Wednesday, October 28, 2009


My MIL sumbat 2 butir nasi yang dipenyeknya guna jari masuk mulut Mia..
uwaaaa....saya sedih..tapi pasrah..
saya tak boleh nak marah..but i took my baby away from her rite after dat..

What will u do mommies if dat ever happen to u...

Oh ye..last nite went to meet up Sarah a.k.a Mama Rafiq at her parents house in Kajang..turn up dekat gila umah dia with mine..
cant wait to see all mommies this coming sunday k..

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Anak aku..anak aku..anak orang..anak orang

hehehe..wat a topic..punyalah gangster bunyinya..
But the topic did reminded me of this..
"Isteri orang ada intan belian..Isteri abang ada abang"
heheheh...Yup its from Nur Kasih story..and this tag line which make me fall in love with this drama..oni a few weeks ni je macam dah boring sket dat story kan..apsal tah..

Ok..back to my topic..i know most parents will start solid food for their baby at 6month..exclusively breastfeed for this whole 6month..Its the WHO issue kan..

Darlink Mia will turn 5month fast so soon isnt it..and En.Laling and i already agreed to introduce Mia with Solid tomorrow...Reason?No reason at all..we just think shes ready for it..Her weight is good..means milk is so enuff for her..

New born 3.3Kg
1month 4.6kg
2month 6kg
3month 7kg
4month 7.5kg

Everything seems to be so edible for her..she will put everything in her mouth..which is very good sign for an active healthy baby..and i know too,all babies will do the same thing as her.. again this doest mean she need food or hungry or sumtin..even if we give her food to eat,she will still put things in her mouth..its their nature.

The oni one part that i cannot tahan is during we are eating in front of her..her saliva will came out..and she will make a chewing sign like shes really wanna taste it..

thats dont judge us for anythin ok..we know the rules and again this is my baby that we are talking short "suka hati aku la"..heeheh

During this five month time i plan to introduce her homemade fruit puree only..the schedule is as below
29th/Oct ~ 1st/Nov Apple puree+breast milk
2nd/Nov ~5th/Nov Pear puree+breast milk
6th/Nov ~ 9th/Nov Banana puree+breast milk
10th/Nov ~ 13th/Nov Avocado puree+breast milk
14th/Nov ~ 17th/Nov Pear+Banana puree+breast milk
18th/Nov ~ 21st/Nov Apple+Banana puree+breast milk
22nd/Nov ~ 25th/Nov Apple+Avocado puree+breast milk
26th/Nov ~ 29th/Nov Apple+Pear+Banana+Avocado puree+breast milk

Thats mean when she enter 6month of age..she will be ready for rice pula kan..same ingredient as above just added 2spoons of rice porridge..and blend them all together..
yummilicious ke yuckkylicous?
it doesnt matter..janji its a super healthy food..on ye i read on MamaMiya resipe she added Garlick oil in the porridge..just fried garlick in one spoon of olive oil and blend it together with all the ingredient..
Garlick is good for the antibody and olive oil is good for must try items la ni..

At 7month..i will introduce her with vegies pula..then will be follow up with chicken+fish+meat..etc etc...
So what do you think mommies..This schedule meal for Mia is ok or not..any advice..any recommended?..

Monday, October 26, 2009

Seru dah sampai..alhamdulillah parents ahirnya dapat mengerjakan Haji di Makkah this year..they will be leaving in two week time..

So yesterday Mia n me temankan my parents g buat passport..happykah saya?
ye..sangat happy..coz i now they already waited for this good news like 3years already..
My dad now pun dah 61..while my mom age is 51.still strong like a fox insyaalah selamat pergi dan selamat balik saya doakan..

Dalam happy tu ada juga sedihnya..thats parents wont be around during Raya Haji lemang hometown in Kuala Pilah sure kosong..
hopefully all my siblings will be home for takdela sunyi sopi sangat rumah tu nanti..sobsobsob..

iam sure i will crying like mad on their departure date..and iam sure i will miss my mom so very much.. i want my mommmyyy...hehehe..

Friday, October 23, 2009

Silap gaya

Silap gaya betul saya marking sambil baring dgn Darlink Mia ni..
Saya suruh dia tolong tengok ja..sekali dia nak tolong marking sekali pula..
bukan dengan redpen..tapi dgn mulut..haha
abis dia dgn rakusnya menggomol paper exam saya itu..

"Mummy,what r u doin..can i help?"

"Mommy,susahnya question mommy buat ni..student mommy jawab sume salah"

"yeah...dah siap"

Thursday, October 22, 2009


iam in my solidwork class rite now..while my students doin their exercises..i am doin my daily routine bloghop from one blog to another..

Its heavily raining outside..with some kilat n petir..hurmmm...
i hope iam at home with darlink rite now..does she asleep now?
does she scared of those kilat and petir?
i do hope the nursery peep will put her blankie on..coz she just wearing a romper and with this kind of wether it surely freezing ..

Arghhh..i cant stop thinking bout my darlink..
i fely so guilty leaving her at her nursery everyday..
mommy need to work darlink..i just cant quit my job just to be with u..
theres a lotsa thing need to be consider..

beruntungnya mommies yang boleh jadi full time housewive kan..
tulah sape soh tak kawen ngan anak raja dulu..
tapi kalau kawin anak raja..maka takde la Mia ..ekekek

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Mia can read..

" Mommy..mia nak baca buku"

"Mia nak baca buku Pooh la"

" Cute la bam bam Pooh ni mommy"

"Funny nya cite ni.hahaha"

" tired already"

"Macam best je nampak buku ni kalau dimakan"


"Tido lagi best"

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

She sleep alone now..

Amost one week Darlink Mia slept on her baby cot all alone by hersef..bravooo...cayalah..!!
For the whole 4 month she slept on our bed,between mommy n daddy..but due to she already big enuff to be call anak dara..and of coz sbb mommy nak manja2 ngan daddy..she need to sleep on her cot..

Plus skang ni dia dah pandai menyondol2 mommy..bangun tdo je tgk dia dah bwk ketiak..haihh..pelik betul..masa nak tdo elok2 i placed her in between me and En.Laling..bangun2 tgk dia dah bawak ketiak saya...dari tak pasal2 dia kena lenyek dgn badan Amber chia saya better dia dok dlm baby cot..

