Thursday, November 19, 2009


Tipuuu...saper2 yang cakap Pap Smear tak sakit..huhuhu...
Sakit gila i tell u...

I went to Hospital Pakar An Nur yesterday for Pap Smear check up.
and yes to seek option for my famili planning method with my gynae..

The painful after the test is still bearable but it tooks a lotsa courage not to drop a tears in front of the nurses and the doc..

I think the painful that cause mb came from the lotion they used during the process..pedih pedih gila sampai malam..even nak pee pun kuar air mata tau...huhuh

But again i have did my Pap Smear test already..the result will be next week..did u do yours yet?
The cervical cancer is women 2nd coz of death now better go n check ok..i wont gonna hurt a lot..and the memories about being seluk2 will came back during the procedure..

Ok now about option of family planning..i had asked around my friend and some of the bloggers mommies..quite numbers of peep do the natural family planning..but i wont dare to stay i told u i need another rm1k to add the no of baby in the family...not no...

My gynae told me yesterday for fully breastfeeding mom there are 3 options now..
One is IUCD...which sumtin she will not recommend for first baby..cost about rm300+ for 3 years of period..dah tanya orang about IUCD ni dah..some said ok but there are plenty of side effect such as migrain, during the love making session sometime u feel like it wanna come out from yours, and even worst some may had terrible type of periods.huhu..

Second option is Noriday pills..the lowest hormones type of it wont effect ur milk..But the effectivity is about 95% oni..some of my gynae patient dah termengandung dah..huhu..takut2

Third and the best option is to implant one stick on your shoulder..its like susuk u now..hehehe..cost about rm500+..for can remove it anytime u want by a simple operation procedure..i plan to take this one..but i have to find others experinced using this method also..ada yang cuba tak ni?ok tak?

But fr now i just take Noriday for my family planning..takutnya badan naik n gemuk..sudahlah saya ni tinggi..kalau gemuk mmg nampak macam giant yang menakutkan je try for 1 month..if my nafsu makan semakin membuas.saya akan stop pill ini and try susuk itu pula..ekeke

Happy Friday people..