Monday, July 27, 2009

60 Days

Its been 60 days already since i gave birth to my lil tiny tot baby Mia.60 wonderful days of me being a started with such a hectic life for me to deal..and i can say it still hectic right now..iam still adapting myself to this new motherhood life..

Last Friday i sent baby Mia to nursery with such a heavy heart.and as expected i cried like a baby..she look at me with a sad face..mb she was begging me not to leave her all alone that day.but mommy had no choice mia darlin..i would give everything in this world just to be with her...i send her on 9am..and pick her up at 1pm..hahah..dats the most longest 4hours that i ever had..the longest separation of me and my mia think back..i've been together with her for almost 1year already.10month shes in my tummy + 2 month of confinement period.

Today i send her again at 9am and pick her up at 12.30pm..uwaaaa...i keep thinking about boobs hurt whenava her feeding time..konon nak tunggu until 1pm..but 30min rasa macam 30 hours..i miss her so much during that 3 hours.

Tomorrow i will start working..thats mean i have to leave her from to deal tah la..i try to get back on lunch time to feed her...i will do everything just to be with her..

Now i uunderstand why my mom is alwiz worried about me..dah besar ..dah kawin..dah ada anak pun she still lidat..its totally not the same during cintan2 time with out sweet heart dulu..dulu konon cakap i cant live without you la..i miss u la..i care for u la..i love u..(i still do en.laling..dont worry..heheh)
but when u have ur own baby...its 100000000000000000000000000000x the feelings tuh toward her..

Lucky me who change my engineer status to a lecturer now..i cant imagine if i still work in Sony. I will work until night with mia will oni see her mommy daddy the latest 9pm everyday..kesian kan..
now im a i do have a lot of time for her..i can go back to feed her during lunch time..i can go to work on 11am if i dont have mornig class..and i can go back on 1pm if i dont have evening class..good huh..
and im so thankful for that

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Tak sampai hati..Tak kuat semangat

hehehe..penat je nangis2 mlm tadi..
cancel hantar baby mia ke nursery harini
sebabnya..dia cute sgt pakai seluar kalerful..rainbow pants..
hahahah..pastu pakai pula rompers "I am Mommy dreams come true" ..ada sunshine lagi..
so tak sampai hati nak hantar..hahah
tomorrow la k

cute sgt baju dia sampai mommy tak sampai hati to let her go..
oklah sok mommy pakaikan dia comot2..
kuatkan hati ku ya allah..

Mommy love you to bit

I will start working on next Tuesday(28/July). Thats mean baby mia will be in nursery with all the strangers we decide to send her over tomorrow..kena practice la dulu..

But tonight mia mcm fhm2 je that she will be stay in nurserry without mommy tomorrow..she wont sleep at her crib..letak je nangis..mommy dah pangku since 8pm tadi..and up untill now 11pm she still at mommy's lap...

sedih ok leave her with all the stranger who doesnt even know how to stop her to sing for her to sleep..(here come the tears)..but i dont have any choice..if i didnt start to train her tomorrow..then bila lagi..
only god know how much i love her..

i pray..i pray hard for all the nursery peeps will take care of my baby...its not necessery for them to love her as much as i do..but its good enough for them to be able to feed her well(jgn biar baby tersedak),to make her sleep..and to stop her cry..(tears..tears.)

Will baby mia miss her mommy tomorrow (i know i do)..
sedihla kan..tell me mommies,where all of u get the strength to leave ur child with the stranger??

oklah,takmoo citer sedih2..lets talk about daddy 28th celebration on the19/july..just the three of us celebrate daddy befday..
nyumnyum cupcakes from shidalan to add the merrier..hehehe..
Daddy n Mommy love u to bit ..

'Happy Befday dear daddy"..hope lucky 28 this year bring us happiness..big money and good health..
mommy and mia loves you su much..muahsssss..

Friday, July 17, 2009

Dress for the Princess

Baby Mia's cukur jambul and akikah will be held at my parents house at Kuala Pilah N9 2/August. So jemput semua ye..
I dont want to botakkan her hair pun..but my hubby's family insist us to do so..urgghhh..its my baby suka hati la nak botak or tak..most prob botak lepas raya..rambut dia nak pakai raya juga.

