Wednesday, May 27, 2009

40 minggu yang indah..

Still not yet..but since last nite i felt a bit comfortable down there..feel like a mild period pain or it a sign?...hurmmm....see how tomorrow eh..

My parents came to my house yesterday..we brought them jalan2 to Alamanda.sedih sgt..Big apple Donut dah sold out when we get there..biasalah goverment baru dapat gaji kan..

My mom brought us some mango from nya..
Masa nak peel off the manggo, kene marah with my mom coz i peel the mango skin from bottom up..
and is a pantang for preggy woman to do dat..nanti baby songsang..
what!!..its there any relation between the way i peel off the manggo with my baby position inside?
How come the old people can come with such an idea eh??
Tapi once again, being a good daughter, i did change the way i peel..very the malas to bertekak with her..makan manggo lagi best..heheh

Oh ye..i found this Twendy Tots blog selling high heel for a toddler baby can wear high heel just like mommy...RM99 per pair..a must buy for baby (tapi confirm daddy tak bagi)
However these shoes are not intended for walking (heel will collapse with weight).

Imagine masa kenduri cukur jambul nanti, my baby wear a white pricess gown with this high heel..such a princess Aurora kan kan..To buy or not to buy eh?
Nafsu yang gemuk once again ask me to buy first then when the parcel arrice,i explain to that time sure daddy say.."wahhh..cute nya..nah take this RM100 and buy another pair for baby"
Dream on la che'siti...

Monday, May 25, 2009

40th Week..and i am still pregnant

What a topic...
My mom told me she carried me last time for sister also overdue her Pisha's and having c-sect later..mb its a generation to pass on la kan..

This Friday its my 40'th week checkup..hopefully there will be a sign from the baby..if only a "show" pun dah more than enuff for me..

Last night i nearly cried when i asked en.laling when the baby want to pop out..En.laling dengan mamai nya asked me to be patient for a lil more time..he told me that his fren already wait for 4years for his wife to get pregnant and they are still all i need to do its to be sabar for less than 2 week je...sedih kan..he's right i think..beside from complaining,i should feel bless for having this tiny tot rite now..coz theres billion of woman out there who are not lucky enuff and still waiting to carry their own tiny tot..(whoeva you are,dont feel bad about this post k..belum ada rezeki lagi tu..try and try again..practice makes prefect...heheh)

To En.Laling thank you for your word of wisdom u so much..muakkss...muachhss..

Guess,wheres this 40'th week preggy mommy went for jalan2 yesterday..hahahah..tak sedar diri kan..jeng jeng jeng...
Yeah..laling and me went to Mid Valley to have Kenny Rogers for our dinner..dah settle dah all must eat food before my confinement..hahah...below serving is for En.Laling

And all fattening serving below of coz la for mommy kan..hahah..macaroni and so yummilicious...alamak!! mengidam nak makan lagi pulak...(mengidam ke nafsu yang gemuk??)

I am very lazy to cook recently..barang dapur pun malas nak top up..takut terberanak and thats stuff jadi hari hari makan luar..hahaha..actually kan its more save to eat outside if there just the two of u for two sometime lagi banyak wastage kan..

I received my Coolababy CD last nite from Yati..thanks Yati.We meet up at Tesco Kajang and have a chit chating on how to handle the CD later. Punyalah excited, mlm tadi juga me prewash the CD for 3 times tau..heheh..hopefully this CD will suit to my baby..hopefully mommy make a good decision to spend mommy own money to buy that CD for u luv..heheheh..

Oh ye..i still keep Kerry at my house. Malas nak percaya all the pantang larang..Kucing kan binatang kesayangan i just pray noting bad will happen..i will write more about my status this Friday..heheheh..hopefully this is my last post before i post my next post entitle "Dah selamat dah..."hehehehe

Friday, May 22, 2009

Cloth Diapers

I never ever interested with CD b4. Rasa mcm leceh gila je nak guna.
Laundry for En.Laling n myself pun buat weekly je ok..
nak basuh lagi..nak sidai lagi..then nak kena lipat pula..haihhh..malas malas..
Later for sure baby's laundry kena buat daily pula kan..
so to CD'ing its never come cross into my mind..
but its looks cute kan with all the patern and the color of CD

Then last two weeks, we bought Mamipoko pampers for our newborn. RM35 for 52pcs.
Baby tend to use around 7pcs per day, so the rm35 its only for 8days usage..meaning monthly we need to have for at least 3-4 packet of pampers..RM35X4 = RM140..dat much can buy a pair of high heel with that cost tau..

