Sunday, April 19, 2009

Lucky 35

I am lucky 35 this week dah consider full moon of 9 month..thats fast..
next week oso is gaji day..yeahh..i still have some baby stuff list to buy..most of them are from the online shop..heheheh..of coz no more baby cloth la kan..

Still not yet packing for mommy n baby hospital bags..hopefully i will try to pack by this very the lazy bum already now..

tamak?..hurmmm...thats me i guess..i have the baby wooden cot..i have the playpen..but i still want to buy one more crib for newborn that i can carry a small basket crib..but, im sure daddy wont allow me to..sedih..

i also want to buy baby carrier yang also can turn to car seat..but..i have two car seats already now..(one from abang and another one from angah)..mcm wasted pula kan if ngada2 nak tambah lagi satu car sedih lagi...

what else i want to buy but daddy wont approve..of BPA-Free milk bottles..
i have 9 bottles of Medela, 3 bottles of First year Breastflow, 6 bottles of MLO..all together is 18bottles already..

but i still dying to buy this MAM anticolic bottles and also Tommee Tippee Bottles..both bottles are so cute and unique shape..kesian baby takleh nak try all the best bottles available kan..daddy so mean .. :(

Ok enuff about the list of stuff that mb i cannot here the list that i still not yet buy..first is baby tub..i really love this tub from FirstYears..Tub with during baby bath time,baby can just having fun in the sling tub, while me can give her the best massage in town..heheh..seriesly,i never mandikan a small newborn baby scared that the baby might slip from my hand during sabun this sling might help the new mommy like me i guess..

Second is Baby grooming set (including the comb,brush,nail clipper,safety scissor)..Third is Baby health care such as thermometer,nasal aspirator,medicine dropper..Tu je kut yang tinggal to cut it short,i have two list of baby stuff now..
1. Not yet buy..and have to buy
2. Mommy want to buy but daddy tak bagi..
oppsss..lupa pulak Mommy third list..
3. Few cute thing from the online shops..(this list tak kira daddy approve or not,mommy still buying it for u luv) heheheh