Sunday, March 29, 2009 Daddy drop

This weekend ..till daddy drop..heheheh

On Saturday..due to Sony working day (thanks more saturday working day for me anymore) me ajak my Angah went to Ampang Point for Mom's Care Sale..more baby cloths and toys for baby and its all paid by Angah..thanks you my dearie sister..

Me choose more rompers and tight for baby dat day..i think i had enuff cloth for baby more cloth afer this..hehehe...(since last week i did mentioned no more baby cloth kan)..but its so tempting when u see all the cute cloth..cant resist..cant resist..if only i know that my baby is baby Gal..sure dah lama i choose all the pinky pinky cute cloth dah..

On yer.Saturday its Earth day...On my way back to Bangi from Ampang, i did noticed only 40% of Malasian participated to off the light..lampu jalan oso bright like usual the earth people!!!

On Sunday pula, Laling n me went to Mid Valley.hhehehe..asyik berjalan je keje gue ni..more baby stuff but no more baju la kan..nak pergi tengok pun En.Laling dah tak bagi..apatah lagi nak beli..kejam tau..

Jusco got sales i bought this Little Bean Steriliser and Warmer. Normal Price RM199,After 20% discount i got RM159..murah ok..nak beli Avent mcm tak just grabbed the cheapest and multi function one la..

What else i bought here..hurmm..ok Baby bathing stuff, except for the baby shower pail (Already out of stock).. all the lotion,powder,shower gel, baby wipe etc..etc..nampak sikit je barang but add together dah almost RM300..thanks you daddy for being so baik..daddy paid without complaint to mommy tau..mb sbb no baby cloth inside the trolley kut..heheh

5pm we cabut from Mid Valley and straight went to Sungai Buloh for Umaira's 3years befday party.. Food menu was so yummy yumm yumm..And i ate like there is no food for tommorrow..heheh..

We reached home at 11.30pm last nite..did the laundry and Zzzzzzzzz...I love my weekend..i love En.Laling..and i love my baby..

At 32week, can see the baby squirming already now...and its look so weird tho..seeing something moving moving from your tummy..hehehe

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My "no stress" day...

i start the day with one big cup of Enfamama with 3pcs kurma..and iam ready to go to work

at office..i continued my light breakfast with one glass of oat drink and 4 pcs of oat biscuit..and i am ready to teach..heheheh

i am heading back to my afternoon class..yuhhuuuu..
perut nyanyi nyanyi sudah ni..
reached home, i took one big glass of soy drink..and start to cook..rajin kan kan
so today recipe are sambal ikan and sayur malas kan..ahaha

nasi sudah masak..perut sudah kita makan dulu..hehehe

surfed the nett and watched desperate housewife season5..

nap time...zzzzzzzzzz

mamai2 tapi rasa nak i ate one big cup of ice cream..yumm..yummm..
continue surfed the nett balik..
buat house chores sket..

watched "the biggest loser" sambil dinner sekali..same lauk with lunch..malas gila nak tambah lauk..hahahaha

drank red dates drink..good for pregnant mommy
and continued resting and watching tv

supplement time..obimin x 1, calcium x 1, neurogain x1..
waiting for laling to come back home..

prepared dinner for laling ..(still the same lauk)
watched tv together2 with laling...


Friday, March 20, 2009

Al Fatihah to Baby Amir Yusuff

I cant stop myself from reading this blog of Amir Yusof and cried like a baby myself.
I cant imagine how strong his parents to go tru with this kind of situations. I know i cant..
im not strong enough to face this kind of dugaan...

8bulan lamanya ,ibu bapa arwah Amir Yusof tidak putus asa langsung berulang alik ke hospital. Hoping a miracle for their newborn baby..and Allah maha mengetahui...the cutest lilte creature will only wait for his parents in more pain for him after this.. Allah will take care of him after this..

Sedih from ayah Amir Yusof amatlah menginsafkan..penantian mereka selama 8 bulan untuk Amir Yusof kembali sihat..just to see Amir Yusof play with all the toys they push Amir Yusof in the new see Amir Yusof wearing all the new cloth...But once again, Allah maha mengetahui..

I bought so many stuff already for my baby...and everyday i will be in my baby's room and play with all the baby stuff..belek2 all the new cloth i that bought..imagine that in the next two month my baby will wear it..sleep in the new baby cot..(that daddy not yet finish assemble it)..

arghhhh..mommy so weak luv..plz stay strong and healthy for mommy n daddy..

