Wednesday, August 5, 2009

My pumping session Jurnal

Nyehnyeh..sounds so professional pulak kan siap ada jurnal ni..heheh..
But because ada yang dah tanya..
so let me share u the secret of me having the 100 packet of 4oz frozen ebm by 2month of my confinement period.
(kan ke lagi best dapat tulis cenggini.."so let me share u the secret of me having 1 million dollar by the age of 28..heheheh..but the proudness is still the same la having 100 packet of ebm compare with 1 million dollar..hahaha)

As i mentioned in previous post..iam not the kind of "meriah susu" mommy..
I start to bf since baby Mia is one day old..meaning the first food she took is my milk..wink wink..
shes so clever..first trial je dah success to suck my booby..

On the second day, both of us went back to my hometown..and baby Mia start to show her taring on that nite..dia nangis..dia nangis n nangis for the whole,en.laling and my mom take turn to take care of her..the non stop cry makes me wanna run away from her..i hope shes still in my tummy..(nasib baik tak meroyan)..i try to bf her all night but shes kind of tak puas..

The next day, baby mia still cannot sleep..still crying like mad..i dont know what else can i mom and my day ask me to give her formula..but i still refused coz i know baby at that age oni need one spoon of milk to feed her.takkan la my bm tak sampai one spoon..i asked en laling to bring Mia to An Nur..mb sumtin went wrong en.laling,my mom,me and mia went back to my home in bangi.when we reached home,i try to pump my milk,but notin comes out..and i started to realized that Mia's face was so dry..mb my mom was right..i dont have any milk..i dont want my baby to dehydrate bcoz of my stubborness of giving her the formula..

So..i finally agreed to feed her the formula yang sangat small tin is about RM50 (forgot already whats brand that daddy bought dat day)..with a super heavy heavy heart i prepare 2oz of formula for her..and she sleep like a baby after that..mb my moms was right..she was hungry for 2 wonder menangis tak berhenti..i pumped my boobs every 2hours to stimulate it..first pump until 4th pump no milk come out ..never give up never surrender..

i bf her everytime she woke up..and still she need another 2oz of formula on dat day..on the midnite i pumped for the fifth time ,and guess what i produced the milk already..yeahhhhh..not much pun..not even 0.5oz..i pumped n pumped every 2hours that nite..and manage to collect total amount of 1.5oz for 3 pumping session.siket gila kan

Alhamdulillah on the fourth day my milk start to flow..i stop to give her formula eventho my parents asyik berleter nak bancuhkan susu for her..i never give up to bf her and it seems work on mom ask me to finish kan the one tin formula tu pun i reject...walaupun membazir rm50, long as i know my darlin mia having the goodness of the breast milk.

so for the new mother dont give up to bf ur baby eventho u think ur not producing any milk..stimulate the boobs by pumping and direct bf..insyaallah "milk will come softly"..ekekek..
so during my confinement period, my pumping schedule is as below (i start pumped for ebm storage at 2weeks old Mia.

6.30am 4oz
12.00pm 2oz
7.00pm 2oz
12.00am 3oz

i manage to colleact around 11-12oz perday and will use 2oz for Mia's bottle training.
so my frozen ebm will be 2-3 pack of thats how i did to collect the 100pack of ebm during my confinement period..4pumpping session daily with no ngelat ngelat..rajin kan..but i do enjoy my pumpping time..tgk susu flow into the bottle macam tgk duit jatuh dari langit..

and now bila dah start pumping schedule change as below
6.30am 5oz
10.00am 5oz
2.00pm 4oz
5.00pm 4oz
12.00am 40z

Around 22oz perday..
Full day at nurserry Mia need around 6x2.5oz = 15oz..
so i still have 2 pack of 4oz to store as a frozen ebm..
if hantar half day , Mia need 3x2.5oz=7.5oz
balance 3-4pack of 4oz for storage..

im not yet expert pun..still in learning process..but i do hope i can maintain my productivity until my darlin mia turns two yo..

To all mothers who already give up on bm..dont worry,i dont judge you on that pun..i do believe that all mothers want the best for her baby..if nak bagi formula pun mesti kita nk bagi the best formula for her..yang paling mahal pun takpe..klu nk ckp minum susu lembu nti anak tak pandai..hellloooo i dulu minum susu lembu taw..pandai sampai masuk university jd engineer juga..if ada yg ckp baby yang tak minum susu ibu tak sayang mak dia(bonding)..meh sini i nak nak ketuk kepala anak yg tak sayang kat dont u worry babe..


