Friday, May 22, 2009

Cloth Diapers

I never ever interested with CD b4. Rasa mcm leceh gila je nak guna.
Laundry for En.Laling n myself pun buat weekly je ok..
nak basuh lagi..nak sidai lagi..then nak kena lipat pula..haihhh..malas malas..
Later for sure baby's laundry kena buat daily pula kan..
so to CD'ing its never come cross into my mind..
but its looks cute kan with all the patern and the color of CD

Then last two weeks, we bought Mamipoko pampers for our newborn. RM35 for 52pcs.
Baby tend to use around 7pcs per day, so the rm35 its only for 8days usage..meaning monthly we need to have for at least 3-4 packet of pampers..RM35X4 = RM140..dat much can buy a pair of high heel with that cost tau..

So in order to help daddy spend that amount of money monthly,mommy do some research on CD.Turn up its not that hard to handle it pun..just wash the CD like any others laundry..

Then i found one blog (yati's blog) selling Collababy CD with 2 insert for RM33 je..murah items tau..normal price at others online stores for Collababy with 2 insert ni usually its not rugi to try pun this CD its a one size type.mean baby can wear it from newborn to 3yrs old..

For beginner,mommy just order 3pcs je RM99. and so far i didnt have any intension to fully CD'ing.Not now..and mb not in the next 6 month to come. Plan to use it night time only. Hopefully baby didnt poo poo la while wearing this CD...hehehe..coz mommy now oni can handle ur sheeshee je..hahaha..kalau nak poop pun wait for day time.coz u will wear pampers ok...hahahah...lazy bump punya mommy kan

Hopefully it worth it la for spending RM99 for 3pcs of CD ni..dapat cut down one packet of diapers monthly pun dah more than mommies out there.. r u a CD'ing mommy too??...heheheh

Mommy's Tummy 5 Star Hotel

Baby is still not ready to come sign at all..
Baby's head still far far away from my pelviks.
no nothing..
at 39week,baby as healthy as 3.4kg..
and mommy as fat as 79.2kg(me gain 100g oni this week)

Doctor Kamsiah told us that its a high probability for me to over my due date.
EDD suppose to be next week..but from the "no sign" this week, its may be a Early June baby..
if still no sign if its 7days pass my EDD..induce la kan pastu..hopefully i can go for a normal delivery procedure..i need doa from all of u out there...wish me luck..wish a very best for both mommy and baby..

Its ok baby..i know u are so comfortable inside..5 star hotel la katakan dalam tuh..
u can stay as long as u want ..just be a super healthy and chumiliest baby for mommy ok..
malas nak pk dah bila baby nak kuar..lagi pk lagi buat gue tensen..end up mesti nak nangis..
Will try to enjoy my last day of pregnancy..pas ni sure i miss this super big tummy..miss the kicking and the boxing from this lil tiny tot inside..miss daddy usap2 mommy's tummy..heheh..

oh ye..i need some opinion from all of it ok for a pregnant lady to have a kitty?..recently i took one kitten from my MIL..his name is kerry..sempena he fall into a drain full with my MIL save the kitten and bring him home..and name it funny is that..

Tapi yesterday my parents datang .and they ask me to return back this kitten to my MIL..diorang takut baby "terkenan kucing" it make me so depressed pula..nak percaya pun susah..tak nak percaya pun tak boleh juga kan..orang2 tua ni byk sgt pantang what ur guys think?should i return back this kitten to my MIL..or should i keep it..