Sunday, September 26, 2010

Apa ni daddy?

What inside this box daddy??
Is it my new toy?
can i play "rumah-rumah" inside here daddy?

Whats dat daddy?can i play?

"What ur doin daddy"

"owhh..its a carrier..but i still like the empty box better"

"the box still look yummy than this seat daddy"

"Let me go now ..i want to play with the box"

" i get it..Its a baby bike carrier"

"yeahhhh...its more fun than the box now"

Daddy share his hobby with her daughter.
Mommy ikut belakang..kayuh slow2.
Tiba time bukit rasa cam nak tolak je..tapi malu..
so tukar gear yang paling last.
Still terkedek2 lagi kayuh basikal yang ada gear ni.
tinggi pula tu beskal ni..pungkok sakit wooo..
But it still a family fun activity.
We can spend our time together better..