First nite was ok for her but not for me..i really missed her tau dapat peluk anak time dia tdo..urghhh...i kept checking her condition like every hour..3am mommy dah tahan dah rasa dihati..rindu yang menebal ..heheh..padahal cot dia sebelah je ..hahaha..terus amik anak dara saya itu and placed her right next to i can cuddled her like mad..hehehe

Second nite Mia pula cranky..dah tau kut mommy takde sebelah..every 2 hours she will wake up for milk..usually if she sleep with me..she will wake up oni at 6am..takpelah..kalau tak ajar dia tdo dlm cot now..sampai bebila tak moo dah dia tdo sorang..

so as for now..tidurku tidak di ulit mimpi lagi..have to wake up like every 2-3hours for her feeding time..nyehnyehnyeh..tapi malas betul kadang2 tu..dia nangis nak kena bangun,amik dia dlm cot..susu kan..then i kena bangun balik to place her back on her cot..
2x je kut sanggup bangun buat cenggitu..pastu if she still wake up..i will directly feeding her in lying condition and straight go to my sleep..dan Darlink will sleep like a baby next to me after dat

Monday, October 19, 2009

Ketap mulut..

Tengokla si tecik ni dah panjang akal..
punyalah degil tak moo makan ubat..
dulusetakat nangis2 tutup mulut je..skang ni dah pandai ketap mulut sekali..hahaha
degil tapi chumil..

Sunday, October 18, 2009


emo betul saya tgk gambar ni..sebak gila rasa..
teringat detik2 mia dilahirkan..muka mia lebih kurang je cam baby2 kat atas..
muka biru lebam+kulit kedut2..muka suci bersih..
muka yg tak tahu apa2..tahu nangis je..sebab baby ni masih takut lagi dok luar..
lama dok dlm perut
sedih..sedih..mcm mana la tergamak mak diorang buang bayi chumil ini kan..
tak sakit ke bersalin tuh..sampai sanggup buang merata2..
tak sayang ke tgk mata comel with a small nose tuh..
love at first sight i can say when i meet darlink Mia...sayang nya saya kat budak kecik itu..
Mia was different compare to those baby..
semua orang tunggu Mia ..semua orang happy..
Mia lahir je..mommy daddy sambut dgn kenyukuran..
mommy daddy jaga macam menatang minyak penuh..nyamuk sekor pun tak berani hinggap
mommy belikan baju banyak2..cantik2..
toys utk Mia Mia tak boring..
mommy daddy amik gambar banyak2 sbb bangga dgn Mia..
Tapi baby kat atas tu tak dapat pun semua tuh..
takde org sambut pun ms baby tu lahir..tak de bill rm3k from private hospital like mia..
takde baju pun..balut je dgn kain apa yg ada...
mak diorang buang kt tongsampah lh..dlm bag..dlm toilet..
nyamuk+semut+lalat harung..kesian baby tu..
kejam betul..
mia when ur big enuff to read this..
remember how much love from mommy daddy for u..
jadi anak yg baik..

Friday, October 16, 2009

open house

Yesterday Friday..ada 3 open house
Today Saturday... ada 3 open house+1 wedding
Tomorrow Sunday.. ada 1 open house

i lioke open houses..its the only way for me to meet up people esp the neighbours..
Nak harap hari biasa jgn haraplakn nk borak2 with the neigbours..
neighbour next door bolehla senyum2 bila nak g kerja or balik kerja..
but neigbour yang dua tiga door tu how?
petang2 lepak kat luar was their maid and the kids oni..
me myself pun balik kerja dah malas nak lepak outside..
baik baring2 gomoi Mia

So yesterday En.Laling n i went to one of our neighbour open house..Corner lot neighbour..
the funny thing is..their question to us is the same question like last year..
"Duduk rumah no. berapa?"
"kerja mana"
"nama siapa"
"asal mana"

hehehe..nampak sangat raya setahun sekali..jumpa pun setahun mana nak ingat all the details kan..i bet next year open house pun still the same question for us to introduce ourself..

Suka open house sbb boleh makan sedap2 for free..and two things that i hate about open houses are..
one..bila dah makan sampai tak hingat hari esok tu..pastilah perut yang ala2 preggy 2month ni bertukar ke 3 month pula..mencik tau..

second is..ada sahaja la manusia yang tidak dikenali( tuan rumah/relatives of the tuan rumah) came and took Darlink Mia..and dgn berhati mulianya suruh kami makan dulu..its so fine if the people yang baik hati tu sit just next to me or place that i can see my darlink..but..lepas je soh kitaorang makan dulu..terus di bawanya darlink masuk dalam..haihhh..budget aku boleh makan dgn tenang la gitu eh..isk..tak suka betul tau..if someone i know ok nama apa pun tatau..terus2 nak bawak anak gue lari..hangin tau..

Risau pun ada..buatnya dia suap Mia makan kuih raya camne..or dia ada penyakit2 berjangkit ke..aduhai...mcm2 ku fikir..tak habis makan lagi terus ku cari Mia dalam rumah..ku curi balik anak aku itu..tak kisah la dia nak ckp i kedekut ke..risau sangat ke..yang penting anak saya depan mata..
dia nangis ke muntah ke berak ke..depan mata saya..

oklah nak siap2 g open house ni..bye peep

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

puji pujian bawak penyakit

Me: "Mak ..ramai org puji Mia mak..comeyla..cute la..tembamla..KFC la (adakah ini termasuk dlm kata puji pujian?)

Mak: "Tak baik org puji2 ni..nanti anak ko selalu dapat sakit..kalau org puji len kali ko kena kutuk balik"

Me: "Kutuk balik??"

Mak: "Iyo la..kalau orang cakap comeynya Mia ni..ko balas la balik..comey cam koling.."

Me: Ketawa berguling2...adakah disamakan anak ku macam koling..

Macam2 la mak ku itu..tapi sekarang Mia sakit mata..banyak tahi mata..bangun pagi tadi mata takleh nak bukak sbb tahi mata dah kering so melekat..kelopak bulu mata atas dah melekat ..sian dia..macam2 sakit dia bawak dari nursery tau..semuanya buat ku risau bagai nak rak je..

Oleh itu kawan..sila kutuk Mia pasni tau..biar dia sihat tak dapat sakit macam2..boleh ke caya cara kutukan ini..tak rugi pun try..silala kutuk..silalah

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Yesterday i had a conversation with my boss and one of my kolik..
My boss dah divorce with his wife since last year..They had 12 years of marriage with 2 kids.
His wife ada affair with her long lost school ex-bf..which her ex pun dah kawin dah ada anak sume...
susah kan nak jumpa wife yang buat hal macam ni..
His wife is too much in love with that guy sampai sanggup asked for divorce..too much in love..too much in trouble..
She didnt even think about their 2kids..she didnt think about their 12wonderful years together..

