Monday, March 1, 2010

9 month and counting to 1yo

I looooveeee long hols..
EL spend his long hols to Pangkor with his beskal dot com team. Believe it or not they cycle from KL to Pangkor..huhu..kerja orang gilak..
Me and Mia pula balik kampung Kuala Pilah..lalala..bestnya stay kampung for 2days...makan tido makan tdo la kerja are superbss..perut buncit...

But this week back to reality la kan..back to work..boring..
and i already start my part timer teaching at money..(nyanyi ala2 Apperantice gitu)
GMI full time, UNITEN part time..wahhhh..saya cikgu cemerlang..
tapi tiada masa lagi untuk Mia ..sebab class saya now pack from Monday to Friday dah..
no more half day working..Its ok darling,nanti mommy buy you a lotsa toys k..

Mia turn 9month this week..sudah makin besar..makin cerdik..(sape lah nak puji anak sendiri,kalau bukan ibunya)
Her appetizer dah improved. Oh ye i gave Mia Appeton for newborn baby start from last two week..due to her taknak makan mode kan..and Alhamdullilah now dah nak bukak mulut.Taklah banyak pun ..quarter of the bowl tu habis lah..cukuplah..

Dia dah faham several intrusctions like.."Bye bye"..and she will wave,,
"Bucuk" and she will do the nose.."Give" she will give me wateva in her hands and sometime she will take it back like 1 sec.. "Bab" she will babab my face or my tummy..."Pok" and she will do the splashing water in her tub..hahaha...

Master her crawling..and now starting to stand by her own feet like 5 sec..dah boleh push her push walker and walk..climb the stair like a champ..omg safety gate tak beli lagi boleh tak?

My cheeky Mia..mommy daddy love you to bit ..
Iam planning her birthday party already now..dah booked one party planner for that...i will introduce to all of you the party planner once it confirm ya..(*wink wink to mommy Aidan)
Its gonna be a Fairytale themes..cant wait for Mei to come...