..she drink like once in every hours ke?..nasib baik susu mommy banyak i rushed back home to pick her after dat..nak g bank pun tak sempat..nak singgah pasar ramadhan pun tak sempat..anak punya pasal..saya turutkan jua...

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Beautiful Baby Search Contest "Looking for a Beautiful Prince and Princess"

Waahh...sungguh very the rajin mommy join contest skang eh..yelah..anak org cute..anak mommy lagi lagi la cute kena la join..hehehsape lagi nak puji anak kita cute melainkan kita sendiri kan..ekekek
Prizes dia pun cun cun...

1st Prize: 1 printed tshirt(ur bb pic on it) +1 magnetic + 1 keychain + 1Mag baby poster
2nd Prize: 1 Magnetic+ 1 Mag baby Poster+1 keychain
3rd Prize:1 keychain & Mag baby PosterMystery gift for number: 9 & 19

So to Mommy Mea Zahra.. here is the piccas of my darlink Mia..
We should win becoz our baby name is almost the same kan..Mea Zahra vs Mia Zahra...wakakaka..

Picca 1 : Damia Zahra binti Mohammad Zuhardy
D.O.B 29/Mei/2009
She almost 3month old now..
This picca taken when she is 2month and 2 weeks old..after her favourite hot shower time
with mommy.

Picca 2: Baby Mia with daddy. Taken also when she is 2month and two week old..

To her Daddy mean play..Mommy mean business (feeding).

Mommy puasa la sayang..

Its a forth day of Ramadhan today..cepatnya kan..
This year of ramadhan is such a hectic for me to deal with..
With a tiny tot Mia yang asyik nak bergayut..susah betul nak buat kerja..
I dont have a chance to cook for buka puasa..beli je..senang kan..
Just for sahur je i can do a simple cooking for hubby..
Alhamdulillah bebuka and bersahur for me n hubby is not haru hara at all..coz my darlink is lena diulit mimpi at that time..heheh

Milk production still ok..Mia still can have a fresh breastmilk everyday at nursery..yeahh..
I have to throw about 10x4oz of expired frozen ebm already..sayang mmg sayang but mommy need a place for a new ebm..

Breastfeeding and pumping during fasting is not a trouble for me..i just feel like normal je..not so xtra ordinary tired,hungry or thirsty pun..same feeling like puasa last year..but i will make sure myself to drink a lot of water during sahur..minum banyak2 sampai kembung perung..sampai rasa cam nak muntah...

Alhamdulilah..this week Baby Mia will turn to 3month old..and she still have the bestest of breastmilk..
I dont expect too much that i can breastfeed her until 2yo..but i pray for Allah willing for me to do so ..
taknak tense kan diri sendiri bila come a time for a low milk i give myself 6month to exclusive bf my darlink Mia..then another 6month..then another 6 month..and then the last 6 month..until my last drop of i have 4 semester to grad..mb i will drop off..and mb not..

This afternoon,while driving to GMI i make a ryhme that i wanna share will all of u..chewah..

"My hubby is not the most handsome guy in the world..but he is the most good looking guy in my eyes
My Darlink Mia is not the cutest baby in this entire world..but she is the pretiest baby in my heart..
And i may not be the prettiest lady in this whole wide world..but i do hope i am the princess Aurora in my hubby and my baby world.."

tah apa apa tah kan..but really thats what i felt during drive my self to work this afternoon..
so enjoy the ryhme..and have a happy ramadhan ...

Friday, August 21, 2009

Candid Giveaway Contest

Second time in a row i joined this contest by Kak Zieha..Prize dia supprised pula..tapi tak kisah la..janji menang kan..

Why i pick this picca out of trizilion piccas i hv in my lappy..
This picca is taken during Mia's cukur Jambul n akikah the kambing tu for her akikah la kan..
atok2 bertiga tu sangatlah focus memegang that kambing supaya tak lari..hehehe..
and hasilnya amatly yummilicious kari kambing di produced...

So to Kak Zieha pick us k..

