Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Advance is good..or Advance is bad

Today saya nak story mory about Mia..
She is4 years old now
20kg with 115cm.
She doesn't look like 4 ..people might misjudged that shes maybe 5 or 6 yo.
Long leg with long hair.
Love talk, love to read book and love to play blocks.
She read Peter and Jane Book 5B now.
And Read Easy Book 5
Well as a mother,i think shes really good at reading English.
Maybe the English medium at home help her a lot in English reading.
During Parent-Teacher meeting last June.
Her teacher pun mentioned that she is good in English reading..
but so-so in Malay reading.
Banyak word in Malay yang dia tak faham.
For example masa, cuci, dagu.. and etc..
So I have to start buying her malay book from now..
sampai sekarang tak beli lagi..
Her math is Ok
Mengaji is OK
Writing is good.
Drawing is excellent.
Apart that she is 4yo..but actually Mia join class 5yo.
So mmg advance sket lah compare with 4yo kids.
Teacher tanya next year nak masuk school mana?
Sebelum ni saya tak fikirkan sangat pun pasal nak tukar sekolah.
Sebab sekolah sekarang is the bestest school yang ada kut.
Lagi2 sekolah now until 5yo..so i just tot that she will stay at this school until next year.
But bila her teacher cakap..if Mia stay, most of her friends (5yo kids) dah takde.. and she will be repeat whatever sylibus 5yo again next year.
I asked her, what about Iman (her 5yo daughter)
Most probably Iman will go to Smart Reader next year..and teacher akan open new place for transit.
Option 1. Mia will follow her besties to Smart Reader next year and transit to a new place of TJK
Option 2 : Stay at TJK and lets her have fun repeating her "5yo" there
Theres pros and cons for both options.
If i choose OPTION 1.
Ok... she will be so advance for her age.
But how about the next two years, where all her friends will go to standard 1.. and she still 6yo .
Again she will need to repeat her "6yo" school sylibus.
Friends of mine advice ..go for Private Islamic integration school.They might accept 6yo entering standard 1.
Daddy suka option ni..
But bila saya fikir2 balik..what is the good things having an advance kids in academic.
Most of the story that ive heard all negative one.
Remember the girl who is so advance in Math, enter Havard kut during her 16yo..now end up as a prostitute there..
Remember the boy who can read at 4yo (i think this one like 20years ago news kut,masa ni budak 4yo boleh baca mmg super genius)
What happened to him now?
I read dia siap kena masuk lokap lagi..and tak teruskan pengajian.
Remember the girl who achived 18A's SPM.
Dari baik2 pakai tudung labuh..end up shes in news wearing tight and blonde.
Aduyaiii.. Advance is surely bad if the kids are too stressed up about maintaining their advance level at one stage.
They need to please everyone except for themselves.
If the family push too much ..
If the family expect too much ..
then advance is Bad.
I don't want that to happen to my darling Mia.
I want her to enjoy her school year like i did.
No pressure.. and yayy..iam a straight A's student until now.
But if i choose Option 2.
will she get bored of school next year?
Will the teacher slow her down if she stay?
I asked her before, whether she want to stay at this school next year..or go to new school for bigger kids.
She choose new school.
And its already Sept and iam still not making any decision yet.
Its not about ME now..its not about
 "Mommy will be happy if u go to new school-all mommy friends will think that mommy got a genius daughter"
No..Never about that.
Its all about her..its all about giving her the best option for her life.
What eva that will make her happy..
What eve that will be good for her in the future.
That's the decision that i will made.
No paksa-paksa just to make mommy happy.
So what do you think now mommies?
Advance is good or advance is bad?
Option 1 or Option 2?

Monday, August 19, 2013

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Size 3-4years old
Reason for selling..my baby girl cannot fit in those anymore.
And im not producing anymore babies
So need to find a new owner.
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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Fifth Raya and good bye Kedah..seeu again next year (Please mosquito dont bite adik next year ya)

Day 5 Raya (Monday)
Siap2 packing untuk pulang ke Bangi.
But of kos kena singgah beraya to friends/relatives dulu b4 pulang.
Ard 4pm baru gerak balik..sampai bangi 4am..12hrs dalam kereta ok.
Seb baik kereta lorry..so dapatlah melunjurlunjurkan kaki..

Mia in green-yellow kurung.
Bought at Ho Chi Minh. Cotton Full beaded neck and arm for only RM30 only.. super cheap
sebab tu borong banyak2.
Umar Dani in red shirt and star print pants.
My hensem boy
 And my beautiful girl.
Muka adik yang bercapok capok dengan gigitan nyamuk..
Nangis lagi

The boys in kotak2 shirt.

The girls with mustard kurung.
Daddy and anak dara
The kids and the boss

Hurmmm...I cant get enuff of her face..
Frankly I love seeing Mia in baju kurung..
She look so anakdara yang ayu.
And I love seeing adik in shirt and colored jeans.
he look cool and hensem.
OK..habis dah cerita pasal raya..

Day 4 Raya in Kedah

Day 3Raya sampai Kedah at 9am.
and memang tak kemana..tidur je satu hari..Malam daddy tengok bola Mal Vs Chelse (kut)
So Day 4 Raya baru start activity beraya.
So today theme is Pinky pink..

 Anak dara aii ni memang menang gaya
 Us in pink
Panas terik ok..so mind the face
Umar Dani also in pink shirt match with blue pants
 Berdiri tegak dikk..mommy nak ambik gambar.

Lupa nak snap2 daddy's picture..
But of kos not in pink..haha
Daddy wore a blue shirt like Ud pants..
So rugi disitu sebab takde family picture kan..
ok..cont day 5 Raya in Kedah..

Malam first raya

Tertinggal pula event malam raya first ni..terus jump kat second raya pula..
ok..malam first raya.. we all beraya di relative's house area Talang.
Mia wearing zebra print dress.
Dress ni macam fish tail..belakang panjang , depan pendek..

And try to pose macam2 gaya with that dress

Ok..pose baek atas kerusi ni is  soooo not cute Mia!

While Umar Dani in yellow shirt and green pants

Daddy with her so 60's shirt..munga munga giteww..
Glad u love it daddy.. befday treat from mommy

Before gerak..layan mungapidulu

I let Mia wore the short purple cardigan.
Macam tak berapa sopan pakai sleevesless on hari raya kan..

Green Green Raya

Second day Raya at Kuala Pilah n9
Me and UD matching in Emerald green

Masa ni otw nak balik Rembau. Kampung sebelah my dad.
Dah tak de sape dah kat sana..uwan and atok both dah meninggal dunia..
Just visit abah's relative kat sana je.

Mia dah tak tau lari kemana..
So bertiga aje 
Mia with he fav abang Eriq.
This is my abang second son..
What so funny daddy>?
Us in green.
Daddy recycle baju melayu last year..so I just bought Mia's Kebaya same color with daddy.
 Eventho daddy not ready for a photo yet..i choose this picture coz I look super slim here..agagag..
biasalah pilih gambar sendiri je yang lawa kan..
So Mommy's boy.
Melekat je keje.
Pengsan ok
Mia with my sister only daughter Pisya.

Daddy's girl.
Don't they look alike?

Budak tembam ni is my brother third son.
My only brother have 4 sons ye..haha..no daughter yet
Umar Dani dah tukar uniform dah..
But still I let her in green pants so stil can matchymatchy with kakak.
On second raya night, we are heading back to daddy's kampung in Jitra Kedah.
So next post im gonna post up what my kids wore in Kedah..
Mommy daddy pakai recycle baju je..