Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Bad Mommy..Bad Mommy

My fever..my flu..my cough now dah berjangkit to my darlink Mia..isk..isk..
iam a very bad mommy..noo matter what i did to protect darlink from being infected..she still have it...
sian anak mommy..

people said exclusive bf baby is tough..hard to get sick..but its not to Mia..she still get it from me..or mb my milk is not that nutricious..??

Sakit dah satu hal..makan ubat lagi satu hal...hurmm..susah gila nak bagi si tecik ni makan ubat..
bagi je muntah balik..bagi je muntah balik..abih cam no nak baik cepat..

mommy give the medicine..while daddy hold her..n its still not working..
she still stubornly eat that medicine..muntah sampai nak terkeluar anak tekak jadinya.punya la susah..
sampai daddy give up..sbb kesian sgt tgk dia makan ubat..

but mommy wont.. i will not have that pity on her coz i noe its for her own good..
i give her again and again..until she swallowed it..kejam je kan bunyi ..but i do want her to get better..
Takkan la nak raya muka darlink comot2 with hingus kan..No wayy...

Up until now..no more fever n cough..but she still have the flu..kesian betul..dah lah tak pandai nak hembus lagi..tunggu dia sneeze baru hingus keluar...

Oh ye..i already in my Raya hols..tot nak go shopping this few days..but Mia condition isnt allow me to do so..kena tungu dia baik dulu..cepatlah baik Mia Darlink..