Sunday, December 15, 2013

6night 5days

Penutup 2013 yang tak berapa nak best.

Oh adik manis..
Ard 2yrs back u wore the same tag on ur wrist but with my name on.
I still remember..ur sepet look the moment u come out from me. I still remember how small were u that time.

And on last 7th dec saturday night u were admitted at HPAN due to pneumonia.
Bad coughing for about a month and infection on ur lung.

It broke my heart seeing u that time.How the staff nurse struggle to find your blood vein to get ur blood and also to insert the drip pin.
And how much ur struggled to free yourself from them.

5 days on antibiotic drip on ur left wrist.
4 hourly nebs.
Lotsa medicines
Lots of Cries
Physio 2days in a row

All of us, daddy,mommy and kakak were there with you all the time.we slept in the same ward every night and daddy kept buying you toys in order to cheer u up.

6night 5days later,alhamdulillah no more wheezing sound in ur lung and the paed let you go.Home is always the best place for all of us.

Pain pain go away..dont come again ever for both of my babies..

Its just to painful for me.

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