Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Princess Arissa 4th Befday Party

After the GBS reunion that saturday, me straight went to my sister house to celebrate her daughter's Befday.

Saturday 4th April : My chumil Pisya befday party at Putra Height..
Exact Befday date is 31st March...she became a 4yrs old princess

Theme : Princess Aurora (Pinky)
Tea Party with Menu as below
1. Sate
2.Pulut Kuning with sambal
3. Mee Hoon Goreng
4. Jelly
5. Cup cakes (from me tau)
and lotsa sweets n choc for the kids..

I really love this Hidrogen pink baloon..super cute..thinking of to decorate my parents house with this baloon during my baby punya cukur jambul kenduri nanti..sesuai ke?..ahahaha

This 4 years old amoi hate when being called baby gal..konon dah sangat2 besar la kan..but seriously shes such a darling to the family..cute kan her tiny purple crown ni..wish my liltle baby pun will be as cute as naughty as her..and as good gal as her..kemana tumpahnya kuah,kalau bukan ke causin kan..heheheh

Sorry boys..shes taken already..hahaha..with her neighbour Alvin..macam minang dibelah sepuluh tak?..wakakakak

See her befday Princess Aurora nice kan..nice to see n very the yummy yum yum to eat..and see also her befday gift from her mommy..The real Princess Aurora itself came n celebrate her party..gila best kan..
The befday gal princess, cut the princess cake together with the real tak?..but it will be more fun if we have clown n princess together at that time kan..mcm something missing je if no clown at befday party..

The proud uwan n atok of the befday gal..

Me also tak lepas kan peluang to take photo with the princess..see the princess is holding my tummy yang ada future princess jugak..heheh..gila gemuk ok..tak suka gambar ni..but this is the only photo of me with the kena upload gaks..
The kids have 3 games..sugar in the flour game, musical chair games and baloon game..i am sure all of them have so much fun kan..see the comot Pisha after winning the sugar in the flour game tuh..Alvin tak ngaku GF dah after this..comot sgt.. see alvin face..

Happy 4th Befday my liltle darling..insyallah by Mei u will have ur playmate princess..shes the only gal in our family right the rest is all 3 naughty boys..hehehe

GBS Reunion (Before Rita's Big Date n me EDD)

It feels like forever i havent meet all the girls that i used to hang out in Sony..So due to Ritzy will become Mrs. Sapik on this 17th we plan a small reunion for us to chit chatting and gossiping with each other..

Susah ok nak set a date to meet up ni..each of us has our own schedule and Beel the hot mommy,she cannot make it on the night time..ya lorr...dah ada small baby waiting for her to come back home..mesti tak sampai hati

Like me pula, i cant make it if the venue is jauh n kena face with traffic jam..or the parking place is like miracle if i can get a place in front of the elavator..or its still a miracle if i can easily park my car after 5min Mid Valley ,One Utama is a big No-No for me to drive my own there..understood la kan,my blackie Gen2 is manual...and i have this excess weight that i need to carry thats why i decide to meet at Alamanda Putrajaya..hehehe..

As for Rita,biasalah bakal pengantin,alwiz busy with the spa activity...fitting activity..decorating the wedding card..bla bla bla..been that done that kena set a date yang really four of us can make it

Rosie je yang very the flexible..heheh..singgle but not available la katakan..anywhere and anytime she can make it..jeles tau mak noks..

See all the skinny chikas above..jeles nya daku..takpe2..the time will come jugak,when i cant fit back to my skinny jeans balik..heheheh..eventho my butt and my tight is already memblossom bagai johan...

At already as a big fat whale..but still i love this outfit of mine ya..i didnt buy any maternity baju pun so i feel it will be too wasted if i spend on the maternity cloth and oni wear it for several month i just pakai whateva in the closet that can fit me..its really obvious that whateva that i wear now is serba tak kena.not comfortable and tight here n there..but mommy need to sabar a bit la kan..dont worry,this shopaholic mommy will come back n borong all the nice and "in" dress not so long time from now..

Rosie with her new look as more blonde n highlighted ya babe..shes' now come with matured look with a long n natural black hair..hahahah...oh ye..this babe can swim already tau..hehehe..boleh jadi Pamela Anderson in Baywatch..hehehe..i cannot help myself to imagine her in two pieces bikini..hahaha..sure super hot n skinny chikas punya la..hahaha (sorry che'ita)

Beel's daugther, Aliyah is a super good gal dat day..tak cranky pun mcm her mom selalu citer..see she can join us gossiping already babe..nanti kita geng geng kan aliyah n my baby gal n ritzie future baby k..baru leh buat mento mentee program kan kan..hahah
Anyway its such a fun day dat day.. a long chit chatting we have..imagine je lah, we all meet up kat food court since 10.30am to 2pm..hahahah...updating each other with news n gossip..i really miss our old days in sony kan..breakfast at 10am, lunch at 12pm..merge solat at 4pm for zohor n asar..then sometime go for a tea break at 3pm kam..full of happiness n laughter..
all 4 of us..starting with all the singgle people in the group (not to mention our long silence fren Nina)..than now..beel dah jadi mak orang, me pula future mak orang..rita also will join the mak org group tak lama lagi..insya allah..left Ita je..but shes got her own planning..ehem ehem..tak lama lagi kan tunggguuuuuuuu...