Sedih dengar citer ni from him..he told us that his heart already broken into tiny pieces when he discovered about his wife secret love..he found their telephone bills..and even their honeymoon hotel bills..damn!!..that is so @#$%%#@..i tot oni affairs sayang-sayang..turn up real punya affair sampai tahap hotel thingy..

Believed it or not u guys..this wonderful hubby punyalah every morning send his wife to work..pick her up in the evening and go back home together..rupa rupanya wife dia buat hal..husband hantar pagi...then dia apply for leave ..spend lovie dovie time ngan bf kat hotel..then petang tunggu husband amik..macam hanjeng kan..

emo neh dengar citer boss i ni..poor him..from his story i know he was a romantic darlink to his wife..helloooo..husband i pun tak pernah saja2 belikan vintage set pinggang mangkuk utk i ok...
romantik tak romantik nya orang ini..

Selalu dengar citer husband yang buat hal..tapi this time sang isteri pula buat hal..his wife give reason dat she already bored with her life with him..she wanna try other thing..she dont want to be just a wife and a mother..but she wanna be whore also..heheh (dats is from me)..

And now when my boss already get his life back..dah settle down as a singgle parents..out of nowhere his ex whore come to get him back..hanjeng tak hanjeng nye pompuan itu..tetiba nak pujuk balik..tetiba suruh boss i ingat kat anak2..tetiba nak mintak kunci rumah nak tolong masak and kemas..isk..muka tembok betul..i think dia dah kena dumped ngan bf dia kut..tu yang dah nyesal habis tu..
My boss said it is no way for him to accept her back..hati dah pecah seribu..poor him kan.

Kenapa eh sampai hatinya seorang perempuan tuh buat sampai camneh skali..tak kisah la how bad their hubby is..but to have another affair tu macam tak logic..tak ingat tuhan kah?tak ingat dosa kah?yang penting tak ingat anak2 ke?once anak2 dah besar nanti sure dia tanya ayah dia..
"ayah ,nape ceraikan mama"
"mama ko ada jantan lain"

i pray to god that i will be a loyal wife to my hubby forever..he may not be the perfect husband..but he is everything to me now..
kenapa eh hati perempuan boleh berubah macam ni sekali?

Monday, October 12, 2009

Shopping is the best therapy

yeayyy..mood sudah ok..sadah tidak mandom2 lagi..huehue..
i went to Mid Valley yesterday with En.Laling n Darlink Mia..
Purpose: Find mommy new clothes...

This time no more Mia's dress or toys anymore..mommy nak balas dendam..
I bought 2 pcs dress from MNG and 2 pcs shirt from Dorothy Perkins..
and today without prewash pun..i wore one of those to work..harharhar..
and i feel really good about myself..jalan dada ke depan..and keep my head straingt..chewahh..

To make my day even more of my office mate said i look like Amber Chia..slim+tall and slander...toing toing
wahhh...kembang semangkuk montot ku tau..wakakaka...
Takpe la muka tak macam Amber Chia pun takpe dapat body mcm dia pun dah kira manyak syok ooo..

Maybe because of the dress make me more slander today..perut tetap maintain 2 bulan..hahahah..
happy saya dengan pujian itu..walaupun hakikatnya saya dan diri saya yang tahu ia tidak benar..

Friday, October 9, 2009

7.5kg at 4month

At 4month My darlink Mia alreadyweight 7.5kg..
0.5kg increment compare to last month..not so much..mb sbb dia dah makin lasak kut..

Today Mia got her first Rotavirus and her first pneumocaccal vaccine..
Schedule for her next appointment is as below

5month Rotavirus second dose
3 serangkai third dose+Hep B third dose

6month Pneumococcal vaccine second dose

8month Pneumococcal vaccine third dose

10month Pneumococcal vaccine fourth dose

Hopefully she will be in good condition forever..mommy already took all the precautions to avoid anything from skang tawakkal n doa semoga sihat anak mommy neh..

esok sabtu..ada 4 open house plan kena delay lg la nampaknya..heheh
have a good weekend k..

Thursday, October 8, 2009


Thanks babe..for all your kindness advice..i tot iam the only one mommy who suffered with all the stress..turn up its normal for all us to feel that way..

Yelah with new responsibility as a mother plus with the "not so new" responsibility as a wifey to carry really not easy..

Just imagine for 26years iam my mothers'baby..i depend everything on her..doin my laundry..cook for me..clean up the house..etc etc....when i ready to work.. breakfast is already ready for me..when i get back to work..dinner already served on the heaven

i got married at the age of 27..and with a new house to handle..i just felt so restless..and after 6 month of marriage ive been bless with a tiny tot inside of me..10 month it comes my lil Darlink the journey of the restless life is non stop..penat..i have to handle everythig from with new baby..sape tak culture shock kan..

So what i can do for now is just to say alhamdullilah for everything..dari complaint tak sudah..dari ini tak kena..itu tak betul..sampai bila..

I complaint i dont have time for myself coz Mia tend to have her separation anxiety issue..
But to think about it..bersyukurnya saya sebab dikurniakan my Mia..orang lain dok tunggu sampai 4-5years still belum ada rezeki lagi..mcm mana kalau saya tak pregnant2 lagi..tentu saya sangat sedih..dok sorang2 kat rumah sambil tunggu En.Laling balik..balik kampung orang dok tanya bila..bila..bila..mesti saya tension juga..nangis bila period datang..takmoo la

I complaint En.Laling selalu balik lewat..complaint he dont spend much time with me and could i be that fool.. i used to work in Sony before..same department..same area..same bosses..i should know how stress it is..i should know how late the normal working period there...isk..i should be more understand..
Orang lain husband kerja kapal..lagi la pulak..3bulan tak En.Laling setiap malam pun dia balik rumah..

I complaint of En.Laling cycling activity..its better for hiM to have those activity..dari dia menggatal dengan perempuan lain..dari dia ada activity night clubbing..or etc..

I complaint i dont have time to clean up the house..i complaint iam tired...why should i..i work like half day everyday..imagin people who work 8-5pm everyday...they still alive..they dont complaint like i about if iam still in Sony..working from 9.30am tp 10pm can i be not so so grateful about that?

