Monday, April 13, 2009

34week baby

Yesterday (13/Apr) i have my 34week antenatal check up at An nur..the appointment supposed to be today (14/Apr)..but due to hubby had his MC due to fever,so we carry fwd the appointment..

While waiting for En.Laling bersiap,me posed with my tummy..very the bulat already kan..membesar bagai johan..huwaaaaa....nanti mesti jadi flabby gila..

Baby at 34week, weight about 2.2kg..a normal healthy baby..u can see her lips and her nose at above photo.she have my lips..i am sure she will have problem of meeting the new people for this kind of lips..people tend to misjudge that we are not friendly..

Baby yawning about 4 times during scanning..isk kuat tido betul..please use ur creative imagination for above photos..see her open mouth..heheheh...
About twice pula baby let her tongue out..mb sbb nak minum..or mb shes playing with us..but it so cute..seeing the cute mouth and her cute words can describe my feeling that feels so feels so come out fast fast ye..mommy dah tak sabar ni..

Side view pun not as clear as grow so fast..doc.kamsiah, cant zoom in ur face already now..but im glad shes still a healthy baby..oh ye...i got good news..heheh
Mommy gaining less that 1kg tau..oni 800g to celebrate mommy not gaining so much this time,daddy belanja mommy watch Fast n furious later that evening..yeahh..daddy so baik...i love u daddy...
Daddy' face so taned kan..hahaha..sehari suntuk went cycling last saturday..confirm macam kena goreng je kulit..but mommy still love daddy tau..cycling can make daddy strong and healthy..

Movie tak start lagi..pop corn dah habis setengah..that movie was great..mommy had such a wonderful day spending time with daddy n baby..consider this is baby first movie la kan..sure baby wondering why its so loud outside...hehehe..

Elina's E'day

Last Saturday (11/Apr/09), me went to my bestfren Elina Jani Baba Othman engagement kenduri at USJ 2..proudly to say i went alone ok..bangga bangga coz its my very first time to get my lazy bump to find my way to destination in Subang/Kl area...

The original plan was, i will car pool with my other best fren Anirah to Elina's house that day..but on 9am,Anirah smsed me that she need to come to office that day,due to some emergency matter...if she cant find any substitude to replace her job..she have to call off our plan..sedih bangat ok..

En.Laling already went out for his MTB cycling activity since 7am that morning.. what to do..either me not go oso to El's E'day..or i have to go there alone..but to think of this babe had came to both my E'day n Big day..i need to yakin boleh myself to drive myself to Subang..i ask En.Laling for direction..He told me to use the same jalan to Angah's house in Putra Height..then turn right to Summit..USJ 2 is just opposite The Summit..dats so kacang man..

At 10.30am me gerak from Bangi with confident..chewah..but..sad but true this Dory forgot to bring her walllet..##&@$$$..i realized that i dont have my wallet with 15min b4 first Puchong am i goin to pay for that RM1.60 and another toll RM1.60..gelabah2..but my brain didnt work as slow as my i turn to Exit 4 Putrajaya and head back to my house in me reach at El's house around 12.30pm..the pantun2 event dah habis pun..people start having their lunch already..

You can see how big i am right oso terperanjat gila when i saw this pictures..gila besar perut ku...

Elina look so glowing and so pretty..eventho out of sudden there is an alien mole at her cheek..hahah(cover jerawat punya mole)..congrates last u found the one kan..after so long time of happy for u dear..n i will pray for u n En.Manisan will have ur own happy ending u so much..