Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Mommy puasa la sayang..

Its a forth day of Ramadhan today..cepatnya kan..
This year of ramadhan is such a hectic for me to deal with..
With a tiny tot Mia yang asyik nak bergayut..susah betul nak buat kerja..
I dont have a chance to cook for buka puasa..beli je..senang kan..
Just for sahur je i can do a simple cooking for hubby..
Alhamdulillah bebuka and bersahur for me n hubby is not haru hara at all..coz my darlink is lena diulit mimpi at that time..heheh

Milk production still ok..Mia still can have a fresh breastmilk everyday at nursery..yeahh..
I have to throw about 10x4oz of expired frozen ebm already..sayang mmg sayang but mommy need a place for a new ebm..

Breastfeeding and pumping during fasting is not a trouble for me..i just feel like normal je..not so xtra ordinary tired,hungry or thirsty pun..same feeling like puasa last year..but i will make sure myself to drink a lot of water during sahur..minum banyak2 sampai kembung perung..sampai rasa cam nak muntah...

Alhamdulilah..this week Baby Mia will turn to 3month old..and she still have the bestest of breastmilk..
I dont expect too much that i can breastfeed her until 2yo..but i pray for Allah willing for me to do so ..
taknak tense kan diri sendiri bila come a time for a low milk production..so i give myself 6month to exclusive bf my darlink Mia..then another 6month..then another 6 month..and then the last 6 month..until my last drop of milk..ekekek..so i have 4 semester to grad..mb i will drop off..and mb not..

This afternoon,while driving to GMI i make a ryhme that i wanna share will all of u..chewah..

"My hubby is not the most handsome guy in the world..but he is the most good looking guy in my eyes
My Darlink Mia is not the cutest baby in this entire world..but she is the pretiest baby in my heart..
And i may not be the prettiest lady in this whole wide world..but i do hope i am the princess Aurora in my hubby and my baby world.."

tah apa apa tah kan..but really thats what i felt during drive my self to work this afternoon..
so enjoy the ryhme..and have a happy ramadhan ...


  1. sgt suke rhyme tu..! sweeettt.. =)

  2. sgt sweet kan?tgh drive pun ingat family....mmg wife n mommy hebat.Allah berkat tu org yg berusaha nak bf anak dia.sbb tu susu still mcm biasa.for me mmg dahaga jugak tp bila tgk muka rafiq puas rasa bahagia heheheh

  3. alalala..sweetttt..
    betulla yuda..bulan pose pon susu aku kuar cam biase..berkat ramadhan kan..tp aku terpshyco gak dgn org2 sekeliling yg ckp,susu kurang time pose,susu kuar tapi kosong time pose (means takde vitamin..ye ke?)tapi dah beberape ari ni aku tgk ok je susu..alhamdulillah..