Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Being me

First impression people on me is alwiz sombong+muka garang..
ye iam a serious preson if you dont know me..
but somehow believe it or not...to STF'ian i can be a clown to them..
i love to make a jokes..and i love to be with someone yang sangat2 funny..

But to strangers or kawan baru kenal..those clown in me alwiz nowhere can be found..
heheh..apsal tah..
orang asyik cakap "memula aku jumpa ko..aku ingat ko sombong gila.."
hurmm..mb bcoz from the shape of my lips..
If you look em closely..its shape like "C" terbalik..heheh..

To my student i alwiz a very serious lecturer..and sometime a mean teacher to them..
yeahh..i know..those kind of teacher is alwiz boring in class kan..hehe..
tapi nak buat camne..i teach solidwork,robotic, mechatronic thingy...bukan nya general subject yang boleh nak jokes around..

In my good day,i try to make a few jokes in class..but the student macam takut2 nak gelak pula..hahah..lawak ok..they like senyum sikit je padahal for me jokes tu dah boleh gelak guling2 style dah..hahahah

mcm mana eh..nak jadi lecturer yang baik hati..student's fav..