Wednesday, April 7, 2010

He just 21

Hari ni first class for one group of final semester student.
Usually for first class i alwiz did ice breaking with them.
They need to present themsef as if
  1. Nick name
  2. Hometown
  3. Siblings
  4. Future Planning after GMI
  5. The first thing they want to do if they get RM1M
  6. Whats is their speciality as compare to others

Heheheh..interesting huh..hihi..But as to my suprise today..ada student yang came out with this

" My speciality is iam a husband and future daddy."

And he is only 21..OMG..he got married last year in April. His wife is a clerk and now pregnant with their first baby.Iam kindda speachless at first..haloooooo he just a boy ok.

He told us after GMI,dia akan carik kerja untuk provide enuff money for his family.As for now,only wife yang support.And after wife dia bersalin,dia akan sponsor wife dia untuk further study pula.This boy cakap dia kesian kat wife dia,walaupun wife is a scorer masa IKM dulu,siap dapat 4flat lagi,but wife kena sacrifice untuk husband turn to further study.

Its kindda so sedih when he start to tell us that their life rite now is cukup2 makan je.With a baby coming hes kindda scared to face the fact that they will need more money for that.and dia cakap lagi peoples around kinnda pandang serong to them rite now..

Saya tanya,y get married when ur noe that ur will face all of this..Boy ni cakap,dia kenal wife dah lama since from sekolah.Dia sayang wife n wife sayang dia..why wait ?hahahah..Love belakang citer huh.

I dont judge this like pandang tinggi juga sbb he brave enuff to handle resposibilities as much as this and at his very very young age ..kudos to dat..but again money is everything money no money no love..hahaha.

This boy memang nampak matured compare to others in the class..hurmmm...i do hope he will get a good job with a good pay later when he graduate this coming Mei.But with a only diploma qualification will there be enuff?He still dunno how much money when baby involve in our life..hidup husband n wife kalau tak cukup duit boleh makan maggi lagi..tapi kalau dah ada anak nanti takkan nak bagi baby makan no ok..haaaihhh...saya mengeluh panjang memikirkan hal ini..