Monday, July 9, 2012

Luck or just plain genius

Alhamdullilah i manage to get all A's for last semester subjects..smooth sailing i guess..

Then come this one guy to me yesterday..
'ko memang lucky..bagilah luck ko tu sket kat aku'

So i guess they always think that whateva iam achieving right now is just my CGPA currently is 3.6.Not to brag or what..but it is not just luck.

Ok..i admit i dont look that smart.I really dont have much time to study neither at office or at home.Seriously i never study at home.I will be too tired once the kids are all asleep.

So what it is?
Maybe im just plain genius..hahahah
My advice to anyone who struggling in study right now is be smart.
Pay attention in the class coz you dont have much time to do the revision after the class.
You have big comitment at work..and when ur at home,ur kids and ur hubster will just killing all the time left.

Pay attention in the class.Take a note to everything that ur lecturer brief on.Tulissss..if not 5 min later u will surely forget about it.

Apart from that,mintaklah mak,abah and hubby doakan kejayaan kita.Insyaalah this Luck will follow us everytime on whateva we do.

Just my two cent.

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