Friday, May 8, 2009

My Mikasa

Really proud of myself to own this double storey link house as early as 27years old..walaupun tak own completely yet (bank loan kan), but it is very comfortable to live in this house since our early marriage life..almost a year dah laling n me living happily in this house..
still not completely furnished, due to ongkos la kan..but its still our home sweet home..

So to those all my fren out there,feel free to drop by to my house in Bangi..
Laling n me really love choc almost 70% wall/furnitures in this house are choc..heheh..very2 neutral color that will suit almost furnitures...i adores house owner yang dare to deco their house with bright color as red n black.Its really nice and garang combination..and sometime it may looks like a prof designer house...

But laling and me is more comfortable with neutral..
As you enter our house, you will see this red+choc wall with a simple deco in front of our main door. Its not much, but its enough with frame Al-Quran, a flowers and a photo frames.
This table is one of dusk fav spot..2 hari tak lap,sure berhabuk..

My favaurite place in this house..hehehe..Living hall for watching TV..chocolate wall with choclate curtains and a choc add the color,so we add red blood pillow..and walaaaa..what a combination
Next to the living hall for watching TV, we have a place for visitors to borak2..still the same choc wall with a light choc sofa..and again to add the color, we add the Red+Yellow frame on the wall...
This is our dry kitchen..still maintain a choc dining table along with a white tiles wall..

and our wet kitchen pulak, we choose choclate cabinet with a combination of black tiles...i lioke it..this is my place to practice my cooking skills yang tak seberapa ni..

In the middle of the house you'll find a stairs to heaven...heheh..stairs to our second floor which has 3 bedroom ,2 toilets and also our third hall..i will update a second floor photos next in My Mikasa Part 2 post..malas nak naik atas amik gambar...and sure there will be a photos of master bedroom..and dont worry peep..our master bedroom is purple +choc combination..a nice,warm bedroom environment..heheheh

Enjoy the pictures ye..nak tgk live..jemput2 lah datang..and dont forget to bring your own me dah tak larat nak masak dah sekarang..hahahah
Love this plan to go anywhere yet..but we just came back from Nasi dagang breakfast je ni..nyum2..sodap...