"Ya Allah, Ya tuhanku, kurniakan la aku anak yang cukup sifatnya,cukup akal fikiran nya, cukup anggota badan nya..cukup sihat, cukup sempurna ..agar dapat ku didik dan ku bimbing menjadi khalifah mu yang berguna kepada agama bangsa dan negara..aminnnnn"

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My brand new Toshiba labtop

For all this while, mommy n daddy shared one Dell labtop at home..when daddy surfing, mommy watched the TV..when mommy surfing pula,daddy turn to watch the TV...then when mommy joined GMI as lecturer..mommy bring this Dell labtop to work everyday ..kalau tak sure boring gila ...mommy install solid work pun at this Dell labtop..mommy need to practice before teach the student on how this solid work function..

Poor Dell labtop.Becoming so fat with so many mommy teaching stuff with the Downloaded TV season 5 Desperate housewives, Season 1&2 Gossip Girls, Season 6 The L world and Season 4 Prison Break..hahahah..But this labtop is still strong like a fox..oni slow a bit la kan..biasala tuh.

But yesterday..jeng jeng jeng..GMI HR called mommy.. " Hello Che'Siti, boleh datang amik labtob awak harini ye"..heheheh
so mommy dgn gelojohnya..asked the student to have 15min break..and drived myself to HR office..
Taraaaaa..mommy's brand new Toshiba need to fight with daddy anymore..and Dell labtob leh free kan space dia...sian dia..
Now baru feel like lecturer..or AM/M at kerusi manager at office..hahahah

cantik tak...Dark grey with finger print to unlock (mommy sgt jakun org nya)..but....the happy2 moment suddenly change to sedih2 moment pula..
mommy cannot install the sollid work in Toshiba, coz the CD its pirated..the Toshiba required a license to install the solid work...wat the @#$!#$$$..sedih gila..mcm mana mommy nak buat keja ni..

My Dell n Toshiba sitting side by side..dont they look alike?Dell got adik already..a dark version like daddy..hahahah..

Today's mode: very the lazy bump to go to work..but got class on 2pm..another 1hour to bermalas malasan di rumah...

Monday, March 16, 2009

Sunday Shopping

Shopping for first baby is sumtin that i look forward to ..hehehe..i went to almost all babyfair n baby warehouse since last January..iam not really sure how much i spend for baby stuff already..but it surely a lot..konon nak yang the best la kan..first baby memang lucky..all new stuff for her/him..

Last Sunday, as i mentioned in my previous post i went to 2 baby fair..

On 4.30pm we reached The Curve Damansara..Ada Ikea sales pun we buat punya pasal kan..

dah lama target this fisher price Newborn Baby Rocker...
Retail Price RM349..after 10% discount i paid RM317..
actually got two type of is " from infant to toddler Rocker" price after less is RM249,another one is From Newborn to toddler Rocker" price after less is RM317..
The cheaper type tuh,the seat incline/decline is not suitable for i choose yang mahal la kan..ada free gift lagi

Best tau this rocker..
- first can be use from newborn to toddler (18kg)
- Calming vibrations and gentle rocking motion help comfort and soothe baby.
- Versatile seat angles add comfort for different age babies, from infants to toddlers!
- activated music and rattles offers auditory stimulation
- Bright colors and patterns stimulate your infant's visual sense.

Last but not least, the pad is washable and easy to fold for travel..
See,mommy did her homework b4 bought this expensive stuff..hopefully baby will use this gadget until she/he turn 3 years old..baru leh gain the ROI..hehehe

On 6pm we left The curve and heading to my next baby fair. We reached Cheras Leisure Mall on 7pm..traffic jam biasala..

Spend another RM200 for baby clothing, baby legging,baby head support, blanket and bought cloths yang blue/green/choc color oni that day..tak berani nak pick the pinky one lagi..geram nya nak beli cute dress for baby..or pink clothing..sabar je la

Reached home almost 9pm that day..a very tiring day for me n laling...but memang puas hati and happy..especially the fisher price gadget tuh..

Tenkiu my sweet laling sbb sudi temankan me n baby go shopping to two separate locations that day..muakkkkssss...

Sunday, March 15, 2009

My weekend activities feets hurt so badly..luckily tomoro evening class oni...
Last weekend was pack with so much heavy name a few..
Friday nite..Befday celebration for my abah..of coz got a small BBQ party for him...

"Selamat Harijadi ke 61 abah..semoga sihat2 selalu,dipanjangkan umur and dimurahkan rezeki."

