Thursday, May 7, 2009

My high heel obsession

From blog hopping i found this blog
Mulut ternganga ..mata tak berkelip when i scroll down the blog.
How i miss all my high heel..seriuosly iam a big fan of high heel..Eventho iam quite tall (170cm) for a girl to wear a high heel. and alwiz get complaint from people "dah lah tinggi,pakai high heel lagi"..hehehe..i dont care long as iam comfy and sexy with that heel.

I love high heel sandal. As all cover up shoe high heel and of coz any flat shoe/sandal is a big NO-NO for me..series tak confortable..
But during this pregnancy,i have to sacrifice all my high heel obsession..i have to wear this ugly hugh puppies sandals since i was 3 month preggy...up until now i have oni one maternity flat sandal je..malas nak tambah lagi..coz after this i know i wont wear this flat type anymore..
This all for u luv..

Sukanya blog ni..series tak mahal..price range around RM150 including postage..if nak purchase kat Nine West or any branded stores mesti dah RM400++.... so i do aim 2-3 pairs high heel to buy soon after the confinement period.. i can wear it to teach later on..and be a sexy lecturer...seriously i do feel sexy when i wear high heel..tak tau kenapa..

This wedges consider one of my must buy list..i love choclat color..and have lotsa them at home..heheh..but still i cant resist this choclate wedges..

Pink and the silver sandals above mb tak beli ..cox i hav this pattern already at home..but i do love the colors..easy to mix and match..

Second and third shoe from my must buy list..choc and choc again..hahah...

My fourth,fifth, and sixth and seventh must buy list..waaaahhh seven dah ke??..macam mana nak pilih ni..

Above sandal is my No.1 favaorite..still choc la kan..suka nya suka nya..
Arghhhhh...i feel IN LOVE of all these sandals now...i wish i can buy all of them..rasa mcm nak order je sekarang..
8 pairs x rm150 =RM1200.. :(
Can mommy have some of the baby's saving daddy??..please!!!..
(sambil buat muka sedih sekali lagi -------->> imagine muka kucing in Shrek)
Tapikan boleh ke mommy wear this 6' high heel sambil carry baby nanti ??..
"Practice make perfect"..i still want to get those shoes a.s.a.p..heheh..

Mommy wishlist before The Day

Wahhh..skang wishlist bukan main eh che'siti..wakakaka.. Bak kata orang "Its nothing personal, its just a list"..if dapat..bagus la..if tak dapat..takpe..berangan je lah

Last time i remembered, i did put up a wishlist at the right corner of my blog..all items are for the baby..and alhamdulillah, all my wish come true bye bye baby wish list..
So apa lah salahnya.if daddy this time turn mommy wish list come true pula..hehehehe.

I wish i can own any of the MPV below in two years from daddy car will habis hutang dua tahun lagi..and mommy blackie Gen2 still have 4 more years to go..Bestnya naik MPV balik Kedah, balik N9 or even balik Sungai Buloh...i can load up the MPV with all baby equipments..

But, daddy once said to me,he want to buy CRV after his current car loan settle..but CRV is not MPV..the space is not as big as MPV..doakan mommy jadi milionare,then mommy can buy mommy own MPV..and daddy buy his own we can have 4 cars at our house..gila kaya kan..

1.Nissan elgrand

2. Toyota Estima
3. Toyota Alphard
Bestnya if dapat MPV ni before baby come out kan..(sambil buat muka sedih kat daddy)...heheheh...