I complaint iam fat..but at the end i do have my darlink Mia to make my life a complete one eventho out of shape its noone to blame except for myself..

For that i feel so grateful of having my life rite now..i know i cant be that supermom..noone could ever be one..mesti ada salah silap here and there..mesti ada sedikit tak sempurn nya..
Nobody perfect...and i know now that iam not..

Happy Friday people..

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

saya dah ok...

Iam ok already today..
Yesterday i took emergency leave due to critical depression..heheh..
I send Darlink to her nursery and off to tradisional gila..
Makcik tuh bilang(kenapa tetiba bahasa indon ini)..banyak urat2 dah tegang..badan saya banyak angin..
And to my suprised she said my peranakan dah jatuh..
Apsal eh boleh jatuh..dulu bidan kampung urut dah..nape leh jatuh balik..
Siyes sakit gila bila makcik tu nak naikkan balik..
tetiba jadi takut sbb ini..takpe2 bulan depan ku pergi lagi..

Lepas urut rasa fresh je..namapun urut hilang stresskan..
baguslah makcik ni banyak citer petua2..esp yg 18sx..mcm mana nak jaga toottt..mcm mana nak buat husband sayang..etctec..tidak sesuai dibincangkan disini..sapa mau tau..sila email saya..ekeke
makcik ni dok kat Taman Universiti Sungai Tangkas..tempat parents Sara...hehehe

After massage i get my facial pula..ohhwww best best...lega sket..and saturday En.Laling promised to bring me to shop from top to toe for my befday present..maka harusla saya gembira dan tidak stress lagi..ekekek..

Selingan tepek gambar Darlink Mia..half naked..ekekek...nampak mcm dia tgh happily karaoke kan..mind the baru bangun tido and ready for her favourite shower time

"I love u..U love me..We are happy family..
With a great big hug and kiss from me to u..
Wont you say u love me too...."

Oh ye i nak buat public appology to all mommy yang terasa with my previous post (cite pasal mak tu)..esp to those yang dont have the appoturnity to fully bf their baby due to some reason..dont feel bad about ursef k.
I am not people yang pro bf gegila punya..i dont judge people who dont bf their baby..
Its ur own choice mommy...and i know...all mothers want the bestest for their children kan..
If we cant give them best option (breastmilk)..iam sure we would try to give them the second best option..
sure kita belikan susu formula yang paling mahal yang paling bagus ..tul tak..

Mia dulu masa her second day of life..she took formula milk isnt enuff for her..i still remember how daddy keluar rumah with his motor just to buy Mia a formula..Mia nangis non stop..Then hujan lebat gila pula tu..naik moto lagi..i was worried to death dat time..apatah Mia yang nangis ..apatah daddy tak balik2..
Bila daddy balik..dia cerita dia terlanggar burung..burung tu out from nowhere langar topi keledar dia..and terus mati katak..aduhaii..daddy ckp banyak gila susu tepung kat kedai tu..tak tau dia nak pilih mana satu..end up dia pilih yang paling mahal..satu tin kecik gila harga rm55..Enfalac kut..i pun dah lupa..

See..even daddy pun tau pick second best option for his baby..apatah lagi kita kaum ibu..
so to all of u..thousand appology from me ok..

sedey gila...sila baca...

Saya baca citer ni masa tgh tunggu student abis buat test..bergenang2 air mata..terus keluar class carik toilet..mesti student ku suka sbb lecturer takde 3min..diorang leh tiru..siyes sangat sedih citer ni..

Asslamualaikum Mak..
Adik rasa begitu pantas nya waktu berjalan
Terlalu bosan rasanya bila mak tanpa disisi
Sedar tak sedar hampir setahun mak pergi tinggalkan adik
Terasa baru semalam adik tidur dgn mak

Mak igt tak adik dr kecil smpi besar
Suka tido dgn mak?
Hehehe mesti mak igtkan dgn perangai
Anak bongsu mak sorang nie

Disaat spt itu lah mak suka
Bercerita dgn adik ..terutamanya
Pengalaman mak menjaga adik dari bayi lagi

Mak pernah cerita kat adik
Mcm mana mak bersalin kan adik dulu
Mak cakap adik tak cukup bulan kan??
Mak bersalin kan adik semasa
Kandungan berusia 7 bulan

Mak cakap mak mengalami kemalangan
Berlanggar dengan lori sedangkan
Mak pula ketika itu hanya
Menaiki basikal tua tuk
Menjual kuih..masa mak cerita tu
Adik sedih..sedih sangat…
Mak ingat tak?

Mak ckp mak tak sedarkan diri
Dan perlu melakukan pembedahan
Demi menyelamatkan adik
Tapi dengan kuasa ALLAH
Adik selamat…

Pada saat itu bermula lah pengorbanan mak
Mak ingat tak mak ada cerita kat adik
mcm mana mak menyusukan adik??
Mak cakap, adik tak boleh menyusu mak terus
Sebab adik kena duduk dlm “kotak oksigen”
Dan keadaan adik masa tu agak kritikal
Sebab mak cakap berat adik tak sampai 1 kg

Tapi mak tak pernah putus asa
Mak tak bagi doctor & misi tu
Bagi susu tepung kat adik
Mak cakap nak guna susu mak kan??

Mak cakap dulu tak tau pasal pam2 nie
Jadi mak perah guna tangan jer la
Lagu pon mak kata kita tak mampu
Nak beli pam sebab bapak pon
Kerja sebagai tukang kebun jer
Di jabatan kerajaan mana la nak cari duit nak
Belikan mak pam& nak beli susu tepung

Mak tau tak perasaaan adik masa tue???
Rasa macam nak cium2 jer mak
Lepas tu nak jerit mcm nie
Mak berkampung di hospital tu sampai sebulan
Mak cakap kalo nak bagi susu kat adik
Kena guna tiub yg disediakan…masa tu
Mak kata hati mak sakit sgt bila tgk adik dlm keadaan
Yg mcm tue…

Lepas tu mak cerita kat adik lagi
Mak kata doctor suruh mak keluar wad
Sebab mak terlalu kat sana & adik pulak
Masik kena tinggal di d lm kotak oksigen tu lagi..

Mak tanya doctor susu mcm mana??
Dokator cakap guna susu dari hospital
Mak meronta-ronta tak nak
Mak kata mak akan hantar susu’
Doctor tak ada pilihan melainkan
Setuju dengan mak..

