Friday, August 21, 2009

Yatie Chomeyl's giveaway - Kisses of Love

First time join giveaway ni..saja try luck n boring tatau nk wat pe...hehehe..
So to Yatie Chomeyl yg makin chomel if u pick us to be the winner of that yukata dress..ekeke

y i l ove this photo?n y this photo should be the w inner?
this picca is taken when My darlink Mia is 2weeks old..still kurus lg..
just after her evening bath..dats y iam sweating like mad..bcoz very2 the penat to bath dress her..hahaha,
so it show the true meaning of new mother love..full of love n full of sweat...n ttransform from chumiliest to the most comot-est mommy ....ekeke

so to yatie chomel..pick me k..

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