Friday, August 14, 2009

The last man standing akhirnya tumpas juga..

uhuhkuhukk.. darlin mia kena flu jugak.
all 4 babies in that room is with flu now..
poor my darlin Mia..luckily shes such a clever gal..
with her blocking nose..shes open her mouth to breath..hhehehe..

On ye happy belated second month befday cik mia sayang..dah besar dah anak mommy kan..order kapkek to celebrate her b efday with daddy..mcm mana nak kurus ni..

We went to paed today to get her 2nd month jap..
guess dotter now is 6kg already..
makin menembam bam bam dia skang
newborn 3.3kg
1st month 4.7kg
2nd month 6kg..
She doesnt look dat fat or bulat at all with that weight.
mb sebab dia tinggi..berat tulang..

Its Friday nite already..tunggu citer Nur kan dat story..
benci gila dgn adik Nur yang busy body tu..suka kat adam..tapi cam lagi suka kat abang aidil boleh tak..