Bila adik Tanya mak cm mana mak hantar susu
Sebab hospital masa tu agak jauh…
Mak jawab mak jalan kaki la…

Walaupon mak jawab ngan senyuman
Tak dapat adik bayangkan keadaan mak masa tue..
Subuh 2 mak kuar umah jalan ke hospital
Tak boleh naik basikal sbb kesan operate tu terasa lagi..
Mak tunggu di hospital smpi ler maghrib..
Mak dah perah siap2 tuk malam nnt bg nurse…


Mak igt tak adik ada tanya kat mak
Kenapa mak sanggup wat mcm tue??
Mak jawab mak nak adik ‘hidup ‘
Dan sihat walaupon keadaan adik kritikal..

Mak cakap hanya guna susu mak jer
Yang boleh bagi adik sihat
Sebab mak cakap susu mak byk khasiat..
Bila adik tanya mak apa khasiat nya??
Hehehe mak senyum jer..
mak cakap mak tak tau byk
Cuma mak tau byk antibody jer…

Tapi mak ada cakap gak..
Apa-apa pemberian dr ALLAH
Itu adalah yg terbaik dlm hidup manusia
Cth nya mcm susu mak nie…
Mak cakap tak der susu lain yg terbaik
Selain dari susu mak kan??

3 bulan dah berlalu tapi mak cakap adik tak kuar lagi
Sebab adik mengalami masalah pernafasan
Oleh itu adik kena bergantung ‘tong oksigen ‘
Tapi mak kata adik dah tak dok dlm ‘kotak oksigen ‘
Mak gembira kan ??? walaupon mak kena bg susu
Guna tiub tapi mak penuh sabar menjaga adik..

Mak ada cakap selepas 2 minggu br adik kuar hospital
Mak seronok sangat2…adik tanya kenapa??
Mak jawab tu la pertama kali adik menghisap ‘tek’ mak
Hehehehe kita gelak sakan bila mak cerita kisah tue.
Mak igt tak???

Mak ..
Bila adik dah membesar mak masih menyusukan adik kan??
Yong (kakak) cakap adik paling lama hisap susu mak
Yong cakap sampi umur adik 4 tahun..
Bila adik tanya mak naper lama sangat??
Mak jawab mak nak adik SIHAT betol2
mak tak nak adik sakit lagi

Mak igt tak dari kecik sampai la adik tingkatan 2
Hidung adik asyik berdarah jer kan..
Hehe anak mak nie asyik susah kan mak jer kan??
Tapi mak tak pernah bersungut..

Mak …
Dah berbelas-belas tahun berlalu
Anak bongsu mak nie masih hidup & sihat
Anak mak ni cemerlang dlm semua bidang
Mak tentu bangga kan??

Mak tau kenapa adik boleh jadi cm nie??
Ini semua kerana penat lelah mu mak
Kerana menyusukan ku..
Dari hasil SUSU mu itu la adik bole jadi mcm nie..

Mak igt tak semasa adik balik dr ngaji
Kain baju kurung adik terkoyak..
Adik cakap kat mak adik terjatuh kat tangga surau kan??
Tapi sebenar nya adik jatuh dari pokok mempelam
Belakang surau tu..mak tau kan anak mak ni suka makan pelam.

Tujuan adik menipu tu tak nak bg mak marah
Adik takut kena pukul..tapi bila malam tiba
Adik cakap terus terang jer..
Mak teus cium adik,adik tanya mak kenapa?
Mak kata mak tau adik tak kan menipu mak
Sebab nak yg minum susu ibu nya dengan baik
Hati nya lembut dan takkan sesekali nak melukai hati ibu nya..
Masa mak cakap tu adik dah nangis dah …

Mak ..
Adik teringat mak jaga anak nyah dulu..
Mak marah betol ngan nyah
Sebab nyah tak bagi anak nya susu badan sepenuh nya..
Mak cakap nyah PEMALAS…
Mak marah betol masa tue sampai mak tak bercakap ngan nyah..
Maafkan la nyah…tapi mak berdegil tetap ada perasaan marah jugak
Mak kata kalo mak ada susu dah lama mak bg kat cucu mak tue..
Sampai mcm tu skali mak marahkan nyah..
Akhirnya nyah akur ..nyah pam susu dan hantar kat mak..
Baru mak senyum

Baru adik tau kedegilan ku dapat dari sapa
Hehehhe semestinya dari mak kan???
Mak degil masa nyah bg susu tepung tue..
Mak tak bagi susu tepung tu kat cucu mak
Malah mak tepon nyah suruh balik susukan anak
Begiitu kuat pendirian mak..

Sekarang adik dah besar & br start kerja
Adik seronok sgt bila dapat gaji bagi kat mak duit..
Mak pon mastu seronok kan??
Sekarang mak suruh adik bwk balik kwn adik tue
Mak cakap mak nak kenal kan??

Adik dah bawak balik mak…
Mak suka sgt ngan pilihan adik
Tapi mak adik tak serius lagi masa tue…
Mak marah adik…

Mak terus cakap kat kawan adik
Kalo betol suka kan adik
Suruh dia ambik adik jadi isteri yg sah..
Adik terkedu betol masa tu
Hati adik meronta-ronta tak nak kawin lagi

Pada 08.02.2008 adik kahwin jugak
Mak igt tak masa adik gi honeymoon kat langkawi
Adik bawak mak ngan bapak sekali??
Kita ada jumpa seorang perempuan nie
Menyusukan anak dia guna botol..
Mak tanya dia guna susu apa
Perempuan tu jawab guna susu ENFALAC
Terus jer mak tanya naper tak guna susu sendiri
Huhuuhu perempuan tu malu2 alah jer nak jawab
Katanya susah la..
Aduhai…mak mengeluh panjang bila dengar jawapan tue..

Mak ingat tak mak berceramah panjang ngan perempuan tue
Sampai perempuan tu pergi tempat tersorok menyusukan
Anak nya guna susu badan nya..
Alahai mak ku smpi mcm tu sekali pendirian mak..

