Monday, May 11, 2009

38week..bila nak due..??

Tension..jumpa je org kat office mesti tanya.."tak beranak lagi ke?".."ada lagi rupa nya".."lama tak nampak..ingat kan dah meletup".."besarnya perut"... etc etc etc..

how to answer to those peep eh..
Q: Tak beranak lagi ke?
A: Belom..kalau dah beranak mesti saya tak datang office lagi dah.

Q: Ada lagi rupanya
A: ada ..ada... (mcm mati je bunyi nya kalau ckp dah takde)

Q: Lama tak nampak..ingat kan dah meletup?
A: Belum meletup lagi..sebab tu saya masih datang office

Q: Besarnya perut?
A: Ye..mmgla besar..saya dah 38week..

Boring gila nak jawab..easy question with such an easy answer..bak kata Nabil "Lu pikir la sendiri"..heheheh...malas gila nak datang office dis remaining class oni on Wednesday and Friday..then can submit all the portfolios to my HOS..then can rest kat rumah..waiting for The Day.. tak sabar nye..

Everyday i talk to my baby Zara..
Baby u want to come out? come out soon.. be healthy for mommy and daddy

Being a 38week preggy mommy is not dat easy as you may imagine..
Badan semakin berat..cepat penat..cepat lapar..kuat tidor..=MALAS

This Friday i have my next check up at An Nur..hope by that time baby will be engage to my servic and Doc Kamsiah will announce that i can deliver any time now..tak larat dah nak bawak perut ni rasanya..

i will update more about it on Friday..Last night En.Laling came back home from work around 12.30am..i really want to understand he have so maaaannnyyyyy works at office..i used to work there before..and i should know the environment working with Japanese bosses..
BUT..i dunno why i have to cry when he came back last night..
i dunno why i cant greet him with my happy face, while all day long day he had to face the stress at work..poor En.laling ..dah la penat..pastu kena pujuk mommy lagi..
Mommy so bad kan luv..bad mommy..bad mommy...