Saturday, December 29, 2012


Done my viva presentation..and i could say it all went well..but i have a few list of works before i declare myself as merdeka!

1. Master thesis
2. Student mark key in

Hopefully b4 UD first birthday i will be able to finish it up..hopefully..
Iam planning to have UD first birthday party next month..his birthday is on 24th Jan..But the party date ia still tbc..

Planning to plan the party myself..plan to do all the artwork..all the sticker..all the banner..all the partypack myself..since iam free from the study and exam already..i think i will have some free time at the office to cut and to stick something..hopefully

I see yellow and blue combination will be nice for a about the theme?
I want the theme connected to my boy..i want sumtin that resembled who is he to me..

As i can recalled..i did felt sad and worried when i know that im pregnant for the second time.i did called him an "accident baby' hard for me to carry him to the exam suffered my back to be in my master classes..

And now i know..he is the reason why i can do well throughout my study..he is the reason how this master in mechatronic engineering is in my hand right now..he is the strength..he is my good luck charm ever..he is my professor baby

Yeayy..u heard me..proffesor..maybe that will be the best theme for his first birthday party..hurmmm..we will see how..hopefully the "mechanical designer" in me will work in "party planner" this time..

Mia look so "kakak" in this picture both of u so much

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