Monday, November 21, 2011

The look

Iam in my 31st week of pregnancy.Next week dah fast
Still strong like a fox..
Just this time selalu rasa terik and berat kat waist area and punggung selalu cramped.
Dunno why.

Maybe not as big as last time..but still big.
At this moment of pregnancy..i hate the pity look from people on me.

Kalau saya naik mesti pandang lain macam.
Like very the sadis lah org pregnant beratur.

ok i admit..i love the treatment for pregnant lady, but i hate the look.
Like..gila kasihan la jadi org pregnant ni.

Im just pregnant..and im carry someone special inside my tummy.
So i dont mind people.please lah dont give me that kind of look.
Menyampah pula kadang2.

Let say if i used the stairs instead of the lift..people will alwiz question "larat ke?" "kang terberanak kan"
Arghhh..benci nya..i know la my limit..

Thats all for today..just tak suka the kesian look on me...