  1. thanks 4 sharing ur story dear...i akan cuba konsisten in pumping after this. so that i pon leh berbangga dgn 100packs later..hehe...bukan berbangga tp rasa puas hati kan dpt beri yg tbaik utk baby kita :)

  2. hmm.. i think most mothers had the same problem for the first 3 days after the baby's born. Sbb 3 hari pertama tu mmg susu x kuar lg, cecair yg keluar bkn susu, instead 'colostrum'. Die kuar mmg x byk. After the 3rd day tu baru kuar susu. Itu setkt pengetahuan aku la. Mase Mawaddah ari tu, die jaundice, so kene jemur bwh photovoltic light. Disbbkan susu aku x byk, kene opt for same ade formula or donated breast milk. So drpd die minum susu org lain yg aku xtau sape, aku bg la formula skit.

    Aku cume dpt bg bm kt Mawaddah smpi die 3 bln jek, tu pon supplement dgn formula. Sedih, so i'm determined to bf adek2 die nnt as long as I can. Insya-Allah.

    Good luck Yuda!

  3. bagus la mommy yuda ni.. chaiyo2.. ;) aku dulu pun mmg bf aylham.. tp not exactly right after delivery.. after delivery aku bantai tido sbb x tido 1 mlm.. pastu bile kluar hospital aylham x ikut skali sbb kena jaundice.. lps 3 hari br la dia boleh balik.. start from that bf exclusively.. tp sygnye hanye sempat 4 bln je sbb susu dah start sikit n semakin mengering.. sedih mase tu sbb ingat nak bf at least smpi 6 bln.. pam2 pun x kluar2.. last2 kena terima hakikat tu je yg aku termampu.. alhamdulillah, at least 4 bulan dia bf sepenuhnye.. so, teruskan perjuangan anda! ;)

  4. congrate!!!!! kagum ngan u.. hehehe.. doakan kita sama2 leh bf sampai umur 2 tahun...amin.

  5. same with me.. baby asyik nangis je.. heheh

    bagi la review medela swing..

  6. Tahniah..kagum sgt dgn mama mia ni...dpt store 100 pack ebm...mesti peti ais besar kan..dptlah simpan byk ebm...mcm sy perah hari2 jer...x simpan lama dlm peti peti kecik jer..he..he..
    masa anak 1st sy sampai berhenti kerja cz nk bg susu badan sepenuhnya hingga 8 bln...dan lps tu sy keje...nursery jer dia minum formula dan ble bersama saya dia bf samapai umur 2 thn 2 bln...tu pun berhenti cz sy pegnant...kalau x dia nk isap lg...kui..kui...

  7. bagusnyer mommy..kalau dulu nak bangun pagi pon susah kan..hehe..moga2 baby mia cerdik and cerdas hasil bf mommy dia

  8. cemerlang yuda! hebat! respek ko dah ada consistent pumping schedule since mia 2 minggu. masa hilmy 2 minggu 90% of the time yg dia tak tido adalah on the boob, so mmg takde can nak pam langsung... hahahaha...

    sokong ko psl bg anak formula tuh.. most important thing is the love for baby. kalau full bf tapi mommy stress je tak guna jugak..

  9. syok dgr citer awk..hopefully i'll be able to do the tguu baby kuar dlu la,dlm next week lebih kurg.btw,kite follower awak tau,kalo sudi exchange link ngn kiter ek, kt sini.

  10. Omg-im so proud with u!bagusss sgt!

  11. hi there...
    been reading ur blog after u gave a comment in my blog...
    dah bersalin dah yer.. tahniah on your born baby girl...

    keep up pumping... you'll make it insyaAllah...

  12. touching plak i bace yg last prgh tu..sbb i xdpt bf my bb..sebln awl je..then i surrender sbb bb xmo isap..bile isap pon dia akan mengamuk sakan!!..i xlarat da..trus kasi formula..but..i hope insyaALLAH next bb i nak try jugak bf..mmg sedey sgt time susu da kering arituu..=(