Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Full moon of 36week

Goshh...i am full moon already this week..4 more weeks to go..or mb less..
i can deliver anytime now..up to my baby whether shes ready or not to come out..

Hospital bag for mommy and baby ... Done
Baby stuff and equipment... Done
Mommy confinement set... Done
Breastfeeding accessories... Done

Semua dah ready..just waiting for The Day je..mb tomorrow..mb next week..mb 2 weeks from now..or 3~4 weeks to complete the period of 40 weeks..
Cant wait to see this lilltle tiny tot ni..
But i wish she can wait until 14/ last teaching class in GMI..then u can come out..

but if i am lucky enough, baby can choose to come out on below date..hehehe
17/Mei ... Daddy birthday on 17/July
16/Mei ... Groom Reception on 16/Mac
19/Mei ... Mommy birthday on 19/Sept
20/Mei ... Coz 20 divide by 5 is equal to 4 (hehehe..bodo la tuh kan)

Tak kisah long ur healthy and chubby and chumil u can come out anytime u want..
Daddy pun dah free sket start from this hoorrayy hoorayy.. best tau if can have dinner date with daddy..

Oh ye..daddy bought mommy a present yesterday..hahaha...its not a nursing bra..not even a vintage gown..guess...
Its a Panasonic nya best nya..thank you en.laling...u wont heard me complaint about the hot weather in our room anymore after this..seronoknya ..

Feel my life is so complete already..i have a very flexible working hours job..i have a good husband..coming soon liltle tiny tot..a beautiful 2 storey house..and a air-conditioned lucky is that...syukran syukran...

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Daddy naik pangkat!!

Congrates to daddy for his new more step to management level ..heheh
Mommy and baby so proud of u..clap clap clap..ur hardwork paid off at last kan..
so pas ni tak moo dengar lagi "malas nak g keje".."motivation down"..bla bla bla..
One month from now both daddy n mommy naik pangkat juga..naik pangkat to a parents title..
yeahhh...!!!..cant wait..cant wait..
Can both of us be a good parents?..iam sure we can..
BUT iam pretty sure its not that easy to raise a baby for a first timer like us la kan..lesson learned from our parents is the key that will guide us along the road..
Congrates to daddy once again..
p/s: mommy stuff yang daddy kena belanja sempena promotion ni: vintage gown & nursing bra....

Monday, April 20, 2009

Antenatal Class

En.Laling and i, went to antenatal class last Sunday at Hotel Resident Uniten. The class start at 7.30am until 2pm..

For me its really a must for a first timer like me to go to this kind of activities..Many interesting information that i gained fom this class..especially on how to deal with the contraction during labor..the breathing technique in order to reduce the pain..the other choices sthat we can opted during normal delivery..and also the correct way for breastfeed..

En.Laling is not excited as i am during that class..penakut..chicken up when he saw the pictures on how the baby coming out from mommy..hahhahah..macam mana lah En.Lalingku nak face the actual condition later ni..he's scared of blood..kang tak pasal2 pengsan in the labour room tuh nanti..

Oh ye..i never won any lucky draw contest before..but maybe this time i can said "rezeki baby"..guess what..for the first time in my life,i won the lucky draw during this class..yeahhhh..and yeahhh
and also a goodie bag from the organiser itself..

The class ended at 2pm.after having our lunch (around 3pm) at the hotel we straight back home..Me doing some house chores while daddy surfing the 4pm both of us dah exhausted gila and terus tido until 7pm..hahaha..its been such a long time for us not having this long napping ..bestttt gilaaa

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Lucky 35

I am lucky 35 this week dah consider full moon of 9 month..thats fast..
next week oso is gaji day..yeahh..i still have some baby stuff list to buy..most of them are from the online shop..heheheh..of coz no more baby cloth la kan..

