Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Our first complete family picture.
Last Monday we had a farewell dinner for daddy's Japanese boss Nagai san.he used to be my boss too back then in sony.
The dinner was held at Kampachi Restaurant Equtorial Hotel.
Very nice place and good food to those for Japanese food fan.
Baby no.1
Like dotter like daddy
We pick a private dining room.
Sebab most of us ada babies kan..
So comfy lah sket..
Kalay makan kat bilik kena at least makan RM400
Baby no.2..dozz off...
Bagi can mommy layan Japanese food.
Nagai san wife, son no.1 and ME
My first picture with Umar Dani
Like son like mommy
Fear factor anyone?
My Unagi gileerrr
And daddy's set..lupa nama apa
Yatiey chomel..kamu pasti tahu..heheh
Sunya & Mia.
Baik then gaduh..but dont worry..
Malaysia menang...hahaha
Daddy daddy mithali sekalian
Sayonara Nagai san..
See u again..
Thanks for everything