Monday, August 3, 2009

100th celebration

hehe..buat gempak je kan title post ni..
100 of what?..
its not a 100day yet.
but its a celebration of 100 pack of frozen ebm for baby mia..
clap clap clap..i am a proud supermom who produced this100 x 4oz of milk.

Iam not a super heavy duty mommy who can produce 8oz per time..
iam just a regular pumping mom which sometime can collect as min 2oz and as max 6oz per pumping..
i start to collect this ebm since baby mia is two weeks old.
as i said..its not much..but sikit2 lama jadi bukit kan..

i will not give baby mia this frozen ebm until shes turn to 3mos..
understood kan frozen ebm is lack of immunization..(but its still much better than formula)
so for now she will have my fresh ebm only at nursery..hopefully i can produce enuff fresh ebm for her..

i do have a jurnal of this ebm at home..which include date out n expired date of the ebm..
the earliest date for this ebm will be expired by 28/aug..
thats mean i may have to dispose it if i manage to supply fresh ebm for her..its such a waste kan..but once again i will give the bestest for my darlin mia.

oh ye..yesterday we had majliscukur n akikah for baby mia..thanks god it such a bless,,
i will update about it in later post ok..
but for now i am a proud mommy of 100 pack of frozen ebm..
if sumtin bad happen to mia will have the goodness of mommy's milk for the whole one month..


  1. kagumnya...i baru dapat 10packs je...

    mind sharing with me brp kali u pam dlm 1 hari?

  2. wow i kagum ngan kegigihan u...... chaiyok2!!!

  3. salam..tahniah2 mama mia!sy dah stop BF..e-ein dah tak she's mostly on formula..mlm2 ada gak bg EBM..tapi tgk mood dia kdg2 dia mcm tak nak, nak paksa pun takbleh, kang meradang dia melalak smpi batuk2....teruskan BF dah tewas huhuhu..jgn putus asa..chaiyok2 (stok EBM sy ada lagi 20-25 bekas 4 oz lagi rasenye...skrg dah kurang

  4. waah clap clap clap..caya laa..i ari tu mase pantang dpt kumpul 40 stok ebm je..itu pon lenguh gak la mengepam..dgn afif yg kuat minum lgi hahaha..