Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Officially mother of 4

I just received 2 Persian cats from a relative last weekend.
They are so cute and I just cant say no to it.
The girl name Sofia and the boy name Bajubacah.
Nice name aren't they?
I don't know how im gonne take care of them later..
But lets see how it goes..
Now I got 4 babies instead of 2.
On our back home to Bangi yesterday,
I asked Mia, Lets us give one cat to Kakak Pisya..and u keet another one.
She asked me why.
I told her I don't have enough money to buy food for two cats..
Being as clever as 4years old kid..
" Mommy , u can take this RM10 (Atok just gave her that money) and buy food for another cat ok..I can go back kampong later and ask atok some more money"
Nice kan... And for that.. mommy will try to keep these two cats for u my love..
And when they have a babies later lets sell it to others..
Persian baby cat have values right.
Yeayy..and we will have a cat business later..
Good invest..good invest..
So this morning I wake up to prepare the milk for the kids..
and also to top up my others two babies food and water too.
hurmmmm..not dat bad..
Except the poo poo that is still in the sand when I left home this morning.. Mommy just have two hands here Mia..