Saturday afternoon pula, we had some kenduri doa selamat or tolak bala for me..its tradisional and peope used to call it as " Berlenggang perut"..especially for 7 month preggy mommy..tired gilak..standardla kenduri mom and the rest of the family woke up at 4am that day to prepare all the foods..Me of coz la woke up at 7am baby need 8hrs beauty sleep la..hahahah..lazy bump betul
Kenduri menu:
1. Kari kambing
2. Rendang Hati lembu
3. Masal Lomak cili padi ayam kampung
4. Gulai Lemak labu.
5. Dalca
So many super duper fattening yummy food for everyone..and of coz for me

To my suprise, everyone (including the bidan kampung) told me that it is a baby boy..waaaaa...betulke...they said,from the shape of my tummy they can tell that it is a boy..hahaha..luckily mommy baru beli one pink dress for baby..

kang tak pasal2 jadi case like my sister in law and my cousin Along ani which until last minute scan,doc told them that it still a gal..but keluar2 turn up baby boy..tapi acctually i dont mind pun boy or gal..if it a boy, than good la.bcoz, leh jadi leader for the family...but if it a juga...coz mommy can buy those cute liltle dress for her..hehehe..

On Sunday, me and laling heading back to Bangi after lunch..but not straight back la..menyinggah to not one but two baby fair..
One at The curve :Metrojaya Baby Fair
Another one at Cheras Leisure Mall : Kiddyplace baby fair..
I will tell u about my shopping activities tomoro in another post k..for now, mommy very2 tired..and need her sleep..
till then folks...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Its 7th month baby..

Last Wednesday..i went for 7month monthly pregnancy medical check up at An nur..i am a week late from the actual appointment..busy..busy...but most of all,waiting for salary time la kan..weird but true, this clinik pakar an nur did not accept credit card..huehu..wat to do,we pay cash rm180 every month for that..

at 29 grow very2 healthy..and she still a baby lovely baby zara..

we can even see her eyes blinking..the cute liltle nose..and my fav part is. she has my laling chin..hahah..small cute..cant wait to see the actual part pula..

mommy once again received the second kancing gigi shot this time..lenguh gila my arm for the whole days..and continue the next day for a small fever.. 29 as usual double her weight and length compare to last month..

her weight is 1.3kg and length 264mm..
a very good growing and gaining from her..mommy oso gaining another 2 kg..hahahah...but bettter than 3kg compared to last month kan.

tak kisah long as my baby healthty..

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Gambate post to my good fren Beel..

Dear Beel,
I know, its been so tough for you lately.
I know, its a tough decision for u to give up BM for FM.Eventho for only one tin..
And i know too ,u already tried your very best..
But once again, mommy will do anything and everything to make sure her baby well feed..
To make sure her baby healthy..and happy..
Baby Aliyah will understand..dont worry ..dont be sad..i know she will
But..the most important thing...

Keep on pumping..

Your determination inspired me a lot..

Lets pray..lets pray hard..for today output will provide Baby Aliyah enough milk.

Insyaallah.. i know you will..I will support you from here..

Just relax and keep on pumping babe..

Breast milk is the best milk for our baby..

Gambate kudasai Beel-san..

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Happy First Anniversary to us

wahhh...mcm tak caya je..its already one year iam being married to my laling..time flies so fast kan..feel like yesterday im surfing all the wedding preparation stuff..feel like yesterday i heard the word "sah" from all the saksi..

my love towards him still fresh..still the same feeling like the first day i felt in love with him..hurrmmm... Dear sayang..

Happy First Anniversary..
i cherish the moment we are together..
i will miss u whenava ur in the office..
i will miss u whenava me and baby alone in the house waiting for u to come back home..
i will miss u whenave u had to do ot until late night.
i will miss u whenava u go kayuh with ur frens ..
i will miss u whenava im not with u..
People alwiz said, that to deliver a baby is a live-dead moment.. not make it .. not survive..
IF..umur tak panjang..

Promise me..
That will take care of our daughters/son with all the love in the world
That you will remember and love me forever
That you will tell our daugters/son how much i love him
That you will take care of yourself like i care for you now.

I promise you sayang,
i will try to be strong..i will try anything and everything for us and our baby,to stay together forever ok..

I love you so much sayang...muaaahhhsss...

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Mommy & Daddy love u to bit..

Dear baby..
Yesterday mommy gave two syringes of blood to the at 8am..another syringe on 10am..just a regular blood check up during pregnancy i guess..
such a very tiring day for mommy ..mb bcoz of the blood taken or mb from the class schedule that day..huuuhhhh..mommy so weak kan..

But mommy didnt complaint much..its all because of u and daddy..mommy want to make sure u grow healthily inside of mommy tummy..and mommy also want to make sure mommy give daddy the cutest daughter/son soon in Mei.

In 29 week, mommy already looks like a whale..huh..and mommy cant stop complaining to daddy about the weight that mommy gaining each day.. But for you baby darlin, mommy didnt stop the food taken daily..mommy dont even try to diet..mommy didnt stop the enfamama taken,eventho peeples keep saying, that kind of milk is the key to a weight calcium baby need that calcium to grow strong..hurmm...

