Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Yesterday i had a conversation with my boss and one of my kolik..
My boss dah divorce with his wife since last year..They had 12 years of marriage with 2 kids.
His wife ada affair with her long lost school ex-bf..which her ex pun dah kawin dah ada anak sume...
susah kan nak jumpa wife yang buat hal macam ni..
His wife is too much in love with that guy sampai sanggup asked for divorce..too much in love..too much in trouble..
She didnt even think about their 2kids..she didnt think about their 12wonderful years together..

Sedih dengar citer ni from him..he told us that his heart already broken into tiny pieces when he discovered about his wife secret love..he found their telephone bills..and even their honeymoon hotel bills..damn!!..that is so @#$%%#@..i tot oni affairs sayang-sayang..turn up real punya affair sampai tahap hotel thingy..

Believed it or not u guys..this wonderful hubby punyalah every morning send his wife to work..pick her up in the evening and go back home together..rupa rupanya wife dia buat hal..husband hantar pagi...then dia apply for leave ..spend lovie dovie time ngan bf kat hotel..then petang tunggu husband amik..macam hanjeng kan..

emo neh dengar citer boss i ni..poor him..from his story i know he was a romantic darlink to his wife..helloooo..husband i pun tak pernah saja2 belikan vintage set pinggang mangkuk utk i ok...
romantik tak romantik nya orang ini..

Selalu dengar citer husband yang buat hal..tapi this time sang isteri pula buat hal..his wife give reason dat she already bored with her life with him..she wanna try other thing..she dont want to be just a wife and a mother..but she wanna be whore also..heheh (dats is from me)..

And now when my boss already get his life back..dah settle down as a singgle parents..out of nowhere his ex whore come to get him back..hanjeng tak hanjeng nye pompuan itu..tetiba nak pujuk balik..tetiba suruh boss i ingat kat anak2..tetiba nak mintak kunci rumah nak tolong masak and kemas..isk..muka tembok betul..i think dia dah kena dumped ngan bf dia kut..tu yang dah nyesal habis tu..
My boss said it is no way for him to accept her back..hati dah pecah seribu..poor him kan.

Kenapa eh sampai hatinya seorang perempuan tuh buat sampai camneh skali..tak kisah la how bad their hubby is..but to have another affair tu macam tak logic..tak ingat tuhan kah?tak ingat dosa kah?yang penting tak ingat anak2 ke?once anak2 dah besar nanti sure dia tanya ayah dia..
"ayah ,nape ceraikan mama"
"mama ko ada jantan lain"

i pray to god that i will be a loyal wife to my hubby forever..he may not be the perfect husband..but he is everything to me now..
kenapa eh hati perempuan boleh berubah macam ni sekali?