Love Love..Mommy n Baby Mia

Yatie Chomeyl's giveaway - Kisses of Love

First time join giveaway ni..saja try luck n boring tatau nk wat pe...hehehe..
So to Yatie Chomeyl yg makin chomel if u pick us to be the winner of that yukata dress..ekeke

y i l ove this photo?n y this photo should be the w inner?
this picca is taken when My darlink Mia is 2weeks old..still kurus lg..
just after her evening bath..dats y iam sweating like mad..bcoz very2 the penat to bath dress her..hahaha,
so it show the true meaning of new mother love..full of love n full of sweat...n ttransform from chumiliest to the most comot-est mommy ....ekeke

so to yatie chomel..pick me k..

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Mia dah ok..alhamdulilah

Alhamdulilah my darlin Mia dah sihat. No more fever . Just a lil flu..
Thanks to all your prayer mommies..Mia heart all aunties k..

I have obsession on Mia right now..if possible i want to be with her all the time.
Like today i have morning and evening class..usually,my morning class will end on 12.30pm and my evening class will start at 2.30pm..that mean i have 2 hours for lunch break and feeding Mia at her nursery.
Lucky student request to finish class early due to they have final exam on the evening..
hati riang cam nak lompat lompat..ekekek..
i end the class at 10.30am..did my morning pumping session at the office (hasil tenusu is about 5oz..alhamdulillah rezeki Mia)..then i staight back to fetch Mia ..
We reached home at 11am..nyeh nyeh..
After bf her and me myself pun tertido kejap..
Cook myself a simple lunch..and here iam now..telling u all the nonsense that i did today..hahah..
i still have two more hour to go b4 my evening class..
thats mean i have to send Mia back to the nurserry again..
Hate it..but wat to do...
Kan best kalau kita ni macam kangaroo..
wheneva we want, we can put back the baby inside our tummy..
so if i have to go to work..i just put Mia inside my tummy and iam ready to teach..

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Susah hati

Baby Mia had a fever this morning.
37.8 her temperature on 7am..after i gave her fever n flu medicine..her temperature drop to 37.3
but it still worry me to death.

She mumbling even louder this morning..mb she want to tell me that shes not well.
"Mommy faham sayang..i will give everything in this world just to get u well again"
It makes me cry to see her in dat condition.sedih sangat2..

Daddy took his emergency leave just to take care of my Darlin Mia.
Coz i had a class this morning.With such a heavy heavy heart i went to work.
I asked En.Laling to take her temperature every half an hour.
To my relieved, i received sms from en.laling saying that Mia temperature already drop to 37.
thanks god..

Tak sabar nak habis class ni..i cant give my 100% while teaching this class now..
Hati risau..hati runsing..macam2 pk..
I have one parents.
I have one brother.
I have one big sister
I have one younger sister.
i have one husband
and i only have one baby.
If sumtin happen to any of them..i will be the most miserable person in this world.
I pray..and i pray hard for Allah to protect all this precious person in my life to be in good health condition forever..
To all mommies...pray for darlin Mia to get well soon occay..

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Baby Mia Flu Mode..

Kesian Baby Mia selsema.
Walaupun selsema,dia tak meragam.dia tak menangis.
boleh senyum2 lagi dgn mommy daddy..
boleh borak2 lagi dgn mommy daddy..
Mommy hope flu Mia cepat baik.
sebab mommy sedih tgk anak mommy sok sek sok sek hidung tersumbat.
I gave her flu medicine rite after her evening bath..and she straight went to zzzzzzzz...
enjoy her piccas during selsema time ...

Friday, August 14, 2009

The last man standing akhirnya tumpas juga..

uhuhkuhukk.. darlin mia kena flu jugak.
all 4 babies in that room is with flu now..
poor my darlin Mia..luckily shes such a clever gal..
with her blocking nose..shes open her mouth to breath..hhehehe..

On ye happy belated second month befday cik mia sayang..dah besar dah anak mommy kan..order kapkek to celebrate her b efday with daddy..mcm mana nak kurus ni..

We went to paed today to get her 2nd month jap..
guess dotter now is 6kg already..
makin menembam bam bam dia skang
newborn 3.3kg
1st month 4.7kg
2nd month 6kg..
She doesnt look dat fat or bulat at all with that weight.
mb sebab dia tinggi..berat tulang..

Its Friday nite already..tunggu citer Nur kan dat story..
benci gila dgn adik Nur yang busy body tu..suka kat adam..tapi cam lagi suka kat abang aidil boleh tak..