Oh ye i already bought her dress for that event.cute tak?chumil kan..
mommy will bankrupt soon if continously shopping baby dress like this..seriously i really cant help myself la..even my dress for back to work next two week pun i tak pk dah..pakai je apa yang ada nanti.

daddy bising dah..mommy ckp baju baby for raya..heheh..tapi nanti raya nak dekat kita shopping kaw2 for baby mia kan..

daddy went to watch Manchester training session today.tomorrow pergi tgk match Man u vs Malaysia pula.
left mommy and baby alone kan..boring betul..but daddy already promise to bring mommy and baby mia to mid valley on mia second outing ..

first outing last week sunday to alamanda.alhamdullilah shes being a really good girl.except that mommy too shy to bf her in public..i brougt 3oz of ebm dat day to feed her,but after 1hour je dah nak taknak terpaklah we all masuk A&w..daddy bought himself float (seriously its damn tempting wei dat float..but mommy being a good girl not to drink la.)..mommy faced the wall and start to bf baby mia..hahahha

midvalley tgh sale mothercare..lets jom shopping baju for baby mia daddy (sambil blink2 mata buat muka kesian kat daddy)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

baby mia shower time..mommy fav moment

Baby Mia baru bangun tido..mommy dah tanggalkan sume baju..its shower time for baby mia.
so kena mengeliat dulu...mengeliat kiri..mengeliat kanan..mengeliat mengeliat..tetiba..prootttttt...tak senonoh sungguh anak dara aku ni..

B4 mandi nenen dulu..perut dah kenyang..suka mia dah pandai senyum2..geram je tgk dia senyum..muka cam cartoon..pastu at 45days today dia dah dah pandai cakap jerman..bising je mulut dia

yeayy..dah shower with mommy..rasa sgt senang hati mia suka mandi..takpernah nangis pun time mandi..tapi bila nak keluarkan dia from tub..baru nangis..

dah mandi..dah pakai baju..dah sikat rambut fesyen skema..senyum2 la..badan dah fresh..apa lagi mintak upah la..pas shower,nenen satu round lagi..then baru leh happily zzzzzzz..
mommy pun happy leh online..update blog..main hop..blabla....

After 44days

This week of freedom..mommy start to cook tapau food outside is a big no for mommy coz no one will watch over baby mia at home.
so for lunch mommy try to masak sesimple yang boleh..

Below meal for mommy..heavy gila kan..fried rice with rice..and nugget and tomota honey..nyum nyum..

Below meal pula for daddy..nugget+fries+eggs+tomato honey and cabbage..lazy bump punya mommy kan..
takpe..asal kenyang cukup..

baby mia kan..kejap org cakap rupa mommy..kejap org cakap rupa daddy..tapi baby mmg ada 1000 face change everyday..

so..what do u think guys..mommy or daddy looks?..
my mom ckp,kalau baby gal better rupa daddy, if boy better rupa mommy..murah rezeki nanti..heheh..
tak kisah la rupa sesapa kan..asal sihat cukup..

Monday, July 13, 2009

The journey to welcome Baby Mia to the world..(cite dah basi)

baby mia fall asleep mommy has a tiny time for herself to update her blog. ok..lets enjoy the journey to welcome baby mia to world.

Thursday night 28/Mei 11.30Pm
I still felt a bit uncomfortable down there..but i dont know whether it is a sign for a labor or not.So i just ignore the pain and asked En.Laling for my good nite kiss..then both of us having our ZzZzzZ..

Friday 29/Mei/09 2.00am.
I was awake by a sudden urge to the toilet..i settled my business and tried to continue my sleep..but then after 5 min, the urge come went to toilet for a second time.. Maybe i have stomach pain due to anything i ate i still dont think its a sign yet and tried to sleep..

