Wednesday, May 27, 2009

40 minggu yang indah..

Still not yet..but since last nite i felt a bit comfortable down there..feel like a mild period pain or it a sign?...hurmmm....see how tomorrow eh..

My parents came to my house yesterday..we brought them jalan2 to Alamanda.sedih sgt..Big apple Donut dah sold out when we get there..biasalah goverment baru dapat gaji kan..

My mom brought us some mango from nya..
Masa nak peel off the manggo, kene marah with my mom coz i peel the mango skin from bottom up..
and is a pantang for preggy woman to do dat..nanti baby songsang..
what!!..its there any relation between the way i peel off the manggo with my baby position inside?
How come the old people can come with such an idea eh??
Tapi once again, being a good daughter, i did change the way i peel..very the malas to bertekak with her..makan manggo lagi best..heheh

Oh ye..i found this Twendy Tots blog selling high heel for a toddler baby can wear high heel just like mommy...RM99 per pair..a must buy for baby (tapi confirm daddy tak bagi)
However these shoes are not intended for walking (heel will collapse with weight).

Imagine masa kenduri cukur jambul nanti, my baby wear a white pricess gown with this high heel..such a princess Aurora kan kan..To buy or not to buy eh?
Nafsu yang gemuk once again ask me to buy first then when the parcel arrice,i explain to that time sure daddy say.."wahhh..cute nya..nah take this RM100 and buy another pair for baby"
Dream on la che'siti...