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Post Happy and Tak berapa Happy

Tak tau ni post happy or tak happy sgt..
My darlin Mia changed her sleep routine..
After her evening bath at 6.30pm..she will sleep until 8pm..(tdo time maghrib mmg fav dia)
Then she will be awake until 12.30am..
kalau leh main sorang2 takpe lagi.separation anxiety i guess...
i have to be with her..and she need to see me by her side in every second..
kalau tak uwaaaa..uwaaaa..uwaaa..nangis tahap level 10 punya..takde warning2 ehek ehek lagi dah..
imagine la from 8pm until 12.30am kena layan/play/talk/sing to her..
its fun to dat for one hour..but 4 hours straight???i dont think so.
if daddy came back early than mommy can do house chores la..
kalau tak..have to wait until midnite than this cinderalla can go to kitchen doin all the leftover works..such as clean the bottles, fill in the ebm into the bottles for tomorrow..laundry..and mb a light snack (butter cookies kira light ka?...hahah)

The happy part pulak she will sleep like an adult after that.oni woke up for milk at 6.30am..hahahah...bagus kan..mommy daddy can have a very good nite sleep at need to wake up every two hours like before..waahhh..shiokkk ooo...

i read on susu ibu forum ,the best breast milk with full of fats can be consume from 12am darlin mia takdapat la rasa the bestest mommy's milk lidat kan..takpela..too much fat is not good..hahah..future supermodel doctor kenalah jaga badan sket kan..hihih

Today lunch i went to Mia's nursery to feed my suprise,last week one baby got already 3 babies selsema..uwaaaa...takootnya..My darlin Mia is the last man standing yang tak flu lagi..pray hard that she can fight that flu virus..hopefully my BM can provide enuff immune for her..this friday will be her 2nd month check..and she will have her first rotavirus dose...
pneumococcal mb next month kut..lagi cepat lagi bagus..

on yer one more thing that i observed in Mia'sa nursery is that on how they tidurkan the babies..ya allah kuatnya tepuk belakang baby ni..both hand pulak tu..kesian betul...bunyi tau everytime they tepuk their back "pappp..papp.pokkk" sumtin lidat sound la...and the babies somehow tidur juga..i dont know the babies tdo bcoz of syok kena tepuk..or tak tahan sakit kena tepuk..haihhhh...sodih sodih kalau pk pk kan pasal ni..tapi apakan daya....

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Kenduri Cukur Jambul n Akikah

As i is the photos of baby mia's kenduri cukur jambul n akikah held on 2/Aug..
Much i can said is that it was such a bless kenduri..Baby Mia sleep like an angel the whole ceremony..i think she didnt even know what was goin on dat day..hahaha..

Enjoy the piccas ok peep..

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

My pumping session Jurnal

Nyehnyeh..sounds so professional pulak kan siap ada jurnal ni..heheh..
But because ada yang dah tanya..
so let me share u the secret of me having the 100 packet of 4oz frozen ebm by 2month of my confinement period.
(kan ke lagi best dapat tulis cenggini.."so let me share u the secret of me having 1 million dollar by the age of 28..heheheh..but the proudness is still the same la having 100 packet of ebm compare with 1 million dollar..hahaha)

As i mentioned in previous post..iam not the kind of "meriah susu" mommy..
I start to bf since baby Mia is one day old..meaning the first food she took is my milk..wink wink..
shes so clever..first trial je dah success to suck my booby..

On the second day, both of us went back to my hometown..and baby Mia start to show her taring on that nite..dia nangis..dia nangis n nangis for the whole,en.laling and my mom take turn to take care of her..the non stop cry makes me wanna run away from her..i hope shes still in my tummy..(nasib baik tak meroyan)..i try to bf her all night but shes kind of tak puas..

The next day, baby mia still cannot sleep..still crying like mad..i dont know what else can i mom and my day ask me to give her formula..but i still refused coz i know baby at that age oni need one spoon of milk to feed her.takkan la my bm tak sampai one spoon..i asked en laling to bring Mia to An Nur..mb sumtin went wrong en.laling,my mom,me and mia went back to my home in bangi.when we reached home,i try to pump my milk,but notin comes out..and i started to realized that Mia's face was so dry..mb my mom was right..i dont have any milk..i dont want my baby to dehydrate bcoz of my stubborness of giving her the formula..