Still not yet packing for mommy n baby hospital bags..hopefully i will try to pack by this very the lazy bum already now..

tamak?..hurmmm...thats me i guess..i have the baby wooden cot..i have the playpen..but i still want to buy one more crib for newborn that i can carry a small basket crib..but, im sure daddy wont allow me to..sedih..

i also want to buy baby carrier yang also can turn to car seat..but..i have two car seats already now..(one from abang and another one from angah)..mcm wasted pula kan if ngada2 nak tambah lagi satu car sedih lagi...

what else i want to buy but daddy wont approve..of BPA-Free milk bottles..
i have 9 bottles of Medela, 3 bottles of First year Breastflow, 6 bottles of MLO..all together is 18bottles already..

but i still dying to buy this MAM anticolic bottles and also Tommee Tippee Bottles..both bottles are so cute and unique shape..kesian baby takleh nak try all the best bottles available kan..daddy so mean .. :(

Ok enuff about the list of stuff that mb i cannot here the list that i still not yet buy..first is baby tub..i really love this tub from FirstYears..Tub with during baby bath time,baby can just having fun in the sling tub, while me can give her the best massage in town..heheh..seriesly,i never mandikan a small newborn baby scared that the baby might slip from my hand during sabun this sling might help the new mommy like me i guess..

Second is Baby grooming set (including the comb,brush,nail clipper,safety scissor)..Third is Baby health care such as thermometer,nasal aspirator,medicine dropper..Tu je kut yang tinggal to cut it short,i have two list of baby stuff now..
1. Not yet buy..and have to buy
2. Mommy want to buy but daddy tak bagi..
oppsss..lupa pulak Mommy third list..
3. Few cute thing from the online shops..(this list tak kira daddy approve or not,mommy still buying it for u luv) heheheh

Thursday, April 16, 2009


This morning i woke up..i just felt tremendously frustrated over someone that i really love..feel like a huge stone is on my chest..i cant breath..i am really upset..

Sometime its easy to say "i understand"..than to really understand what is goin on..
Sometime its so easy to say, "Kesian"..than to really feel the word kesian is..
Sometime its easy to say, "iam scared that..."...than to feel really scared of the worst condition that can happen..

Seriously its not easy being a 34week pregnant lady..but i never complaint much.nor did i mengada2 merajuk tak tentu pasal.i dont want my baby be a cranky baby later on..
i just want have a nice simple life towards my third semester..and safely deliver my baby...

Is that too much??

Monday, April 13, 2009

34week baby

Yesterday (13/Apr) i have my 34week antenatal check up at An nur..the appointment supposed to be today (14/Apr)..but due to hubby had his MC due to fever,so we carry fwd the appointment..

While waiting for En.Laling bersiap,me posed with my tummy..very the bulat already kan..membesar bagai johan..huwaaaaa....nanti mesti jadi flabby gila..

Baby at 34week, weight about 2.2kg..a normal healthy baby..u can see her lips and her nose at above photo.she have my lips..i am sure she will have problem of meeting the new people for this kind of lips..people tend to misjudge that we are not friendly..

Baby yawning about 4 times during scanning..isk kuat tido betul..please use ur creative imagination for above photos..see her open mouth..heheheh...
About twice pula baby let her tongue out..mb sbb nak minum..or mb shes playing with us..but it so cute..seeing the cute mouth and her cute words can describe my feeling that feels so feels so come out fast fast ye..mommy dah tak sabar ni..

Side view pun not as clear as grow so fast..doc.kamsiah, cant zoom in ur face already now..but im glad shes still a healthy baby..oh ye...i got good news..heheh
Mommy gaining less that 1kg tau..oni 800g to celebrate mommy not gaining so much this time,daddy belanja mommy watch Fast n furious later that evening..yeahh..daddy so baik...i love u daddy...
Daddy' face so taned kan..hahaha..sehari suntuk went cycling last saturday..confirm macam kena goreng je kulit..but mommy still love daddy tau..cycling can make daddy strong and healthy..

Movie tak start lagi..pop corn dah habis setengah..that movie was great..mommy had such a wonderful day spending time with daddy n baby..consider this is baby first movie la kan..sure baby wondering why its so loud outside...hehehe..

Elina's E'day

Last Saturday (11/Apr/09), me went to my bestfren Elina Jani Baba Othman engagement kenduri at USJ 2..proudly to say i went alone ok..bangga bangga coz its my very first time to get my lazy bump to find my way to destination in Subang/Kl area...

The original plan was, i will car pool with my other best fren Anirah to Elina's house that day..but on 9am,Anirah smsed me that she need to come to office that day,due to some emergency matter...if she cant find any substitude to replace her job..she have to call off our plan..sedih bangat ok..

