Wednesday, June 8, 2011

My journey end here

Yesterday 7th June 2011 ..After 2 years and 1 week of breastfeeding..The journey end here.
Sobbsss..nangiss plz..sedih gila..but i have to be firm on this.Kena nekad..i plan for 2 years..and alhamdulillah berjaya..Serious emo..nak tulis post ni pun berdebar2..pastu air mata kat hujung mata je.

Yesterday morning..saya sapukan serbuk teh at my boobs..
and i told Mia.."ulat bite susu..sakit sangat"
Then i showed her "the ulat"
Mia geli gila ok..

I send her to school yesterday at 12pm..she keep repeating.."sian shushu..sian mommy..ulat bite"
She even told her teachers about that too..

Half day berjaya ..
I know the biggest part is during night time.Problem for her and also for me.
As for her..she never went to bed without shushu..and as for mommy the only method that i can put her to sleep is the boobie.
11pm..i bring her upstair..together with me is one bottle of Pediasure milky..
Tapi dia tak layan langsung the milk.
Kejap2 peluk mommy..kejap2 peluk mommy..

EL pun tak membantu sangat..sket2 cakap "sian mia yang"
Biasalah hati ayah ni lembut bila tengok anak dia menggelupur.
A for me..lagi2 lah hancur luluh hati..tapi misi kena nekad.
No turning back..

1am kut baru Mia tertidur bawak ketiak saya.Itupun setelah berpusing2 tak tahu nak buat apa.
Kesian dia..
At 4 am she woke up for milk ..and i told her the same thing.."susu got ulat"
she cried and it makes me so sad..nangis sampai batuk2..
Saya tepuk2 dia..and start tell her story about the new parks that we discovered yesterday.
saya bercerita about the slides color apa..about the see saw yang shape like ulat..and also how high Mia can swing yesterday...bla bla..and she straight to bed again..

At 5am the same thing happen again..she wake up again for milk..again cried when i told her about the ulat.
I change the story..takmo dia ingat sangat kat susu susu ni..i told her coakroaches yang i sprayed kat downstairs malam tadi..eehehe..and she tidur semula..

Adalah dekat 2-3 time dia bangun for milk..and the same thingi did to her..hurmm...i can say..Mia success for no mommy shushu for one day is the second day..hopefully things will get better tonight.

To mia,
Mommy halalkan susu mommy selama dua tahun satu minggu ni.Mommy mintak maaf sangat2 sbb tak dapat nak sambung contract another 6 more month.
Mia dah besar.Dah tak comel lagi kalau minm susu mommy.
Mommy sayang Mia sangat2.sampai mati pun mommy sayang.
Mommy sedih sangat skang..
The two year journey bf'ing is you is the best moment for mommy to treasure..the most wonderful thing that i did just for my baby.