So..i finally agreed to feed her the formula yang sangat small tin is about RM50 (forgot already whats brand that daddy bought dat day)..with a super heavy heavy heart i prepare 2oz of formula for her..and she sleep like a baby after that..mb my moms was right..she was hungry for 2 wonder menangis tak berhenti..i pumped my boobs every 2hours to stimulate it..first pump until 4th pump no milk come out ..never give up never surrender..

i bf her everytime she woke up..and still she need another 2oz of formula on dat day..on the midnite i pumped for the fifth time ,and guess what i produced the milk already..yeahhhhh..not much pun..not even 0.5oz..i pumped n pumped every 2hours that nite..and manage to collect total amount of 1.5oz for 3 pumping session.siket gila kan

Alhamdulillah on the fourth day my milk start to flow..i stop to give her formula eventho my parents asyik berleter nak bancuhkan susu for her..i never give up to bf her and it seems work on mom ask me to finish kan the one tin formula tu pun i reject...walaupun membazir rm50, long as i know my darlin mia having the goodness of the breast milk.

so for the new mother dont give up to bf ur baby eventho u think ur not producing any milk..stimulate the boobs by pumping and direct bf..insyaallah "milk will come softly"..ekekek..
so during my confinement period, my pumping schedule is as below (i start pumped for ebm storage at 2weeks old Mia.

6.30am 4oz
12.00pm 2oz
7.00pm 2oz
12.00am 3oz

i manage to colleact around 11-12oz perday and will use 2oz for Mia's bottle training.
so my frozen ebm will be 2-3 pack of thats how i did to collect the 100pack of ebm during my confinement period..4pumpping session daily with no ngelat ngelat..rajin kan..but i do enjoy my pumpping time..tgk susu flow into the bottle macam tgk duit jatuh dari langit..

and now bila dah start pumping schedule change as below
6.30am 5oz
10.00am 5oz
2.00pm 4oz
5.00pm 4oz
12.00am 40z

Around 22oz perday..
Full day at nurserry Mia need around 6x2.5oz = 15oz..
so i still have 2 pack of 4oz to store as a frozen ebm..
if hantar half day , Mia need 3x2.5oz=7.5oz
balance 3-4pack of 4oz for storage..

im not yet expert pun..still in learning process..but i do hope i can maintain my productivity until my darlin mia turns two yo..

To all mothers who already give up on bm..dont worry,i dont judge you on that pun..i do believe that all mothers want the best for her baby..if nak bagi formula pun mesti kita nk bagi the best formula for her..yang paling mahal pun takpe..klu nk ckp minum susu lembu nti anak tak pandai..hellloooo i dulu minum susu lembu taw..pandai sampai masuk university jd engineer juga..if ada yg ckp baby yang tak minum susu ibu tak sayang mak dia(bonding)..meh sini i nak nak ketuk kepala anak yg tak sayang kat dont u worry babe..

Monday, August 3, 2009

100th celebration

hehe..buat gempak je kan title post ni..
100 of what?..
its not a 100day yet.
but its a celebration of 100 pack of frozen ebm for baby mia..
clap clap clap..i am a proud supermom who produced this100 x 4oz of milk.

Iam not a super heavy duty mommy who can produce 8oz per time..
iam just a regular pumping mom which sometime can collect as min 2oz and as max 6oz per pumping..
i start to collect this ebm since baby mia is two weeks old.
as i said..its not much..but sikit2 lama jadi bukit kan..

i will not give baby mia this frozen ebm until shes turn to 3mos..
understood kan frozen ebm is lack of immunization..(but its still much better than formula)
so for now she will have my fresh ebm only at nursery..hopefully i can produce enuff fresh ebm for her..

i do have a jurnal of this ebm at home..which include date out n expired date of the ebm..
the earliest date for this ebm will be expired by 28/aug..
thats mean i may have to dispose it if i manage to supply fresh ebm for her..its such a waste kan..but once again i will give the bestest for my darlin mia.

oh ye..yesterday we had majliscukur n akikah for baby mia..thanks god it such a bless,,
i will update about it in later post ok..
but for now i am a proud mommy of 100 pack of frozen ebm..
if sumtin bad happen to mia will have the goodness of mommy's milk for the whole one month..