Monday, March 12, 2012

Women's Day and Dentist

Its not too late to wish Happy Women's Day to all women who read my blog.

And this year, I got special card frommy sweety pie.

She made a card for me at school.

So sweet kan..

Thank you baby..

Mommy heart you so much

Ohhh..Last Saturday was my 45th day.

Thats mean..MERDEKA!!!

Celebrate bershopping di Mid Valley..hehe

CikKak bergaya terlebih ni..siap dgn 2 handbag nk pergi bershopping.
Dah lama tak keluar shopping dgn mommy kan.

Balik dari MV, singgah dentish.
Check gigi Mia.
Actualykan i read somewhere on internet, bebudak ni kena pergi check gigi after their first tooth keluar.
Ni dah cukup 20 batang baru nak check.

The dentist compliment Mia teeth so white and clean.
Mia rajin brush teeth.
Vangga mommy taw..

Gara2 tgk cerita Mr.Bean check gigi haritu, tu yang Mia teruja nak check gigi juga tu.
Siap taknak turun dari kerusi tu.
Doctor tu tak buat apa pun..check je..
Then advice Mia suh rajin2 brush teeth.
Advice mommy, lepasMia susu b4 tdo, lap gigi dgn kain basah or bg dia minum air kosong.
so apa lagi mommies..lets introduce dentist to our kids a.s.a.p

A better ME and a better YOU

Dear En.Laling..Happy 4th year anniversarry to us.


And now we already passed the date of


This year we celebrated love with plus TWO of our beautiful children.
4 year of marriage with 2children.

Arents we productive enuff?


Lets treasure our love together.

Hoping this year will be a better year for our family.

A better me and a better you.

I just love you so much.

Thanks for the 4th year anniversarry gift ya..

This year i bagi u Umar no more gift for you..ekekek