Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Same as last year

Rasa mcm baru je daddy balik from Japan last year.
And same as last year..he will go again this saturday night.
This year, he will left me with 2 kids..alone.
Baby Umar Dani just too young to understand about this.
Kakak Mia..she just too clingy to mommy now.even worst than before.
This is really really hard.
I try not to cry.
I will try to be stong for both of them.
Poor my liltle arjuna, belum 3month lagi dah kena tinggal.
Poor kakak Mia, no more fun time at playland.Mommy tak berani nak bawak kamu and adik to critterland or reka zone.Not just yet.
Poor mommy had to deal with this again every year.