Pada awal August 2008 mak dah mula sakit
Mak cakap mak sakit pingang
Jenuh ku dah bawak ke pakar
Doctor ckp ada masalah saragh tunjang
Tak lama pastu mak mula rs kebas2
Disebelah kanan..
Adik terus bawak mak pergi hospital
Doktor sah kan mak lumpuh separuh badan

Mak tau tak cm mana perasaan adik masa tue??
Rasa nya jantung adik terhenti seketika waktu tue
Rasa nya hati ni di carik2
Rasa nya badan nie melayang2 di udara
Isk..isk…isk adik tak tahan mak …
Tak tahan tgk mak seperti itu…

Selepas mak dikeluarkan hospital
Kami adik beradik beli
Semua kelengkapan mak
Supaya mudah tuk mak
Melakukan fisioterapi di umah

Mak dah sebulan mak mcm nie
Tak ada perubahan tapi adik
Tak akan putus asa adik akan ikut
Semangat mak cm mak susu kan adik dulu

Mak igt tak adik mandikan mak setiap kali
Adik balik kerja?? mak igt tak??
Ada satu hari lepas adik mandikan mak
Adik terus cium mak adik cakap kat mak
Yang adik mengandungkan??
Masa tu mak suka betol…manis betol senyuman mak

Malam tue adik nak basuh berak mak
Mak tak bagi adik dukung mak..
Mak kata takut adik gugur lak nnt sbb mak berat
Tapi adik nie degil jugak ..adik angkat jugak mak
Gi toilet ngan menantu mak tue…

Lepas tu adik pakai kan mak pampers
Tapi mak menangis …
Mak kata tak sia2 mak SUSUkan adik
Isk..isk..isskk adik terus peluk mak
Sampai tertido kan??
Ermm anak mak ni masih suka tido ngan mak tau…

Tak lama lagi kita nak raya..
Abang dah belikan baju kat mak cantikkan??
Mak senyum jer…

Lagi 2 hari nak raya ni mak…
Pagi tu adik mintak resepi nak buat rending tok kat mak
Sebab mak suruh adik masakkan??
Tapi malam tu mak sesak nafas
Abang cepat2 bawak mak gi hospital

Sekali lagi jantung anak mak terhenti seketika
Kali ni hati adik macm dihiris2
Bila doctor cakap paru2 mak di jangkiti kuman
Hampir 80% dan peluang tuk hidup amat tipis

Ni malam raya …mlm ni adik tak tido ngan mak yer
Adik balik nak buat rendang mak..
Malam ni kak chik jaga mak yer..
Subuh sok adik datang bawak rendang
Adik datang mcm mana mak dtg antar susu kat adik dulu..

Ari ni kita raya mak senyum jer..
Mak suka yer anak2 mak ada kat mak
Adik suap mak rendang adik masak
Tapi mak ckp tak rasa apa pun
Adik tau mak dah tak ada deria rasa

Mak sekarang keadaan mak makin lemah
Adik beraya ngan mak atas katil hospital
Mak igt tak adik mintak ampun ngan mak
Adik mintak mak ampunkan segala dosa adik
Dan mintak halalkan mkn minum adik
Tapi mak kata adik tak da dosa ngan mak
Iskk..iskk adik terharu betul masa tue
Pastu mak ckap mak HALALkan susu yg mak
Berikan pada adik
Ya allah masa tu hati adik hancur berkecai
Adik peluk mak sampai tak nak lepas kan mak..

Hari dah malam ni nak masuk ari ke-4 kita raya
Malam ni adik tido ngan mak kan??
Malam ni adik nak peluk mak..
Tapi taku nurse marah adik baring atas katil mak..
Tapi tak per la adik peluk tangan mak jer…
Tapi mak senyum jer..

Malam tue mak tido lmbt mak kata mak tak boleh tido
Adik teman mak kan??
Mak pesan kat adik supaya adik jaga kandungan tue..
Mak suruh nanti asuh anak sebaik mungkin
Mak suruh adik janji yang adik akan susukan anak adik
Mak cakap jgn bg susu lembu…
Mak suruh adik Janji ngan mak kan???
Mak igt tak??

Hari dah pagi nie.. nape mak tak bukak mata lg??
Bila adik panggil lemah jer mak bukak mata
Adik panggil doctor
Doctor cakap PLS PREPARE….
Mak jangan tinggal kan adik!!!!!!

Hari nak malam nie…
Keadaan mak semakin nazak
Kami bawak mak balik umah
Mak tau tak
Ms dlm perjalanan nak balik tu adik bwk keta
Dlm keadaan separuh sedar..
Kenangan bersama berputar dlm kepala ni
Air mata tak mampu nak tahan

Sampai di umah mak kuar dr ambulans..
Mak kami letak atas tilam..
Sesudah nya nurse tanggalkan oksigen
Mak tgk anak2 & bapak
Tak sampai 10 minit…..pukul 10.05mlm
Isk…isk.. mak TINGGALKAN KAMI..

Mak ..
Jam 11.30 tgh hari mak dimandikan
Anak2 mak yang mandikan mak
Mak mesti rasa bertapa lembut nya kami gosok badan mak kan..
Adik gosok kaki ngan tangan mak…mak nmpk kan??
Lepas tu mak di kapan kan..dan di bawa ke masjid tuk disembahyangkan

Mak ..
Mak tau tak abang yang jadi imam solat jenazah mak utk mak..
Mak mesti tau kan…

Malam tu adik kemaskan barang mak
Adik Nampak sepucuk surat..
Rupa nya surat mak kepada anak2 mak..
Mak cakap mak maaf kan semua anak2 mak
Mak HALAL kan susu yg mengalir dlm tubuh
Semua anak2 mak..
Mak pesan bagi susu badan kat cucu dia
Isk..isk masa tu nyah menangis teruk

Sejak ari tu mmg kami adik beradik
Mmg berjanji akan bg susu badan kat anak2 kami
Akan kami jaga anak kami mcm mak jaga kami..

Selepas mak pergi mak dapat 4 cucu sekali gus..
Mak tau tak…adik dapat anak lelaki
Kalo mak ada mesti mak suka kan??
Adik nama kan cucu mak MUHAMMAD DANISH

Adik kotakan janji adik pada mak
Adik susukan Danish mak..
Tapi Danish suka guna botol la mak
Tapi susu nya tetap susu adik
Mak jangan risau yer..
Kalau dulu mak boleh bg susu mak dlm tiub
Kenapa adik tak boleh bagi susu adik dlm botol kan??
Adik tak nak MALAS mcm nyah dulu..
Mak tau tak sekarang dari empat ,tiga cucu baru mak tue
Sepenuhnya menyusu badan…
Anak kak chik tue campur sebab kak chik ada masalah skit
Tapi kak chik pon tgh usahakan jugak

Adik tak sempat belajar ngan mak pasal penyusuan nie
Adik belajar ngan FORUM RATU HATI..
Mak tentu bangga kalo adik cerita kat mak pasal susu ibu nie’
Tapi mak..adik tak sempat nak cerita kat mak..
Mak tau tak kat forum nie ramai pejuang spt mak
Pejuang utk kekalkan anak2 mereka sentiasa sihat..
Mcm mak berjuang untuk susukan adik dulu..

