Friday, July 10, 2009

My sleeping Beauty

hi..iam backkk...still adjusting myself as a mommy without any help from my least i survived for the past 3days..but still its time for myself..slowly kan..
today baby mia is 43days old..and that mean one more day for me to finish my confinement period..
on Sunday i will be free ..yeahh..
so lil time to mia will wake up anytime from i just upload her latest photos ya..masa tido je leh amik gambar..when she wake up..she will be so cranky for enjoy peeps..

on month 2/aug..will be mia's cukur jambul and anyone know where to buy her princess dress for that event?..i want to go shopping for dress hunting but there is no one at home to watch over Mia..nak bawak sekali ..hurmm not yet kut sbb shes too small and tambah lagi H1N1 skang if possible i want to buy online je..leave a comment ye for the online shop tu..thanks