So in order to help daddy spend that amount of money monthly,mommy do some research on CD.Turn up its not that hard to handle it pun..just wash the CD like any others laundry..

Then i found one blog (yati's blog) selling Collababy CD with 2 insert for RM33 je..murah items tau..normal price at others online stores for Collababy with 2 insert ni usually its not rugi to try pun this CD its a one size type.mean baby can wear it from newborn to 3yrs old..

For beginner,mommy just order 3pcs je RM99. and so far i didnt have any intension to fully CD'ing.Not now..and mb not in the next 6 month to come. Plan to use it night time only. Hopefully baby didnt poo poo la while wearing this CD...hehehe..coz mommy now oni can handle ur sheeshee je..hahaha..kalau nak poop pun wait for day time.coz u will wear pampers ok...hahahah...lazy bump punya mommy kan

Hopefully it worth it la for spending RM99 for 3pcs of CD ni..dapat cut down one packet of diapers monthly pun dah more than mommies out there.. r u a CD'ing mommy too??...heheheh

Mommy's Tummy 5 Star Hotel

Baby is still not ready to come sign at all..
Baby's head still far far away from my pelviks.
no nothing..
at 39week,baby as healthy as 3.4kg..
and mommy as fat as 79.2kg(me gain 100g oni this week)

Doctor Kamsiah told us that its a high probability for me to over my due date.
EDD suppose to be next week..but from the "no sign" this week, its may be a Early June baby..
if still no sign if its 7days pass my EDD..induce la kan pastu..hopefully i can go for a normal delivery procedure..i need doa from all of u out there...wish me luck..wish a very best for both mommy and baby..

Its ok baby..i know u are so comfortable inside..5 star hotel la katakan dalam tuh..
u can stay as long as u want ..just be a super healthy and chumiliest baby for mommy ok..
malas nak pk dah bila baby nak kuar..lagi pk lagi buat gue tensen..end up mesti nak nangis..
Will try to enjoy my last day of pregnancy..pas ni sure i miss this super big tummy..miss the kicking and the boxing from this lil tiny tot inside..miss daddy usap2 mommy's tummy..heheh..

oh ye..i need some opinion from all of it ok for a pregnant lady to have a kitty?..recently i took one kitten from my MIL..his name is kerry..sempena he fall into a drain full with my MIL save the kitten and bring him home..and name it funny is that..

Tapi yesterday my parents datang .and they ask me to return back this kitten to my MIL..diorang takut baby "terkenan kucing" it make me so depressed pula..nak percaya pun susah..tak nak percaya pun tak boleh juga kan..orang2 tua ni byk sgt pantang what ur guys think?should i return back this kitten to my MIL..or should i keep it..

Thursday, May 21, 2009

My super 39week...

Whats more to say..i am still pregnant..and at least 7 more days until my due date
noting more to do at more outstanding jobs at office..waiting for the day while doin kan
best gila jadi full time housewife ni..

At 39 week,im still strong and fat..heheh..still can go shopping..and doing house chores like moping,gardening,cooking,cleaning,doin loundry, etc etc..not forgetting mommy kitten task kan..

Iam so glad that i dont have much complications during this pregnancy..hopefully it will still be good during my labour time..and the day onwards.

Last Tuesday i picked up my younger sis at KLIA, then we stop at Putra Height to pick up our darling Pisha for shopping...yeah..we went to The Summit later that day.

Having lunch at Sushi king...yummylicious la since by sister belanja kan..heheheh
My sis pun pelik, why im not like any others preggy mommy..why i can walk the same speed like her..and didnt even ask to stop every 15min to rest...i just told her, i have the super mom power already..hahah..we jalan2 from1pm until tak penat pun,just my feet je a bit swollen..

