Thursday, August 27, 2009

Mariott,Mia and Sony

Last Wedenesday went to buka puasa at Mariott...And iam so frustrated about the food there.. Lauk2 for rice was less..i can say they already reduced the foods compare to last year..the prawn is not fresh..the salads pun mcm tak menyelerakan nafsu makan.. Sushi pun mcm takde ummpphh je..tacos was good la.. and tak sempat nak try their spagetti/pasta.. the most frastrated is the dessert..sedih tau..takde moist choc cake pun..huhuhu.. yang ado cheese cake yang lembik2 tu je..ekekek..sungguh tak minat saya nak try..

Baby Mia is like an angel that day..behave and such a good girl..pandang kiri..pandang kanan..pandang atas..mb bcoz of the light kut..banyak lampu2 yang attracted her attention la..not even once shes cried..and to our suprised shes even can sleep by herself on her pram...hehehe..sian anak mommy kan..jakun tgk lampu byk sgt..sampai penat pastu tido sendiri..hehehe...

Yesterday i went to Sony for student industrial training visit...(saya balik ke tempat asal)..ekeke..9 GMI student having their practical there..sungguh seronok..meeting my old friends..and sony is same old same old..i still know all the ceruk2 in no need tour guide ok...hehehe..chit chatting with by geng bus sekolah..

but on 3.30pm i received sms from Mia's nurserry telling me that her milk already finished..ya allah banyak nya minum anak dara saya itu sekarag..i sent her on 12pm..with 3 bottles of 3.30pm already finished?..she drink like once in every hours ke?..nasib baik susu mommy banyak i rushed back home to pick her after dat..nak g bank pun tak sempat..nak singgah pasar ramadhan pun tak sempat..anak punya pasal..saya turutkan jua...


  1. mia haus kot...kadang2 mmg camtu tetiba minum x cukup2..hehe..

    haf a great wiken, selamat bergomol!

  2. tomeeinye dia dgn headband pink tu.. =)

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