Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Week 37

At 37 week baby weight is about 2.9kg..very good and very normal..
my next appoinment will be in another 10days from yesterday..by 15/Mei i will be in my 38 week..Doc told me that most Malaysian people will be delivered their baby at 38week..
But i still hoping that baby can wait for at least 2 more weeks to come.i still have some job outstanding ni..
Last Friday (Labor day) laling and me went to Mid Valley (En.Laling fav shopping mall). Eventho its not easy for me to have a long walk with this excess weight in my tummy currently..but this exercise will help me during labour..will ease the pain a bit..will reduce the fat in my body a lil bit..heheheh..so i need to continue my shopping until The Day come...hehehe

What do we shopped last week??..
En.Laling bought himself a simple but nice Camel wallet.

And me bought 4 parenting books dat day..
3books for me ( Nursing Mother's Companion, Your Baby first Year and also The 12 Months of Life)...and 1 book for daddy (The New Father).
Hopefully daddy will read not only the cartoon in the book ye..

Mommy also bought some baby stuff from Mom's Care also..heheh..still cannot tahan the temptation of the baby stuff la wei..

And lastly..daddy bought his new bike shirt...nice kan the mix of black and orange color..

Lepas shopping kita balik Zzzzzzzz....hehehe..

Saturday pula, we attended Zamzuri's wedding at Ampang..a nice color of hijau pucuk pisang from the bride and the brideroom..
Old pengantin yang tak lepas kan peluang to pose..

Tak ramai pun Sony member came dat day..mb due to long holidays, most of us balik kampung kan..we met oni Yan, Adi and Eyezeb je..

After the wedding, En.Laling and me straight back to Laling's hometown at Kundang Sungai Buloh.Sunday pula my parents in law ni buat kenduri kesyukuran..

So last weekend mode is penat..hueheu..