Friday 29/Mei/09 3.00am The pain come once again..and this time its struck i told En.Laling about the pain. En.Laling as usual cuak tak tentu pasal..and ask me to go to clinic to confirm.. me pula mmg not so sure whether it is the time or it just a regular stomach i told en.laling to wait for tomorrow. both of us sambung our zzzzzz

Friday 29/Mei/09 5.00am
the pain now comes every 3omin..confirm its The day.i woke En.Lalin and told him its the time for us to go to the hospital.i have my shower and suddenly there is a bloody sign at my panties.the contraction now comes every 20min.
i drank the Siti Fatimah water..and boiled telor ayam kampong for anergy to push the baby.
on ye..mommy sempat lagi make up kaw kaw b4 g hospital..yelah..i want baby to see her mommy pretty maa..first impression its important kan..heheh

Friday 29/Mei/09 6.00am
We arrived at the hospital and due to the bloody sign..the nurse asked me to change my cloth and get myself ready at the operation room. still not yet..erghhhh...opening only 1cm..and i have to wait for at least 8-9more hour to deliver the baby.

Friday 29/Mei/09 8.00am
its too slow..only 1.5cm after 2hours of waiting at the Chempaka ward.dah siap breakfast dah.pain now come every 15min.make up dah takde in below photos..hehehe..tahan sakit tau..mestilah peluh2

Friday 29/Mei/09 10am
me once again went to operation room..and guess what after 4hours of waiting ..oni 2cm..and the contraction now come every 10min..and its already unbearable..rasa mcm nak tercabut badan ni..siyes tak tipu sakit..i told hubby how sakit it was..baru 2cm and i dah tak tahan lagi dah..
Doc Kamsiah then advice me to have an epidural..sbb lambat lagi.. and the pain already come every 10min..
i just say whateva that can reduce the pain..walaupun b4 this i plan to have a no drug labour..tapi apakan daya..sakitnya tembus sampai ke tulang dah..heheh..
If anyboody asked me how the contraction pain is..i would say macam nak mati...
after getting the magical more pain..seriyes worth it to pay rm3k for that..
i happily doze off until 2pm..and the doc come and told me that im ready to deliver the baby..full opening..

Friday 29/Mei/2.30pm
hubby come to operation room after having his jumaat prayer.he told me that my parents already outside..
doc Kamsiah once again check me down there..there is a full opening but baby belum fully she asked me to wait for another one more hour..huhu..ok..wait..i dont mind to wait sbb tak sakit langsung..hahaha
Friday 29/Mei/09 3.30pm
Its the day and its the time..4 nurses are around me as a pom pom hubby its alwiz by my side..and the doc...push..notin..push again..notin..seriesly the pom pom girl is so menyakitkan hati..they asked me to push hard..they asked me to meneran..they asked me to geram..they so annoying..i did push as hard as i can..not that i dont want the baby to come..but i just cant..dah buat sehabis boleh..sehabis tenaga..hubby said i can..siyesly if i can la kan..dah lama baby keluar..but baby still stubbornly dont want to come out yet..

Friday 29/Mei/09 4.00pm
Doc Kamsiah told me,they cannot wait anylonger as the baby is too long inside..and my water already broke since 10am..taknak baby they decide to vaccum the baby..uwaaaa...wateva what u have to do and save my baby..

Friday 29/Mei/09 4.07pm
with one push..and the help from the vaccum thingy,,Damia Zahra is poped herself out from me...
alhamdullilah...sakit gila..i told hubby cukuplah sorang anak kita..
and today baby mia dah 44days pun..growing healthily n chubbyly with mommy's milk.

gila berminyak muka gue kan..sakit ok..sakit gila..hehehe..

Friday, July 10, 2009

My sleeping Beauty

hi..iam backkk...still adjusting myself as a mommy without any help from my least i survived for the past 3days..but still its time for myself..slowly kan..
today baby mia is 43days old..and that mean one more day for me to finish my confinement period..
on Sunday i will be free ..yeahh..
so lil time to mia will wake up anytime from i just upload her latest photos ya..masa tido je leh amik gambar..when she wake up..she will be so cranky for enjoy peeps..

on month 2/aug..will be mia's cukur jambul and anyone know where to buy her princess dress for that event?..i want to go shopping for dress hunting but there is no one at home to watch over Mia..nak bawak sekali ..hurmm not yet kut sbb shes too small and tambah lagi H1N1 skang if possible i want to buy online je..leave a comment ye for the online shop tu..thanks