Sunday, October 4, 2009

Membazir kah saya?

Last Friday nite i cooked soto for my frens Lucy n Aswad..n they made last minute cancelation due to some family matter..saya tidak marah..just a bit cuak coz i already cooked for 5people..n how hubby n i goin to finish it by oursef..en.laling said dont worry if dinner tak habis we continue it for breakfast..

And maybe this soto is not meant for Lucy n Aswad sbb at 8pm my brother in law came ..n i served him this..and at 10pm pula Jaja n Shida came n of coz i served them this too..hahaha..saya sgt gembira sbb masakan saya sudah,saya sgt jaaarang masak..

Sebabnya saturday hols for hasil perahan mommy's cow dat day need to be frozen..i checked my ebm log book..baru ingat July ebm stock dah nak expired..3month period je i disposed all those frozen ebm dated from 1/july ~ 30/july..

Nak tahu berapa quantitynya?...huhuh..its a alot..about 65pack of 4oz= 260 oz..sayang gila n gila wasted kan..
But nak simpan those expired pun buat apa..i need space for my new i just think that i trow 260 oz x20 calory..thats the calory i burned for that kind of milk..
seriously i have fren who want to buy my frozen ebm ni for her 5month old son..i pon tak kisah to give it away for free..but when i refered to my mom ckp tak payah..she said takut in the future ada prob..mana tau i lost contact with this fren..n suddenly mia n that boy fall in love..maka jadilah drama nur kasih part2...haha..boleh tak dah ada script kat kepala saya ni
mommy :no mia..mommy tak izinkan ko kawen with dat boy
mia: "apa kurangnya dia mommy..dia hensem..byk duit (dasar atak mak ni..)..n berbudi bhs..
mommy : mommy tak kan izinkan sama sekali..ko langkah mayat mommy daddy pun still the answer is no.
mia: "sampai hati mommy buat mia mcm ni..
to be continue...sambil nyanyi lagu nur ya nur..nur kasih...
oh ye..ramai yang tanya..why i make frozen ebm if i didnt use it...
1.sbb i still manage to supply fresh ebm to mia everyday
2.sbb even i know my fresh alreadh enuff for tomoro use..iwont skip any pumping schedule..coz i noe its the only way to stimulte the boobs to produce more milk
3.for emergency kena g kursus..or me fall sick..etc etc
so walaupun berlaku pembaziran ini..i will continue doin what did before..this is just my darlink Mia