Tomorrow Friday (22/Mei) is my next check up at An nur..hopefully..this time will be my last check up..hopefully baby is already engage at the right positions..hopefully baby is ready to come out..and hopefully i will bersalin tonight..hahahah..ok folks..i will update more about my 39week check up tomorow aite..

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Not Yet..

ughhhhh..still not the time yet..this tiny lil tot still not yet ready to come out..Still no sign for the baby's head to get engaged still growing happily and mb comfortably in mommy's tummy..

mb 39w..and mb 40w..i already wait for 9 mos why not another two week..

In 38week, baby already weighted about 3.2Kg..(increased around 400g since last week) estimately by 39week, baby will weight around 3.5kg..and if baby want to wait more, at 40 week she will be a healthy 3.8kg baby..erkkkk...!!!...dont grow too big la baby..mommy want a natural birth for u..

Mommy pula as usual still keep on gaining her weight..shes now at...78Kg...uwaaaa....(dah naik 20kg dah ni)
sometime rasa depressed juga thinking of this number..can i get my pre-pregnancy weight again..??..but i just cant help myself eat..asyik lapar je keje..
after the check up, mommy feel a bit stress out.. nape baby still not ready to come daddy as usual be mommy's superhero la kan..hehehe..he took mommy to Ikea...window shopping je..saja from the doctor to cepatkan bersalin is banyakkan berjalan n banyakkan stimulate the nipple..
As usual,kalau pergi Ikea sure i wont miss this meatball..hilang stress add the fat, mommy order this Daim choc cake..yumm yumm..camner berat tak naik kalau makan cam gini kan..heheh

Oh ye,mommy n daddy this week happy sgt sebab got new fren at home..his name is Kerry..age about eyes ,short leg with a big tummy..hahahah..we took this cutiey from my MIL.saaja amik kejap,konon nya to temankan mommy at home while daddy working late at night..and maybe this kitten can alihkan sket mommy mind's from keep on thinking bila nak bersalin..bila nak bersalin..

And its work tau..this kitten entertained us so well..and he so manja too with daddy..melampau2 tido sampai ke tengkuk kan..heheheh..

I dont know if i manage too take care of Kerry after the baby come ..heheheh..skang ni ok lagi la to clean the kandang,to bath him and to fed him..pasni my responsible will be 100% focus to my luv mb mommy have to send back Kerry back to MIL house..but tak sampai hati pula..hurmmm...baru 2 hari jaga dia..dah rasa sayang kat dia..hurhurhu...we will see la later la kan..

Oh ye,congrates to Che' Rosie for her new jobbie..hope she will find her happiness there...gambate kudasai babe!!

Monday, May 11, 2009

38week..bila nak due..??

Tension..jumpa je org kat office mesti tanya.."tak beranak lagi ke?".."ada lagi rupa nya".."lama tak nampak..ingat kan dah meletup".."besarnya perut"... etc etc etc..

how to answer to those peep eh..
Q: Tak beranak lagi ke?
A: Belom..kalau dah beranak mesti saya tak datang office lagi dah.

Q: Ada lagi rupanya
A: ada ..ada... (mcm mati je bunyi nya kalau ckp dah takde)

Q: Lama tak nampak..ingat kan dah meletup?
A: Belum meletup lagi..sebab tu saya masih datang office

Q: Besarnya perut?
A: Ye..mmgla besar..saya dah 38week..

Boring gila nak jawab..easy question with such an easy answer..bak kata Nabil "Lu pikir la sendiri"..heheheh...malas gila nak datang office dis remaining class oni on Wednesday and Friday..then can submit all the portfolios to my HOS..then can rest kat rumah..waiting for The Day.. tak sabar nye..