Cukuplah sampai disini dulu..
Nanti kawan2 kat forum nie sedih pulak..
Adik tak nak diorang sedih…
Adik diorang baca cerita mak ni sbg pembakar semangat
Untuk menyusu anak mereka..

Mak jangan mara yer adik cerita kat forum nie..
Adik nak share pengalaman mak pada semua kaum ibu
Supaya menjadi renungan…

Adik nak mak tau..yg ketika ini perasaan rindu tu
Semakin menebal sehingga menusuk2 hati nie
Terasa sakit nya mak..kerana menanggung rindu
Tapi yg adik mampu hanya sedekah al fatihah jer..
Adik berenti dulu yer mak… ASSALAMUALAIKUM

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


saya sangat banyak pending task yang nak buat..tapi tak buat..sangat2 here saya nak list incase en.laling baca blog ni..this will remind him too

1. Marking for final exam..before raya lagi..
2. Replacement class sbb Mia demam haritu..

1. clean the freezer..sudah bau masam..
2. 5s kitchen cabinet..
3. cuci air cond
4. MPKJ folow up on
5. bersih kipas2 dlm rumah saya..sudah berhabuk..
6. bersihkan syiling rumah

1. Amik MyKid Mia..gila dah pending lama
2. Buy her new carrier..

1. Body massage..leher sudah tegang..bahu dah lenguh..badan sakit2
2. Shopping for new handbag n wallet
3. Shopping for new cloth..esp yang suitable for teaching purposal.
4. New hair cut
5. Paps Smear
6. Family planning..Iud..? or pills?
7. Get myself a facial

Seriusly list for Myself is more than any others list kan..since ada Mia..saya sudah tak pentingkan diri saya sendiri..saya sangat selekeh n comot..
Rambut tak terurus..muka berjerawat..white black head sume ada..
badan gemuk..saya tak jaga lagi diri saya..
saya sedih2..
tapi saya takde masa lagi utk jaga diri sendiri..

Husband saya balik kerja lewat selalu..kalaupun dia balik awal..dia akan ada cycling activity..
saya sedih..semalam dia balik pukul 11.30pm..saya tau dia pun nak balik awal,apakan daya kerja dengan nihon yang bodoh tu..
saya sangat nak pergi massage..2jam saja..tapi saya takde masa tu lagi..
saya tak sampai hati nak tinggalkan Mia lama2 kat nursery..

Rumah tunggang langgang..saya takleh nak kemas lepas balik kerja..sebab Mia tak boleh main sendiri..dia mesti nak saya ada dgn dia..kalau tak dia akan melalak mcm org kena dera..
saya takde masa nak kemas rumah..

saya letih..letih sgt2..skang saya sangat depressed..saya baru umor 28tahun..tapi saya rasa mcm dah org 40 tahun..en.laling pun dah selalu cakap saya aroi..saya sedih..saya takut dia rasa saya tak secantik dulu..sbb saya mmg sangat2 comot sekarang..saya kuat makan..sbb saya lapar..badan saya bau susu skang..saya spray perfume pun still bau susu..saya takleh mandi lama2..sbb mia nangis..

masa raya..kakak n adik saya beli baju kurung price rm400..dulu saya sanggup beli baju harga itu utk diri sendiri..tapi skang saya asyik fikir daripada beli baju harga macam gitu..baik saya beli baju+toys utk Mia..last weekend saya pergi Alamanda..jumpa satu baju Espirit yang sangat cantik price rm139..dulu saya terus amik n bayar..tapi skang saya rasa baju tu mahal..sbb kemeja saja..end up saya guna beli barang for Mia..apa dah jadi dgn diri saya skang..
sbb itukan saya tensen lately..sbb saya tak jaga diri sendiri?
Kakak saya siap perli haritu..kenapa saya pakai baju macam mak?..saya sedih..

Saya selalu dgr cerita husband carik lain sbb isteri dah comot n gemuk..saya takut..tapi saya takde masa nak mencantikkan diri lagi..balik kerja dah huru hara nak settlekan Mia..saya nak sikat rambut pun takde masa..apatah lagi nak shave my armpit..trim my eyebrow..
depressed nya saya mcm rasa nak meroyan..saya sorang2 jaga Mia..kadang2 dia nangis saya rasa mcm nak lari...

Ready for solid food?

I bought "when and what to feed your baby" yesterday at SUSUIBU..
A very good book for first baby i guess..they teach us many recipes for baby from age 5month to 1year..
iam so eager to start Mia with solid..but she only 4 n half month old..
does shes ready for solid yet?

i read somewhere on the net..when to start ur baby with solid..

1. she double her newborn weight..
Which Mia now already 7++ kg kut (4month punya weight tak measure lgi).
New born already more than double..

2. She make sign when saw people jelir2 lidah..kua air liur..
yup..dats when Mia did when mommy daddy eating..kadang2 tak sampai hati nak makan depan dia..

3. She strong enuff to keep her head straight..
Yup..dah kuat sgt2..

So out of all this..Mia like so ready to take her first solid kan..
Tak sabarnya nak cook for her tau..asyik cook for daddy je..
Tak sabar nak suap dia makan..and tgk muka dia comot2 with cute..

But i think i will wait until shes turn 5month kut..
i shall start with fruit puree first..and at 6month baru start with rice pulak..

Monday, October 5, 2009

Lemak yang jahat dan huduh..

Last weekend ada banyak open house..
so i plan to wear one of 'only hubby know how many kebaya i had in my wardrobe'..
yes..iam a fan of kebaya..kebaya nyonya..kebaya indon..kebaya pendek..kebaya panjang..u name surely have it..

i tried almost 7pcs of my past year kebayas..and all of them cant fit my boobs..takleh nak button kat part tu..kain sume ok tip top..baju je prob..bukan setakat ketat je mmg takleh nak button langsung..button je dia terbukak balik..takkan nak amik risk buat free show kat open house tu saya sangat sedih..plan nak hantar all my kebaya to tailor to alter at the boobies part this weekend..

i have a flat chest before..i wear 34A before..(jangan gelak) 170cm height n 58kg weight..dat size is so ideal for Americas Next top model (mode berangan)..masa preggy boobs dah membesar ke 38B..and skang i think my bra dah besar..mb sbb i did lose weight a lil..i should go for 36B..but still i cant fit my baju..waaaa..i need a new wardrobe la en laling..

as i mentioned to u guys in my revious post i gain almost 20kg on my pregnancy..and manage to lose 15kg out of it..i still have 5 more kg to shed of..especially on my tummy area..i look like iam 2month preggy..huhuhu..sedih..

