Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Beautiful Baby Search Contest "Looking for a Beautiful Prince and Princess"

Waahh...sungguh very the rajin mommy join contest skang eh..yelah..anak org cute..anak mommy lagi lagi la cute kan..so kena la join..hehehsape lagi nak puji anak kita cute melainkan kita sendiri kan..ekekek
Prizes dia pun cun cun...

1st Prize: 1 printed tshirt(ur bb pic on it) +1 magnetic + 1 keychain + 1Mag baby poster
2nd Prize: 1 Magnetic+ 1 Mag baby Poster+1 keychain
3rd Prize:1 keychain & Mag baby PosterMystery gift for number: 9 & 19

So to Mommy Mea Zahra.. here is the piccas of my darlink Mia..
We should win becoz our baby name is almost the same kan..Mea Zahra vs Mia Zahra...wakakaka..

Picca 1 : Damia Zahra binti Mohammad Zuhardy
D.O.B 29/Mei/2009
She almost 3month old now..
This picca taken when she is 2month and 2 weeks old..after her favourite hot shower time
with mommy.

Picca 2: Baby Mia with daddy. Taken also when she is 2month and two week old..

To her Daddy mean play..Mommy mean business (feeding).


  1. sama la..kalo dgn i - jaga anak

    kalo dgn ayah -main dgn anak..


  2. Yuda,
    Aku dah enter contest ni juga. Selalu nak enter tp tak pernah menjadi. :p Good luck kat baby mia k ;)