Everyday i talk to my baby Zara..
Baby u want to come out? come out soon.. be healthy for mommy and daddy

Being a 38week preggy mommy is not dat easy as you may imagine..
Badan semakin berat..cepat penat..cepat lapar..kuat tidor..=MALAS

This Friday i have my next check up at An Nur..hope by that time baby will be engage to my servic and Doc Kamsiah will announce that i can deliver any time now..tak larat dah nak bawak perut ni rasanya..

i will update more about it on Friday..Last night En.Laling came back home from work around 12.30am..i really want to understand he have so maaaannnyyyyy works at office..i used to work there before..and i should know the environment working with Japanese bosses..
BUT..i dunno why i have to cry when he came back last night..
i dunno why i cant greet him with my happy face, while all day long day he had to face the stress at work..poor En.laling ..dah la penat..pastu kena pujuk mommy lagi..
Mommy so bad kan luv..bad mommy..bad mommy...

Friday, May 8, 2009

My Mikasa

Really proud of myself to own this double storey link house as early as 27years old..walaupun tak own completely yet (bank loan kan), but it is very comfortable to live in this house since our early marriage life..almost a year dah laling n me living happily in this house..
still not completely furnished, due to ongkos la kan..but its still our home sweet home..

So to those all my fren out there,feel free to drop by to my house in Bangi..
Laling n me really love choc almost 70% wall/furnitures in this house are choc..heheh..very2 neutral color that will suit almost furnitures...i adores house owner yang dare to deco their house with bright color as red n black.Its really nice and garang combination..and sometime it may looks like a prof designer house...

But laling and me is more comfortable with neutral..
As you enter our house, you will see this red+choc wall with a simple deco in front of our main door. Its not much, but its enough with frame Al-Quran, a flowers and a photo frames.
This table is one of dusk fav spot..2 hari tak lap,sure berhabuk..

My favaurite place in this house..hehehe..Living hall for watching TV..chocolate wall with choclate curtains and a choc add the color,so we add red blood pillow..and walaaaa..what a combination
Next to the living hall for watching TV, we have a place for visitors to borak2..still the same choc wall with a light choc sofa..and again to add the color, we add the Red+Yellow frame on the wall...
This is our dry kitchen..still maintain a choc dining table along with a white tiles wall..

and our wet kitchen pulak, we choose choclate cabinet with a combination of black tiles...i lioke it..this is my place to practice my cooking skills yang tak seberapa ni..

In the middle of the house you'll find a stairs to heaven...heheh..stairs to our second floor which has 3 bedroom ,2 toilets and also our third hall..i will update a second floor photos next in My Mikasa Part 2 post..malas nak naik atas amik gambar...and sure there will be a photos of master bedroom..and dont worry peep..our master bedroom is purple +choc combination..a nice,warm bedroom environment..heheheh

Enjoy the pictures ye..nak tgk live..jemput2 lah datang..and dont forget to bring your own me dah tak larat nak masak dah sekarang..hahahah
Love this plan to go anywhere yet..but we just came back from Nasi dagang breakfast je ni..nyum2..sodap...

Thursday, May 7, 2009

My high heel obsession

From blog hopping i found this blog
Mulut ternganga ..mata tak berkelip when i scroll down the blog.
How i miss all my high heel..seriuosly iam a big fan of high heel..Eventho iam quite tall (170cm) for a girl to wear a high heel. and alwiz get complaint from people "dah lah tinggi,pakai high heel lagi"..hehehe..i dont care long as iam comfy and sexy with that heel.

I love high heel sandal. As all cover up shoe high heel and of coz any flat shoe/sandal is a big NO-NO for me..series tak confortable..
But during this pregnancy,i have to sacrifice all my high heel obsession..i have to wear this ugly hugh puppies sandals since i was 3 month preggy...up until now i have oni one maternity flat sandal je..malas nak tambah lagi..coz after this i know i wont wear this flat type anymore..
This all for u luv..

Sukanya blog ni..series tak mahal..price range around RM150 including postage..if nak purchase kat Nine West or any branded stores mesti dah RM400++.... so i do aim 2-3 pairs high heel to buy soon after the confinement period.. i can wear it to teach later on..and be a sexy lecturer...seriously i do feel sexy when i wear high heel..tak tau kenapa..