Nak pergi gym mmg i dont have time plus with a baby with im now considering this two items on my weight lose plan..

1. Usana..i read on a few blogger yang did lose weight after taking this supplement
2. Mate5.. i read testimonial on the newspaper..and they did lose quite a lot of kilos..

But i really dont know which one is suit my iam exclusively breastfeed i dont want it to effect my baby in any cases pun..
so i do need ur advice guys..which one should i try..

En.Laling skang panggil saya Aroi..(short term for boroi)..saya sangat sedih and i really urgently want to shed off those fat on my tummy..
pergila jauh2 lemak yang jahat dah hodoh..

I can use breastfeed as a reason why i ate so much these days..
ye..breastfeed akan membuatkan kita berasa lapar sepanjang masa..nafsu makan berhati iblis tau..

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Membazir kah saya?

Last Friday nite i cooked soto for my frens Lucy n Aswad..n they made last minute cancelation due to some family matter..saya tidak marah..just a bit cuak coz i already cooked for 5people..n how hubby n i goin to finish it by oursef..en.laling said dont worry if dinner tak habis we continue it for breakfast..

And maybe this soto is not meant for Lucy n Aswad sbb at 8pm my brother in law came ..n i served him this..and at 10pm pula Jaja n Shida came n of coz i served them this too..hahaha..saya sgt gembira sbb masakan saya sudah,saya sgt jaaarang masak..

Sebabnya saturday hols for hasil perahan mommy's cow dat day need to be frozen..i checked my ebm log book..baru ingat July ebm stock dah nak expired..3month period je i disposed all those frozen ebm dated from 1/july ~ 30/july..

Nak tahu berapa quantitynya?...huhuh..its a alot..about 65pack of 4oz= 260 oz..sayang gila n gila wasted kan..
But nak simpan those expired pun buat apa..i need space for my new i just think that i trow 260 oz x20 calory..thats the calory i burned for that kind of milk..
seriously i have fren who want to buy my frozen ebm ni for her 5month old son..i pon tak kisah to give it away for free..but when i refered to my mom ckp tak payah..she said takut in the future ada prob..mana tau i lost contact with this fren..n suddenly mia n that boy fall in love..maka jadilah drama nur kasih part2...haha..boleh tak dah ada script kat kepala saya ni
mommy :no mia..mommy tak izinkan ko kawen with dat boy
mia: "apa kurangnya dia mommy..dia hensem..byk duit (dasar atak mak ni..)..n berbudi bhs..
mommy : mommy tak kan izinkan sama sekali..ko langkah mayat mommy daddy pun still the answer is no.
mia: "sampai hati mommy buat mia mcm ni..
to be continue...sambil nyanyi lagu nur ya nur..nur kasih...
oh ye..ramai yang tanya..why i make frozen ebm if i didnt use it...
1.sbb i still manage to supply fresh ebm to mia everyday
2.sbb even i know my fresh alreadh enuff for tomoro use..iwont skip any pumping schedule..coz i noe its the only way to stimulte the boobs to produce more milk
3.for emergency kena g kursus..or me fall sick..etc etc
so walaupun berlaku pembaziran ini..i will continue doin what did before..this is just my darlink Mia

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Aksi Gomol Mia di Pagi Raya..

Standard la bebudak kecik pakai baju kurung kejap je..pakai dari pagi sampai noon je..pastu dah start mau tak mau..mommy kena la membuat pilihan baju kedua budak kecik ni di hari raya lain sepasang sehari..dia berpasang2 pula..

Pilihan hati mommy adalah rompers pink kotak2..ada ke patut daddy ckp mcm kain selimut..penat je mommy beli kan

Daddy: "Takmoo pakai tudung ye..hah meh sini pakai kopiah"
Mommy say dalam hati..adakah daddy mengharapkan baby boy pula?..

Ini teknik ciuman sedut dalam2

sama ke??taklah kan..Mia rupa mommy la..daddy je perasan

My smiley cheeky Mia..Mommy daddy love u to bit darl

'Yeay..akhirnya Mia bebas dari tawanan raksasa Daddy"

Mia semakin hari samakin membiasakan diri dari digomol old mommy daddy..
Dan pandai menangis kalau tahap gomolan daddy itu merimaskan dia..
macam2 teknil gomolan telah diaplikasikan oleh daddy..
aksi ciuman sedut
aksi gunting pipi
aksi ciuman geget..
aksi ciuman bertubi2..
hahaha..tulah sape soh jadi budak bam bamm yang suka senyum..mcm mana org tak gewammm...

Raya09 Piccas

At last here they are..our Raya piccas..i do have a lotsa of them..but nanti muntah darah pula u all tgk enjoy chosen not so vain piccas below

yeay..sedondon dark brown this our surprised Mia's cousin Irfan (10month) wearing the same color as if we do have twins daddy will look like this..ekek..sorang tarik baju..sorang merengek..

Mia : " daddy..dont let me go"
Irfan: " wheres my papa..i want my papa..uwaaaa"

Like mommy like baby

My life

Mia wif atok

Mia first raya..first baju kurung

Me: mintak ampun ye yang sbb i mintak u belikan top to
toe baju year belikan lg k
Our second raya together

Mia with mommy+uwan+atok+maksu

Mia wif atok n uwan

Ceria tak kami sekeluarga this year..ekeke..nextyear kaler apa eh?(boleh tak dah pk theme utk nextyear)
semua gambar raya kt n9..
First raya kat Kuala pilah n9
Then midnite tuh baru gerak balik Kedah..luckily Mia was asleep all the way to Kedah..she so in love wif her car seat..
Raya kat kedah until wednesday..mlm tu gerak balik Bangi..
Thursday rest kat rumah..Friday balik Kuala Pilah semula...maklumlah tak puas lg beraya di tempat sendiri haritu..
Sunday morning baru we went back to our home in Bangi..feel so restless...but we did enjoy our raya this year..