Sunday, May 13, 2012

Adik can count his fingers already

Those yang tengah pregnant,sila buat mathematic problem banyak2.
Confirm anak lahir nanti terror math..
Ini bukti depan mata.
My darling Umar Dani dah pandai kira 1-10
Cant believe it?? see with your own eyes

 hurmmm..let see how many fingers that i have


 and 10...ngappp...i have 10 fingers that i can eat..nyum nyum

Budak mata sepet ni..he is my "mini me" i guess.
Love u bucuk2 adik..

Paper doll artzooka (version Mia and Mommy)

I just love do my "artzooka" session with Mia.
Curik2 masa time adik tido baru leh buat.
Now i know apa bestnya ada anak usia rapat2..they can join any activities together.
Like kakak and adik consider jauh lah juga..beza 3yrs..
satu pun takleh nak join kut.

 I cut the box into several shapes for body,hands,legs,hair,eyes,nose,mouth,hair ribbon and also button for the baju.

Then i asked Mia to color all the shape pieces by pieces.

After all the pieces dry..then we glue it together to make a paper doll.
Then the paper doll we stick it to my HL fresh milk box.
So it can stand on the table like that.

So simple and cheap but Mia enjoy it so much.
Lets go green people.