This wedges consider one of my must buy list..i love choclat color..and have lotsa them at home..heheh..but still i cant resist this choclate wedges..

Pink and the silver sandals above mb tak beli ..cox i hav this pattern already at home..but i do love the colors..easy to mix and match..

Second and third shoe from my must buy list..choc and choc again..hahah...

My fourth,fifth, and sixth and seventh must buy list..waaaahhh seven dah ke??..macam mana nak pilih ni..

Above sandal is my No.1 favaorite..still choc la kan..suka nya suka nya..
Arghhhhh...i feel IN LOVE of all these sandals now...i wish i can buy all of them..rasa mcm nak order je sekarang..
8 pairs x rm150 =RM1200.. :(
Can mommy have some of the baby's saving daddy??..please!!!..
(sambil buat muka sedih sekali lagi -------->> imagine muka kucing in Shrek)
Tapikan boleh ke mommy wear this 6' high heel sambil carry baby nanti ??..
"Practice make perfect"..i still want to get those shoes a.s.a.p..heheh..

Mommy wishlist before The Day

Wahhh..skang wishlist bukan main eh che'siti..wakakaka.. Bak kata orang "Its nothing personal, its just a list"..if dapat..bagus la..if tak dapat..takpe..berangan je lah

Last time i remembered, i did put up a wishlist at the right corner of my blog..all items are for the baby..and alhamdulillah, all my wish come true bye bye baby wish list..
So apa lah salahnya.if daddy this time turn mommy wish list come true pula..hehehehe.

I wish i can own any of the MPV below in two years from daddy car will habis hutang dua tahun lagi..and mommy blackie Gen2 still have 4 more years to go..Bestnya naik MPV balik Kedah, balik N9 or even balik Sungai Buloh...i can load up the MPV with all baby equipments..

But, daddy once said to me,he want to buy CRV after his current car loan settle..but CRV is not MPV..the space is not as big as MPV..doakan mommy jadi milionare,then mommy can buy mommy own MPV..and daddy buy his own we can have 4 cars at our house..gila kaya kan..

1.Nissan elgrand

2. Toyota Estima
3. Toyota Alphard
Bestnya if dapat MPV ni before baby come out kan..(sambil buat muka sedih kat daddy)...heheheh...

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Week 37

At 37 week baby weight is about 2.9kg..very good and very normal..
my next appoinment will be in another 10days from 15/Mei i will be in my 38 week..Doc told me that most Malaysian people will be delivered their baby at 38week..
But i still hoping that baby can wait for at least 2 more weeks to come.i still have some job outstanding ni..
Last Friday (Labor day) laling and me went to Mid Valley (En.Laling fav shopping mall). Eventho its not easy for me to have a long walk with this excess weight in my tummy currently..but this exercise will help me during labour..will ease the pain a bit..will reduce the fat in my body a lil i need to continue my shopping until The Day come...hehehe

What do we shopped last week??..
En.Laling bought himself a simple but nice Camel wallet.

And me bought 4 parenting books dat day..
3books for me ( Nursing Mother's Companion, Your Baby first Year and also The 12 Months of Life)...and 1 book for daddy (The New Father).
Hopefully daddy will read not only the cartoon in the book ye..

Mommy also bought some baby stuff from Mom's Care also..heheh..still cannot tahan the temptation of the baby stuff la wei..

And lastly..daddy bought his new bike shirt...nice kan the mix of black and orange color..

Lepas shopping kita balik Zzzzzzzz....hehehe..

Saturday pula, we attended Zamzuri's wedding at Ampang..a nice color of hijau pucuk pisang from the bride and the brideroom..
Old pengantin yang tak lepas kan peluang to pose..

Tak ramai pun Sony member came dat day..mb due to long holidays, most of us balik kampung kan..we met oni Yan, Adi and Eyezeb je..

After the wedding, En.Laling and me straight back to Laling's hometown at Kundang Sungai Buloh.Sunday pula my parents in law ni buat kenduri kesyukuran..

So last weekend mode is penat..hueheu..