Monday, October 5, 2009

Lemak yang jahat dan huduh..

Last weekend ada banyak open house..
so i plan to wear one of 'only hubby know how many kebaya i had in my wardrobe'..
yes..iam a fan of kebaya..kebaya nyonya..kebaya indon..kebaya pendek..kebaya panjang..u name surely have it..

i tried almost 7pcs of my past year kebayas..and all of them cant fit my boobs..takleh nak button kat part tu..kain sume ok tip top..baju je prob..bukan setakat ketat je mmg takleh nak button langsung..button je dia terbukak balik..takkan nak amik risk buat free show kat open house tu saya sangat sedih..plan nak hantar all my kebaya to tailor to alter at the boobies part this weekend..

i have a flat chest before..i wear 34A before..(jangan gelak) 170cm height n 58kg weight..dat size is so ideal for Americas Next top model (mode berangan)..masa preggy boobs dah membesar ke 38B..and skang i think my bra dah besar..mb sbb i did lose weight a lil..i should go for 36B..but still i cant fit my baju..waaaa..i need a new wardrobe la en laling..

as i mentioned to u guys in my revious post i gain almost 20kg on my pregnancy..and manage to lose 15kg out of it..i still have 5 more kg to shed of..especially on my tummy area..i look like iam 2month preggy..huhuhu..sedih..

Nak pergi gym mmg i dont have time plus with a baby with im now considering this two items on my weight lose plan..

1. Usana..i read on a few blogger yang did lose weight after taking this supplement
2. Mate5.. i read testimonial on the newspaper..and they did lose quite a lot of kilos..

But i really dont know which one is suit my iam exclusively breastfeed i dont want it to effect my baby in any cases pun..
so i do need ur advice guys..which one should i try..

En.Laling skang panggil saya Aroi..(short term for boroi)..saya sangat sedih and i really urgently want to shed off those fat on my tummy..
pergila jauh2 lemak yang jahat dah hodoh..

I can use breastfeed as a reason why i ate so much these days..
ye..breastfeed akan membuatkan kita berasa lapar sepanjang masa..nafsu makan berhati iblis tau..