Thursday, October 22, 2009


iam in my solidwork class rite now..while my students doin their exercises..i am doin my daily routine bloghop from one blog to another..

Its heavily raining outside..with some kilat n petir..hurmmm...
i hope iam at home with darlink rite now..does she asleep now?
does she scared of those kilat and petir?
i do hope the nursery peep will put her blankie on..coz she just wearing a romper and with this kind of wether it surely freezing ..

Arghhh..i cant stop thinking bout my darlink..
i fely so guilty leaving her at her nursery everyday..
mommy need to work darlink..i just cant quit my job just to be with u..
theres a lotsa thing need to be consider..

beruntungnya mommies yang boleh jadi full time housewive kan..
tulah sape soh tak kawen ngan anak raja dulu..
tapi kalau kawin anak raja..maka takde la Mia ..ekekek