Thursday, April 18, 2013

Alhamdullilah 2.50pm today my parents will arrive at KLIA..
Mia, Umar Dani and me will go there later at 2pm from Bangi.
Iam sure the kids will be so excited seeing their grandparents ..and so do i..
Misses them so much.
Mia asked me where is Mekah..and why atok and uwan go there..
I just told Mia, Mekah is a big mosque.
We go there to pray in a big, pretty mosque..
Mia: The mosque in mekah like castle?
Mom: Even prettier?
Mia: Like Repunzel tower?
Mom: Prettier than that too..

The kids obviously love their grandparents so much.
Sometime mengada2 sangat ok..
And very super manja with them