Monday, May 27, 2013

Kakak kita retiss..Turn 4yo tomorrow

Owhhh kakak tomorrow u will turn 4 years old..
Ur big girl now.
U can go toilet to pee on ur own.. wash ur pee pee and wash ur hand right after that.
Sometime i let u shower by yourself (Iam in the kitchen next to the i alwiz watching u actually)
I can see u can do it perfectly on ur own.
U wash ur hair with shampoo.
U wash u body with showerfoam.
Then u rinsed all the foam from ur hair and ur body.
U wipe urself with towel and u brush ur teeth right after that.
U will pick ur fav dress to wear and wear it your self.
U will put lotion and then powder before u wear u cloth
U comb ur repunzel hair and walaaaa... ur ready to go.
Dont you know,mommy so proud of u already.
Ur big girl now.. but still my baby girl deep down my heart.
I love you so much..
So big and so strong..