En.Laling already went out for his MTB cycling activity since 7am that morning.. what to do..either me not go oso to El's E'day..or i have to go there alone..but to think of this babe had came to both my E'day n Big day..i need to yakin boleh myself to drive myself to Subang..i ask En.Laling for direction..He told me to use the same jalan to Angah's house in Putra Height..then turn right to Summit..USJ 2 is just opposite The Summit..dats so kacang man..

At 10.30am me gerak from Bangi with confident..chewah..but..sad but true this Dory forgot to bring her walllet..##&@$$$..i realized that i dont have my wallet with 15min b4 first Puchong am i goin to pay for that RM1.60 and another toll RM1.60..gelabah2..but my brain didnt work as slow as my i turn to Exit 4 Putrajaya and head back to my house in me reach at El's house around 12.30pm..the pantun2 event dah habis pun..people start having their lunch already..

You can see how big i am right oso terperanjat gila when i saw this pictures..gila besar perut ku...

Elina look so glowing and so pretty..eventho out of sudden there is an alien mole at her cheek..hahah(cover jerawat punya mole)..congrates last u found the one kan..after so long time of happy for u dear..n i will pray for u n En.Manisan will have ur own happy ending u so much..

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Princess Arissa 4th Befday Party

After the GBS reunion that saturday, me straight went to my sister house to celebrate her daughter's Befday.

Saturday 4th April : My chumil Pisya befday party at Putra Height..
Exact Befday date is 31st March...she became a 4yrs old princess

Theme : Princess Aurora (Pinky)
Tea Party with Menu as below
1. Sate
2.Pulut Kuning with sambal
3. Mee Hoon Goreng
4. Jelly
5. Cup cakes (from me tau)
and lotsa sweets n choc for the kids..

I really love this Hidrogen pink baloon..super cute..thinking of to decorate my parents house with this baloon during my baby punya cukur jambul kenduri nanti..sesuai ke?..ahahaha

This 4 years old amoi hate when being called baby gal..konon dah sangat2 besar la kan..but seriously shes such a darling to the family..cute kan her tiny purple crown ni..wish my liltle baby pun will be as cute as naughty as her..and as good gal as her..kemana tumpahnya kuah,kalau bukan ke causin kan..heheheh

Sorry boys..shes taken already..hahaha..with her neighbour Alvin..macam minang dibelah sepuluh tak?..wakakakak

See her befday Princess Aurora nice kan..nice to see n very the yummy yum yum to eat..and see also her befday gift from her mommy..The real Princess Aurora itself came n celebrate her party..gila best kan..
The befday gal princess, cut the princess cake together with the real tak?..but it will be more fun if we have clown n princess together at that time kan..mcm something missing je if no clown at befday party..

The proud uwan n atok of the befday gal..

Me also tak lepas kan peluang to take photo with the princess..see the princess is holding my tummy yang ada future princess jugak..heheh..gila gemuk ok..tak suka gambar ni..but this is the only photo of me with the kena upload gaks..
The kids have 3 games..sugar in the flour game, musical chair games and baloon game..i am sure all of them have so much fun kan..see the comot Pisha after winning the sugar in the flour game tuh..Alvin tak ngaku GF dah after this..comot sgt.. see alvin face..

Happy 4th Befday my liltle darling..insyallah by Mei u will have ur playmate princess..shes the only gal in our family right the rest is all 3 naughty boys..hehehe

GBS Reunion (Before Rita's Big Date n me EDD)

It feels like forever i havent meet all the girls that i used to hang out in Sony..So due to Ritzy will become Mrs. Sapik on this 17th we plan a small reunion for us to chit chatting and gossiping with each other..

Susah ok nak set a date to meet up ni..each of us has our own schedule and Beel the hot mommy,she cannot make it on the night time..ya lorr...dah ada small baby waiting for her to come back home..mesti tak sampai hati

Like me pula, i cant make it if the venue is jauh n kena face with traffic jam..or the parking place is like miracle if i can get a place in front of the elavator..or its still a miracle if i can easily park my car after 5min Mid Valley ,One Utama is a big No-No for me to drive my own there..understood la kan,my blackie Gen2 is manual...and i have this excess weight that i need to carry thats why i decide to meet at Alamanda Putrajaya..hehehe..

As for Rita,biasalah bakal pengantin,alwiz busy with the spa activity...fitting activity..decorating the wedding card..bla bla bla..been that done that kena set a date yang really four of us can make it

Rosie je yang very the flexible..heheh..singgle but not available la katakan..anywhere and anytime she can make it..jeles tau mak noks..

