Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Bayou Resort Melaka (Backdated post)

Somewhere in November kut..we went to Bayou Resort Melaka.
Purpose nya sebab daddy ada Burung Hantu bicycle ride kat Melaka.
So alang2 mari ikut semua sekali.

Before check in kita makan dulu.
Tips untuk save duit..wakakaka

Lobby area..

The waterpark.

Diva kecik

Diva besar and Diva kecik.
Overall tempat still baru.So stillcantik and clean
Still ada lagi construction kat luar.
Service ok-ok je.
Bilik baru yang ok-ok  kut.
The waterpark is like ours that time..takde orang pun masa tu..hahahah

Trip to JB for Viva (Backdated post)

Somewhere in December last year..My family and i went to JB for my VIVA presentation.
Daddy tak boleh cuti,coz my viva is on terpaksa import my parents + 2 nephews to go with me.
We stayed at Hotel M Suites JB.
The big is so spacious..but only old fashion way decorations.
Alhamdulillah no hantu or whatsnot during my fortnight there. 

 Umar Dani
I brought this flower link he played while waiting for mommy
We reach JB on Tuesday evening..
My Viva was on Wednesday 9am.
So i had to rush to UTM early in the morning.
The kids and their cuzzie having fun playing at the pool.Ofcoz with atok and uwan along.
 Isnt she so pretty ..owhh..mommy love u so much baby girl

I was the first person to presents.Alhamdulillah it went all i can said. Ard 9.30 iam done with the Viva and rush back to hotel.Apalagii terus tuka apparel and join the kids terjun tiruk

Terserlah sangat wajah mommy yang kelegaan lepas Viva kan.

 Why she so photogenic eh..any angles pun tatap jadi pojaan hati mommy.

Check out hotel ard 12.30pm and straight to Dangga Bay for lunch.
But to my suprise dah takde food court kat sana lagi ye..
sobs sobs..dah lah panas
 Alang2..we just jalan2 there

My Mak andAbah yang banyak sangat berjasa during my 2 years of study ni.I dont know how cay i repay them back. doa only for their health and happiness.

Kidz Paradise Playdate Mia and Cha Cha (Backdated post)

Playdate with Mia's fav girl Cha2 again..
So this time me and Mommy Lina decided to bring our girls to the new place in Mines shopping malls Kidz Paradise.
New just 2 months operation.
We went here before the rm10 promotions on theGroupon or etc.
Plus its the place is like ours.
The girls spend their time obviously MORE on the sand area.
Best wooo lepaking atas"sand" ni..sejuk je vontot..
The sand is not a sand..its a chinese herbs actually. Shape just like paddy.
So takleh nak build castle whatsoeva..
Main masak2 boleh
The most fav sand's area

 The Mommy having fun too

Jump Jump Jump!

Wehooooo..who doesnt love slide and balls.
It is blue and pink  pula tu..
So cantik

Take a break..Water and Hotdogs

My version of "Bob the builder"
Overall this place ok.
Would love to repeat again.
But i heard this place dah start pack/crowded  now.
Thanks to the RM10 promotions kan.