Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Baik baik

My Umar Dani is now 1year and 9bulan
Another 3 more month he will hit lucky 2 ..
Dah besar dah anak bujang sepet saya itu.
Anak bujang yang super lasak.
Panjat sana sini
Lari lari non stop
Kalau kat rumah sendiri, takpe.
Sebab rumah saya semua furniture dah tolak ke dinding.
Tapi when it comes to balik kampong or visiting friends and relatives
Here comes the trouble.
Saya takut tgk dia lari lari.
Saya takut dia terjatuh tersembam ke lantai
Saya takut dia terjatuh terhatuk di bucu2 dinding or even perabot
Nightmare ok.
Memang memenatkan untuk ikut je bontot dia mana dia nak pergi.
Letih oooo being traumatic like that.
If only i can hold sit with me..
Just sit down and we will have mom-son talk
Playing with my hand..and just talk...
Alangkah nikmatnya...
Boy will alwiz be boy
He will scream..and struggle to let go from my arms.
He want his freedom and play around with his sisters and brother.
But I just that what if?
I cant control him forever..and he is only 1+
That's what I want him to turn up right?
I don't encourage my kids to be obsessed on IPAD or TV
So they don't like those two either now ..
They like to kick ball, play with the physical toys and also they love doing the physical activities as well.
So good job me.
Penat wei!