See all the skinny chikas above..jeles nya daku..takpe2..the time will come jugak,when i cant fit back to my skinny jeans balik..heheheh..eventho my butt and my tight is already memblossom bagai johan...

At already as a big fat whale..but still i love this outfit of mine ya..i didnt buy any maternity baju pun so i feel it will be too wasted if i spend on the maternity cloth and oni wear it for several month i just pakai whateva in the closet that can fit me..its really obvious that whateva that i wear now is serba tak kena.not comfortable and tight here n there..but mommy need to sabar a bit la kan..dont worry,this shopaholic mommy will come back n borong all the nice and "in" dress not so long time from now..

Rosie with her new look as more blonde n highlighted ya babe..shes' now come with matured look with a long n natural black hair..hahahah...oh ye..this babe can swim already tau..hehehe..boleh jadi Pamela Anderson in Baywatch..hehehe..i cannot help myself to imagine her in two pieces bikini..hahaha..sure super hot n skinny chikas punya la..hahaha (sorry che'ita)

Beel's daugther, Aliyah is a super good gal dat day..tak cranky pun mcm her mom selalu citer..see she can join us gossiping already babe..nanti kita geng geng kan aliyah n my baby gal n ritzie future baby k..baru leh buat mento mentee program kan kan..hahah
Anyway its such a fun day dat day.. a long chit chatting we have..imagine je lah, we all meet up kat food court since 10.30am to 2pm..hahahah...updating each other with news n gossip..i really miss our old days in sony kan..breakfast at 10am, lunch at 12pm..merge solat at 4pm for zohor n asar..then sometime go for a tea break at 3pm kam..full of happiness n laughter..
all 4 of us..starting with all the singgle people in the group (not to mention our long silence fren Nina)..than now..beel dah jadi mak orang, me pula future mak orang..rita also will join the mak org group tak lama lagi..insya allah..left Ita je..but shes got her own planning..ehem ehem..tak lama lagi kan tunggguuuuuuuu...

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Pregnancy Glowing

Tipuuu...tak glowing pun..
make up 3inch pun tak nampak glowing..
my extraordinary long n ugly..
my face look so dull
my eyes look so tired..
i can't fit to almost half of closet right now..
i dont feel sexy anymore..
so where's the pregnancy glowing that everyone keep telling me..
ke sbb byk dosa so..i dont look glowing..

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

32weeks n counting

Yesterday, i went for 32week@8month pregnancy medical check up at An baby scan photo this time, as the baby hide her face and shes too big already for the doc to zoom in the scan photo. But of coz,me n en.laling saw her ears,head,hand,feet and her lilltle tiny fingers..the baby's head already went down..but not yet engaged to the baby still growing happily inside..still dont want to come out yet...

At 32 weeks, baby weight is almost 1.85kg..thanks god her weight development is normal.mommy dont want too small or too big baby ok..hehehe..if it too small,then mommy will be scare to nurse u..if it too big,then mommy will face a difficult time to get u please grow "just nice" for mommy ok...

But to my suprised,me gained another 3kg this time..sedih gila tau..dah already 76kg now..nak nangis..nak nangis..but doc didnt allowed mommy to diet,as baby need the nutrision to grow..takpelah,anything for u luv..daddy oso didnt want mommy to diet..daddy told me he will buy me a bicycle..and we can ride together with mommy can lose weight faster after deliver the baby..hahaha...daddy so baik kan..

Malas nak pk about my weight gain diet oso gain 2kg..tak diet pun gain malas la nak pk..lepas bersalin baru diet kawkaw..kata nak jadi hot mommy kan..kan..

Last nite i dreamt breastfed the so cute..her bulu kening is so thick n black..her hair oso thick..such a cutiey pie lil baby gal..hehehe..cant wait to see this tiny kickboxer nie..
En laling did ask me a question " Tak takut ke nak bersalin?..dah dekat da ni"..
i just told him.."not a chance i will feel takut..memang tak takut..excited n tak sabar adalah"..

Dunno why la kan i tak takut..mb not yet..mb i am really tak takut of delivering the baby..what i just hope, me n baby will be OK..selamat semuanya..sihat2 n gemuk2..ekekeke...

Current mode: sangat lapar..walaupun baru lepas makan 4pcs of IKO biscuit..