Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My brand new Toshiba labtop

For all this while, mommy n daddy shared one Dell labtop at home..when daddy surfing, mommy watched the TV..when mommy surfing pula,daddy turn to watch the TV...then when mommy joined GMI as lecturer..mommy bring this Dell labtop to work everyday ..kalau tak sure boring gila ...mommy install solid work pun at this Dell labtop..mommy need to practice before teach the student on how this solid work function..

Poor Dell labtop.Becoming so fat with so many mommy teaching stuff with the Downloaded TV season 5 Desperate housewives, Season 1&2 Gossip Girls, Season 6 The L world and Season 4 Prison Break..hahahah..But this labtop is still strong like a fox..oni slow a bit la kan..biasala tuh.

But yesterday..jeng jeng jeng..GMI HR called mommy.. " Hello Che'Siti, boleh datang amik labtob awak harini ye"..heheheh
so mommy dgn gelojohnya..asked the student to have 15min break..and drived myself to HR office..
Taraaaaa..mommy's brand new Toshiba need to fight with daddy anymore..and Dell labtob leh free kan space dia...sian dia..
Now baru feel like lecturer..or AM/M at kerusi manager at office..hahahah

cantik tak...Dark grey with finger print to unlock (mommy sgt jakun org nya)..but....the happy2 moment suddenly change to sedih2 moment pula..
mommy cannot install the sollid work in Toshiba, coz the CD its pirated..the Toshiba required a license to install the solid work...wat the @#$!#$$$..sedih gila..mcm mana mommy nak buat keja ni..

My Dell n Toshiba sitting side by side..dont they look alike?Dell got adik already..a dark version like daddy..hahahah..

Today's mode: very the lazy bump to go to work..but got class on 2pm..another 1hour to bermalas malasan di rumah...