Friday, August 21, 2009

Candid Giveaway Contest

Second time in a row i joined this contest by Kak Zieha..Prize dia supprised pula..tapi tak kisah la..janji menang kan..

Why i pick this picca out of trizilion piccas i hv in my lappy..
This picca is taken during Mia's cukur Jambul n akikah the kambing tu for her akikah la kan..
atok2 bertiga tu sangatlah focus memegang that kambing supaya tak lari..hehehe..
and hasilnya amatly yummilicious kari kambing di produced...

So to Kak Zieha pick us k..

Love Love..Mommy n Baby Mia

Yatie Chomeyl's giveaway - Kisses of Love

First time join giveaway ni..saja try luck n boring tatau nk wat pe...hehehe..
So to Yatie Chomeyl yg makin chomel if u pick us to be the winner of that yukata dress..ekeke

y i l ove this photo?n y this photo should be the w inner?
this picca is taken when My darlink Mia is 2weeks old..still kurus lg..
just after her evening bath..dats y iam sweating like mad..bcoz very2 the penat to bath dress her..hahaha,
so it show the true meaning of new mother love..full of love n full of sweat...n ttransform from chumiliest to the most comot-est mommy ....ekeke

so to yatie chomel..pick me k..