Mommy carry this excess weight everywhere now..Only god know how tiring it was ..but it didnt stop mommy to keep carring didnt stop mommy at all..
Hopefully when mommy and daddy grow old ,u will carry and take care of us like we did for u..
Please remember my love..mommy and daddy already love you so much..the kicking and the boxing from you each day make our life more happier..urgghh..just cant wait to see u..
Grow as big as u want..and come out wheneva ur ready to see this evil world..mommy and daddy will always be there for u show u everything that u need to be a good teach u anything for u to grow as a better human than we are.
Daddy work very2 hard this week..left mommy alone with u in this house..mommy try not to complaint so much as mommy know we need to have more money..more money..just to make sure ur grow healthily inside mommy..and when you come out soon, there will be enough stuff for you to develop your brain and your body.

Poor daddy..mommy know how much his brain and body exhausted this week..and this is all because u lov..

At 29 week, mommy cant believed that mommy already develop this kind of love for u..

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Serikandi 5T Gathering

Gathering after 11 years we left STF..not so much changes from anyone..accept some of us are married and with the kids..and some still singgle

Venue: My lovely house
Time : 1.30-5pm
Theme: Pot Luck

First arrival from Mazia bibir love..11am with all the ingredients for Laksa Penang ..a good cook...and together with high technology of my kitchen cabinet+hob+hub make the laksa so yummy..hahahaha

Then 1.30pm, Inas came with hubby and adorable baby aishah..
Food: sate kajang samuri..

Asz with baby Ayn came with blue berry cake...i still cant believed this 360 degree asz dah ada 6month old baby gal..and she still like the old asz in STF..still a bit clumsy n blurr..hahaha

Then we have one of my pengapit..anirah with Mr.anak happy seeing her with this sweet happy when i know shes with somebody anirah said..still too early to say..but shes got my blessed..hahaha..
Anirah brought us another cake from secret recipe..Cheese oreo..nyum nyum..i like ...

Hasni che'siput..the polisi..came with hubby and the sleeping liltle prince..heheh..last minute baru this boy bangun and acted a bit cranky..mb bcoz of the unfamilar place and unfamiliar people kut..hasni still gebu as she is..her cheeks very2 the soft tau masa we all kissy kissy..hahahah
hasni made us sandwiches and fruit..

The sexy Doctor joining us next..Arline came with mee goreng, karipap n keropok..bila nak kawen ntah la..hopefully ur turn after elina ok...

The smiley anirah..raba my tummy ni..geli ok..heheh..for sure dlm hati dia ckp ,"the biggest 7 month tummy i've even seen"...huehueh..

Am obet suprisingly came with hubby..3yrs aliya..and shes 7 month preggy..another mate for my darling baby..
Am, bawak apa ye??..oh ye..Ice cream..3 bijik ice cream..still left 2 pcs in my freezer ..anyone nak share the ice cream can come to my house.. sementara stock masih ada..
baby aliyah very2 the ganas..different gila attitude dgn am..

See my tummy above..hahaha..laugh it as u can ..huehuehu...kenapa ?..tak percaya ke?..i told u guys how big i am now kan..believed it k

i really enjoyed my day..gelak tak hingat dunia..updating each of us about ourself..seem like we still at sweet 17 kan...miss the good old days in tun fatimah.. hope there will me another reunion with more 5T member in the future.
Thank you guys for coming..sayang korang..muaaahhhh...

Monday, March 2, 2009

Kaise san n Ishii san farewell dinner

Felt like im still part of Sony Mecha member during this farewell dinner. Eventho its almost 3 month i bid farewell to Sony, but all the familiar faces joining that dinner make me feel same old..same old...
To my suprised kakak Adrienne also 4 month pregnant ..she will be due in August..thats mean my darling baby will be same age with her baby..only different by month..

Mecha as usual shrinking than,elaine,tham,adi,yan make the dinner merrier by joining it as resigned team..hahah..

The whole bunch of mecha and x-mecha taking photos together..i really missed this kind of activity..cant never find it at GMI i guess...hope laling wont resign sony i can still join this mecha activities in the future.

See my laling's face color below..from choclate now turn to dark choclate...thanks to his bike riding schedule la kan..every saturaday from early morning to late banana boat is not helping pun..

my laling with his futsal team mate yan..big news from him..he will tied the knot by this very the fast ye all the gals out there, this ensem yan is no more available for u..cry on

Laling with Ishii more car to supplier after this..

Laling with papa akram.

Laling with his favaorite boss..the good boss among all the japanese i worked with..

Eventho i came at last minute..but still i enjoy my activities later, i will come with my darling baby ok..